Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2015

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Results for Emanuel School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure TownTimeVerdict
1208:38NOV.8+71 / 208BMS(38) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(39) Bedford School (Deacon)3:53easily
1608:47NOV.8+71 / 93BDS(44) Bedford School (Eggeling)ABS(41) Abingdon School (Fry)3:361 1/2 lengths
1708:49NOV.8+110 / 93EMA(42) Emanuel SchoolHAM(43) Hampton SchoolNTTRow Over
1908:54NOV.8+101 / 119ABS(45) Abingdon School (Kinnier Wilson)SWB(46) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:422 lengths
2008:56NOV.8+101 / 119CHE(47) Cheltenham CollegeBDS(48) Bedford School (Lodge)3:491/4 length
2108:58NOV.8+104 / 122RAD(49) Radley College Boat ClubABS(50) Abingdon School (Hall)3:35easily
1808:51NOV.8+104 / 122BDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)CHA(52) Champion of the Thames (Johnson)NTTRow Over
7111:01NOV.8+189BMS(38) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(44) Bedford School (Eggeling)3:391 1/2 lengths
11012:36NOV.8+189EMA(42) Emanuel SchoolCHA(40) Champion of the Thames (Sparnon)NTTRow Over
10112:11NOV.8+187ABS(45) Abingdon School (Kinnier Wilson)BDS(48) Bedford School (Lodge)3:432 1/2 lengths
10412:21NOV.8+187ABS(50) Abingdon School (Hall)BDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)3:322 1/2 lengths
18915:51NOV.8+254BDS(44) Bedford School (Eggeling)EMA(42) Emanuel School3:31a canvas
18715:47NOV.8+254ABS(45) Abingdon School (Kinnier Wilson)ABS(50) Abingdon School (Hall)3:333 1/2 lengths
25418:40NOV.8+ BDS(44) Bedford School (Eggeling)ABS(50) Abingdon School (Hall)3:292 lengths
9311:52NOV.8+208ABS(41) Abingdon School (Fry)HAM(43) Hampton SchoolNTTRow Over
11912:57NOV.8+198SWB(46) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolCHE(47) Cheltenham College3:482 1/4 lengths
12213:30NOV.8+198RAD(49) Radley College Boat ClubBDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)3:423 1/2 lengths
20814:30NOV.8+255BDS(39) Bedford School (Deacon)ABS(41) Abingdon School (Fry)3:52easily
19816:11NOV.8+255CHE(47) Cheltenham CollegeBDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)3:431 1/2 lengths
25518:42NOV.8+ ABS(41) Abingdon School (Fry)BDS(51) Bedford School (Stephens)3:371 length