St Neots Regatta

Saturday 25th July 2015

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Results for Hollowell Scullers

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseRegatta FieldVerdict
11214:42J16.2X178(154) Norwich RC(155) Hollowell Scullers4 lengths
11314:45J16.2X178(156) Northampton RC(157) Newark RCRow Over
17818:03J16.2X (154) Norwich RC(156) Northampton RCeasily
3110:33Mx.IM3.2X101(180) Northampton RC (Saxon)(181) Leeds RC1 1/2 lengths
3210:36Mx.IM3.2X101(182) Maidstone Invicta RC(183) London RCeasily
3310:39Mx.IM3.2X102(184) Broxbourne RC(185) Curlew RC2 lengths
3410:42Mx.IM3.2X102(186) Hollowell Scullers(187) Northampton RC (Wellburn)Default
10114:06Mx.IM3.2X170(180) Northampton RC (Saxon)(183) London RCeasily
10214:09Mx.IM3.2X170(185) Curlew RC(187) Northampton RC (Wellburn)5 lengths
17017:39Mx.IM3.2X (183) London RC(185) Curlew RC2 1/2 lengths