Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2015

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Results for St Paul's School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure TownTimeVerdict
3809:44J15.8+112BDS(77) Bedford SchoolLTU(83) Latymer Upper School BCNTTRow Over
2909:20J15.8+114SPS(85) St Paul's SchoolBMS(86) Bedford Modern SchoolNTTRow Over
11212:42J15.8+202BDS(77) Bedford SchoolGMS(79) Great Marlow School3:361 1/2 lengths
11612:51J15.8+202ABS(80) Abingdon SchoolNSC(81) Norwich School3:382 lengths
11312:44J15.8+205RAD(82) Radley College Boat ClubWBS(78) Windsor Boys School3:383 lengths
11412:47J15.8+205ORA(84) The Oratory SchoolBMS(86) Bedford Modern School3:555 lengths
20216:27J15.8+259GMS(79) Great Marlow SchoolNSC(81) Norwich School3:331 length
20516:33J15.8+259RAD(82) Radley College Boat ClubBMS(86) Bedford Modern School3:405 lengths
25918:54J15.8+ GMS(79) Great Marlow SchoolRAD(82) Radley College Boat Club3:344 lengths
12313:06J15.2nd.8+222HAM(87) Hampton SchoolBDS(88) Bedford School3:431 1/2 lengths
12513:10J15.2nd.8+217SPS(91) St Paul's SchoolBMS(92) Bedford Modern School3:501 1/4 lengths
22217:14J15.2nd.8+258HAM(87) Hampton SchoolABS(89) Abingdon School3:391 length
21716:59J15.2nd.8+258RAD(90) Radley College Boat ClubSPS(91) St Paul's School3:44easily
25818:52J15.2nd.8+ ABS(89) Abingdon SchoolSPS(91) St Paul's School3:381 length
2409:04J14.8X137GMS(130) Great Marlow SchoolRAD(131) Radley College Boat Club (Shott)3:54easily
4209:53J14.8X138BDS(133) Bedford SchoolSWB(134) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:002 lengths
3109:25J14.8X139WIN(137) Winchester College BCWBS(138) Windsor Boys School3:552 1/2 lengths
3509:36J14.8X142SPS(140) St Paul's SchoolBMS(141) Bedford Modern School3:53easily
13713:39J14.8X218RAD(131) Radley College Boat Club (Shott)NSC(132) Norwich School3:431 1/2 lengths
13813:44J14.8X218BDS(133) Bedford SchoolORA(135) The Oratory School4:03easily
13913:48J14.8X219ABS(136) Abingdon SchoolWIN(137) Winchester College BC3:462 1/2 lengths
14213:57J14.8X219RAD(139) Radley College Boat Club (Nearchou)SPS(140) St Paul's School3:482 1/4 lengths
21817:01J14.8X269RAD(131) Radley College Boat Club (Shott)BDS(133) Bedford School3:483 lengths
21917:06J14.8X269WIN(137) Winchester College BCSPS(140) St Paul's School3:442 lengths
26919:22J14.8X RAD(131) Radley College Boat Club (Shott)SPS(140) St Paul's School3:421/2 length
9411:54J14.3rd.8X184HAM(151) Hampton SchoolRAD(152) Radley College Boat Club4:12easily
18615:42J14.3rd.8X251BDS(148) Bedford SchoolABS(149) Abingdon School4:09easily
18415:36J14.3rd.8X251SPS(150) St Paul's SchoolHAM(151) Hampton School4:09easily
25118:30J14.3rd.8X ABS(149) Abingdon SchoolHAM(151) Hampton School4:084 lengths
10912:31J14.2nd.8X199BMS(142) Bedford Modern SchoolABS(143) Abingdon School4:07easily
11112:38J14.2nd.8X201HAM(146) Hampton SchoolBDS(147) Bedford School3:583 1/2 lengths
19916:13J14.2nd.8X256ABS(143) Abingdon SchoolSPS(144) St Paul's School3:591 length
20116:22J14.2nd.8X256RAD(145) Radley College Boat ClubHAM(146) Hampton School4:132 1/2 lengths
25618:45J14.2nd.8X SPS(144) St Paul's SchoolRAD(145) Radley College Boat Club4:01easily
1508:45J15.4+68RAD(201) Radley College Boat ClubLTU(202) Latymer Upper School BCNTTRow Over
6610:50J15.4+174HAM(194) Hampton School (A)NSC(195) Norwich School4:01easily
6710:52J15.4+174CHE(196) Cheltenham CollegeORA(197) The Oratory School4:044 1/2 lengths
10612:25J15.4+175SPS(198) St Paul's SchoolHAM(199) Hampton School (B)NTTRow Over
6810:54J15.4+175KGS(200) Kingston Grammar SchoolRAD(201) Radley College Boat Club4:042 1/2 lengths
17415:11J15.4+243NSC(195) Norwich SchoolCHE(196) Cheltenham College3:581 1/2 lengths
17515:13J15.4+243HAM(199) Hampton School (B)KGS(200) Kingston Grammar School4:014 lengths
24318:07J15.4+ NSC(195) Norwich SchoolKGS(200) Kingston Grammar School3:571 length
8811:41J15.2nd.4+167HAM(203) Hampton School (A)SPS(204) St Paul's School4:243 1/2 lengths
6511:45J15.2nd.4+171NSC(207) Norwich SchoolRAD(208) Radley College Boat Club4:072 1/2 lengths
16714:56J15.2nd.4+242SPS(204) St Paul's SchoolKGS(205) Kingston Grammar SchoolNTTRow Over
17115:05J15.2nd.4+242HAM(206) Hampton School (B)NSC(207) Norwich School4:38easily
24218:05J15.2nd.4+ KGS(205) Kingston Grammar SchoolNSC(207) Norwich School4:091 length
1308:41J15.4X+56SPS(248) St Paul's School (McInroy)RAD(249) Radley College Boat ClubNTTRow Over
2209:00J15.4X+72GMS(256) Great Marlow School (McKenzie)SPS(252) St Paul's School (Von Malaise)NTTRow Over
5610:28J15.4X+160RAD(249) Radley College Boat ClubWIN(250) Winchester College BC (Luca)4:203/4 length
5710:31J15.4X+160WBS(251) Windsor Boys School (Bodkin)SPS(257) St Paul's School (Zussman)3:52Row Over
6410:46J15.4X+161GMS(253) Great Marlow School (Peace)WIN(254) Winchester College BC (Chapman)3:56easily
7211:03J15.4X+161WBS(255) Windsor Boys School (Ferreira)GMS(256) Great Marlow School (McKenzie)4:37Row Over
16014:41J15.4X+234WIN(250) Winchester College BC (Luca)WBS(251) Windsor Boys School (Bodkin)3:454 lengths
16114:43J15.4X+234GMS(253) Great Marlow School (Peace)GMS(256) Great Marlow School (McKenzie)4:165 lengths
23417:45J15.4X+ WBS(251) Windsor Boys School (Bodkin)GMS(253) Great Marlow School (Peace)3:46easily
408:21J14.4X+48RAD(258) Radley College Boat ClubHAM(259) Hampton School (A)4:062 lengths
308:19J14.4X+74HAM(266) Hampton School (B)GMS(267) Great Marlow School4:25Row Over
4810:08J14.4X+158RAD(258) Radley College Boat ClubWIN(260) Winchester College BC4:031 1/2 lengths
5110:18J14.4X+158MAV(261) Maidstone Invicta RCWBS(262) Windsor Boys School4:22easily
5210:20J14.4X+159SPS(263) St Paul's SchoolNSC(264) Norwich School4:103 lengths
7411:07J14.4X+159BMS(265) Bedford Modern SchoolGMS(267) Great Marlow School4:22easily
15814:37J14.4X+233RAD(258) Radley College Boat ClubWBS(262) Windsor Boys School4:021 length
15914:39J14.4X+233SPS(263) St Paul's SchoolGMS(267) Great Marlow School4:08easily
23317:43J14.4X+ RAD(258) Radley College Boat ClubSPS(263) St Paul's School3:581/2 length
208:17J14.2nd.4X+53WBS(268) Windsor Boys School (Butler)GMS(269) Great Marlow School4:352 1/2 lengths
708:28J14.2nd.4X+53SPS(270) St Paul's School (Doyle)SWB(271) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:26easily
808:30J14.2nd.4X+47WBS(272) Windsor Boys School (Philipson)HAM(273) Hampton School (A)5:02Row Over
508:23J14.2nd.4X+50RAD(276) Radley College Boat ClubSPS(277) St Paul's School (Beekenkamp)4:203/4 length
1008:34J14.2nd.4X+54BMS(278) Bedford Modern SchoolWBS(279) Windsor Boys School (London Hobbs)4:323 1/2 lengths
1108:36J14.2nd.4X+54HAM(280) Hampton School (B)SPS(281) St Paul's School (Bektas)4:161 1/2 lengths
5310:22J14.2nd.4X+156GMS(269) Great Marlow SchoolSPS(270) St Paul's School (Doyle)4:28easily
4710:06J14.2nd.4X+156WBS(272) Windsor Boys School (Philipson)NSC(274) Norwich School1:173 lengths
5010:12J14.2nd.4X+157WIN(275) Winchester College BCRAD(276) Radley College Boat Club4:213 lengths
5410:24J14.2nd.4X+157BMS(278) Bedford Modern SchoolSPS(281) St Paul's School (Bektas)4:20easily
15614:32J14.2nd.4X+232SPS(270) St Paul's School (Doyle)NSC(274) Norwich School4:20easily
15714:34J14.2nd.4X+232RAD(276) Radley College Boat ClubSPS(281) St Paul's School (Bektas)4:122 1/2 lengths
23217:40J14.2nd.4X+ NSC(274) Norwich SchoolSPS(281) St Paul's School (Bektas)4:192 lengths