Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2015

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Results for Latymer Upper School BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure TownTimeVerdict
3809:44J15.8+112BDS(77) Bedford SchoolLTU(83) Latymer Upper School BCNTTRow Over
2909:20J15.8+114SPS(85) St Paul's SchoolBMS(86) Bedford Modern SchoolNTTRow Over
11212:42J15.8+202BDS(77) Bedford SchoolGMS(79) Great Marlow School3:361 1/2 lengths
11612:51J15.8+202ABS(80) Abingdon SchoolNSC(81) Norwich School3:382 lengths
11312:44J15.8+205RAD(82) Radley College Boat ClubWBS(78) Windsor Boys School3:383 lengths
11412:47J15.8+205ORA(84) The Oratory SchoolBMS(86) Bedford Modern School3:555 lengths
20216:27J15.8+259GMS(79) Great Marlow SchoolNSC(81) Norwich School3:331 length
20516:33J15.8+259RAD(82) Radley College Boat ClubBMS(86) Bedford Modern School3:405 lengths
25918:54J15.8+ GMS(79) Great Marlow SchoolRAD(82) Radley College Boat Club3:344 lengths
1508:45J15.4+68RAD(201) Radley College Boat ClubLTU(202) Latymer Upper School BCNTTRow Over
6610:50J15.4+174HAM(194) Hampton School (A)NSC(195) Norwich School4:01easily
6710:52J15.4+174CHE(196) Cheltenham CollegeORA(197) The Oratory School4:044 1/2 lengths
10612:25J15.4+175SPS(198) St Paul's SchoolHAM(199) Hampton School (B)NTTRow Over
6810:54J15.4+175KGS(200) Kingston Grammar SchoolRAD(201) Radley College Boat Club4:042 1/2 lengths
17415:11J15.4+243NSC(195) Norwich SchoolCHE(196) Cheltenham College3:581 1/2 lengths
17515:13J15.4+243HAM(199) Hampton School (B)KGS(200) Kingston Grammar School4:014 lengths
24318:07J15.4+ NSC(195) Norwich SchoolKGS(200) Kingston Grammar School3:571 length