Walton & Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 6th June 2015

Draw for Burway RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceMiddlesexSurrey
32114:4250J14.2X355(368) Charterhouse BC (Jordan/Campell-Wilson)(369) Christchurch RC (Ratcliffe/Canelas) 
32214:4550J14.2X354(371) Guildford RC (Reckord/Marriott)(372) Burway RC (Hawkins/Barrett) 
32314:4750J14.2X354(373) Charterhouse BC (Rigg Franco/Hail)(374) Windsor Boys School (Fradin de La Renaudiere/Cleare) 
35516:0750J14.2X390Winner of Race 321(370) Windsor Boys School (Taylor/Howse) 
35416:0550J14.2X390Winner of Race 322Winner of Race 323 
39017:4750J14.2X Winner of Race 355Winner of Race 354 
908:5019W.J15.2X31(80) Burway RC (Ross/Brown)(81) Molesey BC (Peters /Muller) 
1008:5219W.J15.2X33(86) Guildford RC (Turner/Lambert Parsons)(87) Walton RC (Anderson/Banks) 
1108:5519W.J15.2X34(89) Molesey BC (Alexopoulos/Roper)(90) Guildford RC (Davenport/Jayawickrema) 
3109:4519W.J15.2X68Winner of Race 9(82) St George's College BC (Fowden/Cook) 
3209:4719W.J15.2X68(83) Guildford RC (Adcock/Johnson)(84) Reading RC (Pichard/Taylor) 
3309:5019W.J15.2X69(85) Christchurch RC (Bark/Leach)Winner of Race 10 
3409:5219W.J15.2X69(88) Reading RC (Prior/Gower)Winner of Race 11 
6811:1719W.J15.2X110Winner of Race 31Winner of Race 32 
6911:2019W.J15.2X110Winner of Race 33Winner of Race 34 
11013:0219W.J15.2X Winner of Race 68Winner of Race 69 
30213:5556IM3.1X324(400) Maidenhead RC (Macrae)(401) Weybridge RC (Steel) 
31314:2256IM3.1X348(393) Guildford RC (Warden)(394) Weybridge RC (Brisco) 
31414:2556IM3.1X348(395) Henley RC (Harsant)(396) Burway RC (Grimster) 
31514:2756IM3.1X349(397) Bryanston School BC (Christie)(398) University of Surrey (Hopkins) 
32414:5056IM3.1X349(399) Staines BC (Tollett)Winner of Race 302 
34815:5056IM3.1X384Winner of Race 313Winner of Race 314 
34915:5256IM3.1X384Winner of Race 315Winner of Race 324 
38417:3256IM3.1X Winner of Race 348Winner of Race 349 
30113:5258J15.1X318(415) Charterhouse BC (Wright)(416) Windsor Boys School (Ellery) 
30814:1058J15.1X344(408) Charterhouse BC (Wild)(409) Wellington College (Wyllie) 
30914:1258J15.1X344(410) Windsor Boys School (Shewell)(411) Bournemouth Collegiate (Cavill) 
31014:1558J15.1X345(412) Charterhouse BC (Rockingham)(413) St George's College BC (Jenkinson) 
31814:3558J15.1X345(414) Burway RC (Levett)Winner of Race 301 
34415:4058J15.1X382Winner of Race 308Winner of Race 309 
34515:4258J15.1X382Winner of Race 310Winner of Race 318 
38217:2758J15.1X Winner of Race 344Winner of Race 345 
108:3030J14.1X20(129) Whitgift School BC (Haslam)(130) Charterhouse BC (Markus) 
208:3230J14.1X21(132) Cranmore School (Harris)(133) Reading RC (Rundle) 
308:3530J14.1X22(136) Charterhouse BC (Hail)(137) Walton RC (Philpott) 
408:3730J14.1X23(139) Charterhouse BC (Rigg Franco)(140) Guildford RC (Reckord) 
2009:1730J14.1X59Winner of Race 1(131) Guildford RC (Marriott) 
2109:2030J14.1X59Winner of Race 2(134) Charterhouse BC (Jordan) 
2209:2230J14.1X60(135) Christchurch RC (Harding Wade)Winner of Race 3 
2309:2530J14.1X60(138) Burway RC (Hawkins)Winner of Race 4 
5910:5530J14.1X99Winner of Race 20Winner of Race 21 
6010:5730J14.1X99Winner of Race 22Winner of Race 23 
9912:3530J14.1X Winner of Race 59Winner of Race 60 
30313:5761W.J15.1X339(427) Weybridge RC (Pickering)(428) Molesey BC (Dunford) 
30414:0061W.J15.1X340(431) Reading RC (Richards)(432) Weybridge RC (Foulkes) 
33915:2761W.J15.1X379Winner of Race 303(429) Reading RC (Ciecierska-Holmes) 
34015:3061W.J15.1X379(430) Burway RC (Wells)Winner of Race 304 
37917:1961W.J15.1X Winner of Race 339Winner of Race 340 
1208:5734W.J14.1X53(155) Burway RC (Lawrence)(156) Emanuel School (Dibden) 
1309:0034W.J14.1X53(157) Molesey BC (Dight)(158) Emanuel School (Bucalossi) 
1409:0234W.J14.1X54(159) Bournemouth Collegiate (Lindon-Thomas)(160) Christchurch RC (Browning) 
1509:0534W.J14.1X54(161) Molesey BC (Lee)(162) Emanuel School (Weighill) 
5310:4034W.J14.1X95Winner of Race 12Winner of Race 13 
5410:4234W.J14.1X95Winner of Race 14Winner of Race 15 
9512:2534W.J14.1X Winner of Race 53Winner of Race 54