Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2015

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Results for Bedford School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure TownTimeVerdict
3409:33IM3.A.8+134SWB(16) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolCCO(17) Christ`s College BCNTTRow Over
3709:42IM3.A.8+141WOO(22) Wolfson College, OxfordBDS(23) Bedford School3:211 length
4109:51IM3.A.8+135MER(25) Merton CollegeHAM(26) Hampton School (Bhaiji)3:303 lengths
13413:33IM3.A.8+214SWB(16) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolUCO(18) University College, Oxford3:211/2 length
14013:52IM3.A.8+214BAL(19) Balliol CollegeHAM(20) Hampton School (Hickmott)3:262 1/2 lengths
14113:55IM3.A.8+237ZEZ(21) South African Schools (Torr)BDS(23) Bedford School3:281/2 length
13513:35IM3.A.8+237DOW(24) Downing CollegeHAM(26) Hampton School (Bhaiji)3:211/2 length
21416:53IM3.A.8+266SWB(16) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolHAM(20) Hampton School (Hickmott)3:211 3/4 lengths
23717:52IM3.A.8+266BDS(23) Bedford SchoolHAM(26) Hampton School (Bhaiji)3:221 length
26619:12IM3.A.8+ SWB(16) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBDS(23) Bedford School3:211/2 length
1208:38NOV.8+71 / 208BMS(38) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(39) Bedford School (Deacon)3:53easily
1608:47NOV.8+71 / 93BDS(44) Bedford School (Eggeling)ABS(41) Abingdon School (Fry)3:361 1/2 lengths
1708:49NOV.8+110 / 93EMA(42) Emanuel SchoolHAM(43) Hampton SchoolNTTRow Over
1908:54NOV.8+101 / 119ABS(45) Abingdon School (Kinnier Wilson)SWB(46) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:422 lengths
2008:56NOV.8+101 / 119CHE(47) Cheltenham CollegeBDS(48) Bedford School (Lodge)3:491/4 length
2108:58NOV.8+104 / 122RAD(49) Radley College Boat ClubABS(50) Abingdon School (Hall)3:35easily
1808:51NOV.8+104 / 122BDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)CHA(52) Champion of the Thames (Johnson)NTTRow Over
7111:01NOV.8+189BMS(38) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(44) Bedford School (Eggeling)3:391 1/2 lengths
11012:36NOV.8+189EMA(42) Emanuel SchoolCHA(40) Champion of the Thames (Sparnon)NTTRow Over
10112:11NOV.8+187ABS(45) Abingdon School (Kinnier Wilson)BDS(48) Bedford School (Lodge)3:432 1/2 lengths
10412:21NOV.8+187ABS(50) Abingdon School (Hall)BDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)3:322 1/2 lengths
18915:51NOV.8+254BDS(44) Bedford School (Eggeling)EMA(42) Emanuel School3:31a canvas
18715:47NOV.8+254ABS(45) Abingdon School (Kinnier Wilson)ABS(50) Abingdon School (Hall)3:333 1/2 lengths
25418:40NOV.8+ BDS(44) Bedford School (Eggeling)ABS(50) Abingdon School (Hall)3:292 lengths
9311:52NOV.8+208ABS(41) Abingdon School (Fry)HAM(43) Hampton SchoolNTTRow Over
11912:57NOV.8+198SWB(46) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolCHE(47) Cheltenham College3:482 1/4 lengths
12213:30NOV.8+198RAD(49) Radley College Boat ClubBDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)3:423 1/2 lengths
20814:30NOV.8+255BDS(39) Bedford School (Deacon)ABS(41) Abingdon School (Fry)3:52easily
19816:11NOV.8+255CHE(47) Cheltenham CollegeBDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)3:431 1/2 lengths
25518:42NOV.8+ ABS(41) Abingdon School (Fry)BDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)3:371 length
12413:08J18.8+221ORA(53) The Oratory SchoolHAM(54) Hampton School3:222 1/2 lengths
11512:49J18.8+212RAD(57) Radley College Boat ClubBMS(58) Bedford Modern School3:193/4 length
22117:12J18.8+263HAM(54) Hampton SchoolBDS(55) Bedford School3:151/4 length
21216:48J18.8+263SHR(56) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolRAD(57) Radley College Boat Club3:12a canvas
26319:04J18.8+ BDS(55) Bedford SchoolSHR(56) Royal Shrewsbury School3:203 lengths
12013:00J18.2nd.8+203BDS(62) Bedford SchoolGMS(63) Great Marlow School3:321/2 length
19716:08J18.2nd.8+262ABS(59) Abingdon SchoolHAM(60) Hampton School3:211 3/4 lengths
20316:29J18.2nd.8+262RAD(61) Radley College Boat ClubBDS(62) Bedford School3:263 lengths
26219:02J18.2nd.8+ HAM(60) Hampton SchoolRAD(61) Radley College Boat Club3:191 length
18815:49J18.3rd.8+261BDS(64) Bedford SchoolHAM(65) Hampton School (Barry)3:381 length
21116:46J18.3rd.8+261RAD(66) Radley College Boat ClubHAM(67) Hampton School (Bhaiji)3:291/2 length
26118:59J18.3rd.8+ HAM(65) Hampton School (Barry)HAM(67) Hampton School (Bhaiji)3:31easily
2509:09J16.8+121HAM(75) Hampton School (Hickmott)ZEZ(76) South African Schools (Torr)3:271/4 length
12813:20J16.8+206HAM(68) Hampton School (Sacklen)WIN(69) Winchester College BCNTTRow Over
11712:53J16.8+206ZEZ(70) South African Schools (Wehmeyer)ABS(71) Abingdon School (Kinnier Wilson)3:341 1/2 lengths
12713:18J16.8+210BDS(72) Bedford SchoolNSC(73) Norwich School3:292 lengths
12113:02J16.8+210ABS(74) Abingdon SchoolZEZ(76) South African Schools (Torr)3:281 length
20616:35J16.8+260WIN(69) Winchester College BCZEZ(70) South African Schools (Wehmeyer)3:252 1/2 lengths
21016:44J16.8+260NSC(73) Norwich SchoolZEZ(76) South African Schools (Torr)3:252 lengths
26018:57J16.8+ WIN(69) Winchester College BCZEZ(76) South African Schools (Torr)3:201/2 length
3809:44J15.8+112BDS(77) Bedford SchoolLTU(83) Latymer Upper SchoolNTTRow Over
2909:20J15.8+114SPS(85) St Paul's SchoolBMS(86) Bedford Modern SchoolNTTRow Over
11212:42J15.8+202BDS(77) Bedford SchoolGMS(79) Great Marlow School3:361 1/2 lengths
11612:51J15.8+202ABS(80) Abingdon SchoolNSC(81) Norwich School3:382 lengths
11312:44J15.8+205RAD(82) Radley College Boat ClubWBS(78) Windsor Boys School3:383 lengths
11412:47J15.8+205ORA(84) The Oratory SchoolBMS(86) Bedford Modern School3:555 lengths
20216:27J15.8+259GMS(79) Great Marlow SchoolNSC(81) Norwich School3:331 length
20516:33J15.8+259RAD(82) Radley College Boat ClubBMS(86) Bedford Modern School3:405 lengths
25918:54J15.8+ GMS(79) Great Marlow SchoolRAD(82) Radley College Boat Club3:344 lengths
12313:06J15.2nd.8+222HAM(87) Hampton SchoolBDS(88) Bedford School3:431 1/2 lengths
12513:10J15.2nd.8+217SPS(91) St Paul's SchoolBMS(92) Bedford Modern School3:501 1/4 lengths
22217:14J15.2nd.8+258HAM(87) Hampton SchoolABS(89) Abingdon School3:391 length
21716:59J15.2nd.8+258RAD(90) Radley College Boat ClubSPS(91) St Paul's School3:44easily
25818:52J15.2nd.8+ ABS(89) Abingdon SchoolSPS(91) St Paul's School3:381 length
20416:31J15.3rd.8+257ABS(93) Abingdon SchoolBDS(94) Bedford School4:12Not Rowed Out
20016:20J15.3rd.8+257RAD(95) Radley College Boat ClubHAM(96) Hampton SchoolNTTRow Over
25718:49J15.3rd.8+ ABS(93) Abingdon SchoolHAM(96) Hampton School3:55easily
2409:04J14.8X137GMS(130) Great Marlow SchoolRAD(131) Radley College Boat Club (Shott)3:54easily
4209:53J14.8X138BDS(133) Bedford SchoolSWB(134) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:002 lengths
3109:25J14.8X139WIN(137) Winchester College BCWBS(138) Windsor Boys School3:552 1/2 lengths
3509:36J14.8X142SPS(140) St Paul's SchoolBMS(141) Bedford Modern School3:53easily
13713:39J14.8X218RAD(131) Radley College Boat Club (Shott)NSC(132) Norwich School3:431 1/2 lengths
13813:44J14.8X218BDS(133) Bedford SchoolORA(135) The Oratory School4:03easily
13913:48J14.8X219ABS(136) Abingdon SchoolWIN(137) Winchester College BC3:462 1/2 lengths
14213:57J14.8X219RAD(139) Radley College Boat Club (Nearchou)SPS(140) St Paul's School3:482 1/4 lengths
21817:01J14.8X269RAD(131) Radley College Boat Club (Shott)BDS(133) Bedford School3:483 lengths
21917:06J14.8X269WIN(137) Winchester College BCSPS(140) St Paul's School3:442 lengths
26919:22J14.8X RAD(131) Radley College Boat Club (Shott)SPS(140) St Paul's School3:421/2 length
9411:54J14.3rd.8X184HAM(151) Hampton SchoolRAD(152) Radley College Boat Club4:12easily
18615:42J14.3rd.8X251BDS(148) Bedford SchoolABS(149) Abingdon School4:09easily
18415:36J14.3rd.8X251SPS(150) St Paul's SchoolHAM(151) Hampton School4:09easily
25118:30J14.3rd.8X ABS(149) Abingdon SchoolHAM(151) Hampton School4:084 lengths
10912:31J14.2nd.8X199BMS(142) Bedford Modern SchoolABS(143) Abingdon School4:07easily
11112:38J14.2nd.8X201HAM(146) Hampton SchoolBDS(147) Bedford School3:583 1/2 lengths
19916:13J14.2nd.8X256ABS(143) Abingdon SchoolSPS(144) St Paul's School3:591 length
20116:22J14.2nd.8X256RAD(145) Radley College Boat ClubHAM(146) Hampton School4:132 1/2 lengths
25618:45J14.2nd.8X SPS(144) St Paul's SchoolRAD(145) Radley College Boat Club4:01easily
10012:09IM3.4+181DUL(158) Dulwich CollegeZEZ(159) South African SchoolsNTTRow Over
9211:49IM3.4+181SES(160) St Edward's SchoolBDS(161) Bedford School4:041 1/33 lengths
10312:18IM3.4+182CHE(162) Cheltenham CollegeNSC(163) Norwich SchoolNTTRow Over
8211:28IM3.4+182STA(164) Star ClubUWK(165) Warwick University3:512 lengths
18115:29IM3.4+248ZEZ(159) South African SchoolsBDS(161) Bedford School3:47a canvas
18215:32IM3.4+248NSC(163) Norwich SchoolUWK(165) Warwick University3:561 length
24818:23IM3.4+ ZEZ(159) South African SchoolsUWK(165) Warwick University3:503/4 length
8611:36NOV.4+172NSC(171) Norwich School (Scarrow)AKN(172) Auriol Kensington3:521/2 length
8011:23NOV.4+173BDS(174) Bedford SchoolNSC(175) Norwich School (Stevens)4:004 lengths
8911:43NOV.4+173CHE(176) Cheltenham CollegeABS(177) Abingdon School4:021 1/2 lengths
17215:07NOV.4+246AKN(172) Auriol KensingtonCHA(173) Champion of the Thames4:03easily
17315:09NOV.4+246NSC(175) Norwich School (Stevens)ABS(177) Abingdon School3:533 lengths
24618:18NOV.4+ AKN(172) Auriol KensingtonNSC(175) Norwich School (Stevens)3:522 lengths