Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 3rd August 2019

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Results for Hereford RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
17118:42B3.Op.4+ HER(228) Hereford RCPAR(227) Parrs Priory RCARM(229) Army RC3:30Easily3 1/2 lengths
5612:17J18.2X HER(91) Hereford RC (Fraser)HER(92) Hereford RC (Gittins)WRC(93) Wallingford RC3:303 1/2 lengthseasily
5412:09J14.2X WRC(95) Wallingford RC (Davies)HER(94) Hereford RCWRC(96) Wallingford RC (Wright)3:533 lengths1 1/2 lengths
12415:22B2.Mx.2X168RAF(296) Royal Air Force RCLRC(295) London RC (Lucani/Jackson)WRC(294) Wallingford RC3:333 lengths2 lengths
12515:26B2.Mx.2X168VRC(297) Vesta RCHER(298) Hereford RCMHD(299) Maidenhead RC3:282 lengthsDNS
16818:29B2.Mx.2X VRC(297) Vesta RCRAF(296) Royal Air Force RC3:222 lengths 
12015:06B2.Op.1X162WRC(314) Wallingford RC (J Colam)UTC(316) Upper Thames RC (A Powell)HEN(315) Henley RC (A Jacob)3:422 lengths1 length
12115:10B2.Op.1X162RDG(319) Reading RC (R Marsland)WOO(317) Wolfson College, Oxford (P Schäfer)HER(318) Hereford RC (G Fraser)3:371 length1/2 length
16218:02B2.Op.1X WRC(314) Wallingford RC (J Colam)RDG(319) Reading RC (R Marsland)3:403/4 length 
10313:58J14.1X156WRC(347) Wallingford RC (N Gauden)HER(346) Hereford RC (A Sudall)4:14easily 
10414:02J14.1X156HEN(348) Henley RC (L Swinburne-Johnson)HER(351) Hereford RC (W Morgan-Jones)WRC(349) Wallingford RC (T Wright)4:163 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
10514:06J14.1X156NCR(350) Nottinghamshire County Rowing Association (B Richards)HER(352) Hereford RC (J Cadwallader)4:101 1/4 lengths 
15617:37J14.1X NCR(350) Nottinghamshire County Rowing Association (B Richards)HEN(348) Henley RC (L Swinburne-Johnson)WRC(347) Wallingford RC (N Gauden)3:583 1/4 lengths3/4 length
10113:50W.J14.1X153WRC(355) Wallingford RC (S Carrington)BAE(356) Barn Elms RC (D Groves)4:261/4 length 
10213:54W.J14.1X153WRC(358) Wallingford RC (H Whetter)HER(357) Hereford RC (A Warner)4:443 1/2 lengths 
15317:24W.J14.1X WRC(355) Wallingford RC (S Carrington)WRC(358) Wallingford RC (H Whetter)4:261 length