Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 3rd August 2019

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Results for Parrs Priory RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
17118:42B3.Op.4+ HER(228) Hereford RCPAR(227) Parrs Priory RCARM(229) Army RC3:30Easily3 1/2 lengths
3710:55B2.W.4+70RDG(20) Reading RC (Austin)PAR(18) Parrs Priory RCOAC(19) Oxford Academicals RC4:005 lengths3 lengths
3810:59B2.W.4+70WOO(23) Wolfson College, Oxford (Patel)FAL(22) Falcon RC (Crossley)ETX(21) Eton Excelsior RC3:513/4 length1 length
7013:19B2.W.4+ RDG(20) Reading RC (Austin)WOO(23) Wolfson College, Oxford (Patel)3:473 lengths 
3110:31B3.Op.2-62VRC(54) Vesta RC (Noll/Corney)PAR(53) Parrs Priory RC (Wallace/Hewson)3:364 1/2 lengths 
3210:35B3.Op.2-62LIN(56) Linacre BCPAR(55) Parrs Priory RC (Hunt/Baggaley)3:431 1/4 lengths 
6212:42B3.Op.2- LIN(56) Linacre BCVRC(54) Vesta RC (Noll/Corney)3:322 lengths 
11614:50B5.Op.1X160LRC(332) London RC (C Haynes)LIN(334) Linacre BC (M Hosseini)VRC(333) Vesta RC (C Ruddick)4:062 1/2 lengths2 lengths
11714:54B5.Op.1X160HEN(335) Henley RC (R Seager)GUI(336) Guildford RC (X Teo)PAR(337) Parrs Priory RC (M Bradley)4:014 lengths1 1/2 lengths
16017:54B5.Op.1X HEN(335) Henley RC (R Seager)LRC(332) London RC (C Haynes)3:545 lengths