St Neots Sprint Regatta

Sunday 26th July 2015

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Results for Huntingdon RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdict
11312:17Mas.BC.4+216LEE(237) Leeds RC (=C)STA(238) Star Club (=B)2 1/2 lengths
22216:01Mas.BC.4+281BOS(234) Boston RC (=C)CYG(235) Cygnet RC (=C)2 lengths
21615:49Mas.BC.4+281HUN(236) Huntingdon RC (=C)LEE(237) Leeds RC (=C)3/4 length
28118:29Mas.BC.4+ BOS(234) Boston RC (=C)HUN(236) Huntingdon RC (=C)1 length
1508:58Mas.E.2X128SIV(333) St Ives RCANC(334) Ancholme RC1 1/4 lengths
1609:00Mas.E.2X129LCN(337) Lincoln Rowing CentreHUN(338) Huntingdon RC3/4 length
12812:50Mas.E.2X235SIV(333) St Ives RCMAV(335) Maidstone Invicta RC1/2 length
12912:52Mas.E.2X235STA(336) Star ClubHUN(338) Huntingdon RC1 length
23516:34Mas.E.2X MAV(335) Maidstone Invicta RCHUN(338) Huntingdon RC3 lengths
6910:49W.J16.2X186STA(381) Star Club (Taylor)TRT(382) Trent RC2 1/2 lengths
7010:51W.J16.2X169SNE(385) St Neots RCSTA(386) Star Club (Osgood)2 lengths
18614:49W.J16.2X255STA(381) Star Club (Taylor)NWK(383) Newark RC1 length
16914:12W.J16.2X255HUN(384) Huntingdon RCSNE(385) St Neots RCeasily
25518:35W.J16.2X NWK(383) Newark RCSNE(385) St Neots RC3 lengths
6010:28Mx.IM3.2X165HUN(405) Huntingdon RCMAV(406) Maidstone Invicta RCRow Over
6110:33Mx.IM3.2X165DEB(407) Deben RCLEE(408) Leeds RCRow Over
6210:35Mx.IM3.2X166CUR(409) Curlew RCLRC(410) London RCRow Over
6410:39Mx.IM3.2X166NOR/MAU(411) TRT(412) Trent RC1 1/4 lengths
16514:04Mx.IM3.2X252MAV(406) Maidstone Invicta RCLEE(408) Leeds RC1 length
16614:06Mx.IM3.2X252LRC(410) London RCTRT(412) Trent RC4 lengths
25217:16Mx.IM3.2X LEE(408) Leeds RCTRT(412) Trent RC3/4 length
5310:14NOV.1X159MIK(430) Milton Keynes RCLCN(431) Lincoln Rowing Centre (Reay)Easily
5410:16NOV.1X159HUN(432) Huntingdon RCLEA(433) Lea Rowing ClubRow Over
6310:37NOV.1X160PET(434) Peterborough CityLEE(435) Leeds RC1 length
5510:18NOV.1X160MAV(436) Maidstone Invicta RCLCN(437) Lincoln Rowing Centre (Nuttall)a canvas
15913:52NOV.1X249LCN(431) Lincoln Rowing Centre (Reay)HUN(432) Huntingdon RC1/2 length
16013:54NOV.1X249LEE(435) Leeds RCMAV(436) Maidstone Invicta RC2 lengths
24917:09NOV.1X HUN(432) Huntingdon RCLEE(435) Leeds RC1 length
4910:06J18.1X152HUN(454) Huntingdon RCDEB(455) Deben RC (Linsell)Row Over
5010:08J18.1X152GLB(456) Globe RCLEE(457) Leeds RC2 3/4 lengths
5110:10J18.1X153SIV(458) St Ives RCNRC(459) Nottingham RC1 1/2 lengths
5210:12J18.1X153TRT(460) Trent RCDEB(461) Deben RC (Robson)Row Over
15214:00J18.1X246HUN(454) Huntingdon RCGLB(456) Globe RC1/3 length
15313:40J18.1X246NRC(459) Nottingham RCTRT(460) Trent RC1 1/2 lengths
24617:01J18.1X GLB(456) Globe RCNRC(459) Nottingham RC3 1/2 lengths
3709:42W.IM3.1X145BOS(492) Boston RCLEE(493) Leeds RC2 1/4 lengths
3809:44W.IM3.1X144HUN(495) Huntingdon RCCAM(496) City of CambridgeRow Over
3909:46W.IM3.1X144LCN(497) Lincoln Rowing CentreNOR(498) Norwich RC3 1/2 lengths
14513:24W.IM3.1X242BOS(492) Boston RCPET(494) Peterborough City3 lengths
14413:22W.IM3.1X242CAM(496) City of CambridgeLCN(497) Lincoln Rowing CentreRow Over
24216:51W.IM3.1X BOS(492) Boston RCLCN(497) Lincoln Rowing Centre2 1/2 lengths
2509:18W.J16.1X136NRC(515) Nottingham RC (Jenkins)AFY(516) Action4Youth3 lengths
2609:20W.J16.1X136PET(517) Peterborough CityNRC(518) Nottingham RC (Holgate)2 1/2 lengths
2709:22W.J16.1X137HUN(519) Huntingdon RCTRT(520) Trent RCRow Over
2809:24W.J16.1X137LCN(521) Lincoln Rowing CentreNRC(522) Nottingham RC (Eaves)Row Over
13613:06W.J16.1X238NRC(515) Nottingham RC (Jenkins)NRC(518) Nottingham RC (Holgate)2 lengths
13713:08W.J16.1X238HUN(519) Huntingdon RCLCN(521) Lincoln Rowing Centre2 feet
23816:41W.J16.1X NRC(518) Nottingham RC (Holgate)HUN(519) Huntingdon RCeasily