St Neots Regatta

Saturday 25th July 2015

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Results for Barnes Bridge Ladies RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseRegatta FieldVerdict
6012:00W.IM3.8+142(16) Curlew RC(17) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCeasily
5711:51W.IM3.8+141(20) Trent RC(21) Northampton RC3 1/2 lengths
14216:12W.IM3.8+195(16) Curlew RC(18) Sudbury RC3 lengths
14116:09W.IM3.8+195(19) Milton Keynes RC(20) Trent RC2 1/2 lengths
19518:54W.IM3.8+ (16) Curlew RC(20) Trent RC1 3/4 lengths
14915:45W.IM2.4+209(64) Newark RC(65) Wolfson College BC (Cam)3 lengths
20919:36W.IM2.4+ (63) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(64) Newark RCRow Over
7412:45W.IM3.4+152(66) Northampton RC (Williams)(67) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCDefault
7112:36W.IM3.4+152(68) Milton Keynes RC(69) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
7212:39W.IM3.4+146(70) Ancholme RC(71) Curlew RCeasily
7512:30W.IM3.4+146(72) Leeds RC(73) Northampton RC (Skirrow)4 lengths
15216:45W.IM3.4+197(66) Northampton RC (Williams)(68) Milton Keynes RC1 1/4 lengths
14616:44W.IM3.4+197(71) Curlew RC(72) Leeds RCeasily
19719:00W.IM3.4+ (68) Milton Keynes RC(72) Leeds RC1/2 length
13816:00W.Mas.BC.4X198(108) Leeds RC (=B)(109) Leicester RC (=C)easily
15316:48W.Mas.BC.4X198(110) Newark RC (=C)(111) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=C)1/2 length
19819:03W.Mas.BC.4X (109) Leicester RC (=C)(111) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=C)easily