Walton & Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 6th June 2015

Draw for Women's Junior 15 Double Sculls

Show Blade Colours

RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceMiddlesexSurrey
908:5019W.J15.2X31(80) Burway RC (Ross/Brown)(81) Molesey BC (Peters /Muller) 
1008:5219W.J15.2X33(86) Guildford RC (Turner/Lambert Parsons)(87) Walton RC (Anderson/Banks) 
1108:5519W.J15.2X34(89) Molesey BC (Alexopoulos/Roper)(90) Guildford RC (Davenport/Jayawickrema) 
3109:4519W.J15.2X68Winner of Race 9(82) St George's College BC (Fowden/Cook) 
3209:4719W.J15.2X68(83) Guildford RC (Adcock/Johnson)(84) Reading RC (Pichard/Taylor) 
3309:5019W.J15.2X69(85) Christchurch RC (Bark/Leach)Winner of Race 10 
3409:5219W.J15.2X69(88) Reading RC (Prior/Gower)Winner of Race 11 
6811:1719W.J15.2X110Winner of Race 31Winner of Race 32 
6911:2019W.J15.2X110Winner of Race 33Winner of Race 34 
11013:0219W.J15.2X Winner of Race 68Winner of Race 69