Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 13th September 2015

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Results for Peterborough City

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Towpath MeadowVerdict
14514:35IM3.4X225GLB(41) Globe RCBOS(42) Boston RCeasily
22518:10IM3.4X PET(40) Peterborough CityBOS(42) Boston RC3/4 length
22418:07J18.4X PET(43) Peterborough CityALT(44) Alton Rowing ClubNot Rowed Out
22218:02W.NOV.4X PHS(48) Putney High School RCPET(49) Peterborough CityDefault
13714:10NOV.2X206GLB(104) Globe RCPET(105) Peterborough City3 lengths
13814:12NOV.2X206SNE(106) St Neots RCALT(107) Alton Rowing Clubeasily
20617:17NOV.2X GLB(104) Globe RCSNE(106) St Neots RC4 lengths
1008:22W.J16.2X62CAB(139) Cantabrigian RC (Bracey)CAB(140) Cantabrigian RC (Gibb)easily
1108:25W.J16.2X64ALT(145) Alton Rowing ClubBOS(146) Boston RCeasily
1208:27W.J16.2X61PET(148) Peterborough City (Hickman)CAB(149) Cantabrigian RC (Hill)1 length
6210:47W.J16.2X123CAB(139) Cantabrigian RC (Bracey)PHS(141) Putney High School RCRow Over
6310:50W.J16.2X123CAB(142) Cantabrigian RC (Lacey)SIV(143) St Ives RC2 lengths
6410:52W.J16.2X124PET(144) Peterborough City (Shearman Smith)BOS(146) Boston RC2 1/4 lengths
6110:45W.J16.2X124SRC(147) Sudbury RCPET(148) Peterborough City (Hickman)1 1/2 lengths
12313:35W.J16.2X197CAB(139) Cantabrigian RC (Bracey)SIV(143) St Ives RCeasily
12413:37W.J16.2X197PET(144) Peterborough City (Shearman Smith)PET(148) Peterborough City (Hickman)3 lengths
19716:55W.J16.2X CAB(139) Cantabrigian RC (Bracey)PET(144) Peterborough City (Shearman Smith)4 lengths
108:00W.J15.A.2X21PET(157) Peterborough CityNUN(158) Nottingham & Union RC (Keen/Grant Clapham)2 lengths
1808:47W.J15.A.2X83BOS(150) Boston RC (Latka/Latka)NUN(151) Nottingham & Union RC (Filz/McManus)5 lengths
1908:50W.J15.A.2X83SNE(152) St Neots RCMAV(153) Maidstone Invicta RC (Read/Macmahon)1/2 length
2008:52W.J15.A.2X84CAB(154) Cantabrigian RC (Wicks/Slaymaker)NWK(155) Newark RCRow Over
2108:55W.J15.A.2X84BEC(156) Beccles Rowing ClubNUN(158) Nottingham & Union RC (Keen/Grant Clapham)3 lengths
8311:45W.J15.A.2X165BOS(150) Boston RC (Latka/Latka)MAV(153) Maidstone Invicta RC (Read/Macmahon)5 lengths
8411:47W.J15.A.2X165CAB(154) Cantabrigian RC (Wicks/Slaymaker)BEC(156) Beccles Rowing Club3 lengths
16515:25W.J15.A.2X BOS(150) Boston RC (Latka/Latka)BEC(156) Beccles Rowing Club4 lengths
508:10W.J14.2X55NWK(167) Newark RC (Barker)NUN(168) Nottingham & Union RC1 length
608:12W.J14.2X52MAV(170) Maidstone Invicta RC (Cross)PET(171) Peterborough Cityeasily
708:15W.J14.2X60PHS(174) Putney High School RC (Small)CAB(175) Cantabrigian RC7 lengths
808:17W.J14.2X56SNE(176) St Neots RCNWK(177) Newark RC (Austin)easily
908:20W.J14.2X56MAV(178) Maidstone Invicta RC (Parsler)PHS(179) Putney High School RC (Francis)3 lengths
5510:25W.J14.2X121NWK(167) Newark RC (Barker)PHS(169) Putney High School RC (Hendry)3 lengths
5210:17W.J14.2X121PET(171) Peterborough CityPHS(172) Putney High School RC (Philips)easily
6010:42W.J14.2X122MAV(173) Maidstone Invicta RC (Hay)CAB(175) Cantabrigian RC3 lengths
5610:27W.J14.2X122SNE(176) St Neots RCMAV(178) Maidstone Invicta RC (Parsler)1/2 length
12113:25W.J14.2X196NWK(167) Newark RC (Barker)PET(171) Peterborough City1 length
12213:27W.J14.2X196CAB(175) Cantabrigian RCMAV(178) Maidstone Invicta RC (Parsler)3 lengths
19616:52W.J14.2X NWK(167) Newark RC (Barker)MAV(178) Maidstone Invicta RC (Parsler)1 1/2 lengths
5910:40NOV.1X114PET(208) Peterborough CityNUN(209) Nottingham & Union RC4 lengths
11313:05NOV.1X189SNE(205) St Neots RCALT(206) Alton Rowing Clubeasily
11413:07NOV.1X189BEC(207) Beccles Rowing ClubPET(208) Peterborough City2 lengths
18916:35NOV.1X ALT(206) Alton Rowing ClubPET(208) Peterborough City1/2 length
18716:25Mas.E.1X PET(215) Peterborough CityCAB(216) Cantabrigian RC3 1/2 lengths
7811:27Mas.FG.1X161PET(217) Peterborough City (=G)FIT(218) Fitzwilliam College BC (=F)3 3/4 lengths
7911:35Mas.FG.1X161SRC(219) Sudbury RC (=G)MED(220) Medway Towns RC (=G)1/4 length
16115:15Mas.FG.1X FIT(218) Fitzwilliam College BC (=F)SRC(219) Sudbury RC (=G)2 lengths
10312:40J17.1X185BRX(225) Broxbourne RCPET(226) Peterborough City4 lengths
18516:20J17.1X SIV(224) St Ives RCBRX(225) Broxbourne RC2 1/2 lengths
4810:07J16.1X110BEC(227) Beccles Rowing ClubPET(228) Peterborough City (Roberts)Row Over
4409:57J16.1X110NUN(229) Nottingham & Union RCHUN(230) Huntingdon RCeasily
4910:10J16.1X111BOS(231) Boston RCDEB(232) Deben RC3 lengths
5010:12J16.1X111CAB(233) Cantabrigian RCPET(234) Peterborough City (Nash)easily
11012:57J16.1X184BEC(227) Beccles Rowing ClubHUN(230) Huntingdon RC2 lengths
11113:00J16.1X184DEB(232) Deben RCPET(234) Peterborough City (Nash)3 1/4 lengths
18416:17J16.1X HUN(230) Huntingdon RCPET(234) Peterborough City (Nash)4 lengths
4610:02J15.1X108PET(235) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)BOS(236) Boston RC5 lengths
4710:05J15.1X109MAV(239) Maidstone Invicta RC (Costello-Wright)PET(240) Peterborough City (Kirby)5 lengths
10812:52J15.1X183BOS(236) Boston RCMAV(237) Maidstone Invicta RC (Dixon)1 length
10912:55J15.1X183ALT(238) Alton Rowing ClubPET(240) Peterborough City (Kirby)easily
18316:15J15.1X BOS(236) Boston RCPET(240) Peterborough City (Kirby)1 1/4 lengths
4009:47W.IM3.1X102LER(248) Leicester RCMAV(249) Maidstone Invicta RC (Rickwood)Row Over
4109:50W.IM3.1X102PET(250) Peterborough CityFTT(251) First and Third Trinity BCeasily
4209:52W.IM3.1X104PHS(252) Putney High School RCBRX(253) Broxbourne RC3 lengths
4309:55W.IM3.1X104BOS(254) Boston RCMAV(255) Maidstone Invicta RC (Stillwell)1 1/4 lengths
10212:37W.IM3.1X180MAV(249) Maidstone Invicta RC (Rickwood)FTT(251) First and Third Trinity BCeasily
10412:42W.IM3.1X180PHS(252) Putney High School RCMAV(255) Maidstone Invicta RC (Stillwell)easily
18016:07W.IM3.1X FTT(251) First and Third Trinity BCPHS(252) Putney High School RC3 lengths