St Neots Regatta

Saturday 25th July 2015

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Results for London Otters RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdict
11114:39NOV.8+177LOT(8) London Otters RCCUR(9) Curlew RC (Hornstein)Disqualification
17718:00NOV.8+ CUR(7) Curlew RC (Yarwood)LOT(8) London Otters RCeasily
7913:31NOV.4+154GRO(45) Grosvenor RCLOT(46) London Otters RC (Gallagher)3 lengths
7612:51NOV.4+154GLB(47) Globe RCCUR(48) Curlew RCeasily
7312:42NOV.4+148NTN(49) Northampton RCBRX(50) Broxbourne RC4 lengths
7712:54NOV.4+148LEA(51) Lea Rowing ClubLOT(52) London Otters RC (Ralph)easily
15416:51NOV.4+201GRO(45) Grosvenor RCCUR(48) Curlew RC1 length
14816:33NOV.4+201BRX(50) Broxbourne RCLEA(51) Lea Rowing Club4 lengths
20119:12NOV.4+ CUR(48) Curlew RCBRX(50) Broxbourne RC1 1/4 lengths
13515:51IM3.4X196BOS(88) Boston RCTRT(89) Trent RC1/2 length
13615:54IM3.4X196LCN(90) Lincoln Rowing CentreLOT(91) London Otters RCeasily
19618:57IM3.4X BOS(88) Boston RCLCN(90) Lincoln Rowing Centreeasily
4511:15NOV.2X114LOT(146) London Otters RCLEE(147) Leeds RC (Talpade)easily
4611:18NOV.2X114LCN(148) Lincoln Rowing CentreBUL(149) Burton Leander RCeasily
4811:24NOV.2X115SRC(150) Sudbury RCNOR(151) Norwich RCeasily
4911:27NOV.2X115MIK(152) Milton Keynes RCLEE(153) Leeds RC (Sun)4 lengths
11414:48NOV.2X179LOT(146) London Otters RCLCN(148) Lincoln Rowing Centre2 lengths
11514:51NOV.2X179NOR(151) Norwich RCMIK(152) Milton Keynes RC1 length
17918:06NOV.2X LCN(148) Lincoln Rowing CentreNOR(151) Norwich RC2 1/2 lengths