Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 7th May 2016

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Results for St Edward's School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
1909:11IM3.4+101SES(158) St Edward's SchoolAKN(159) Auriol Kensington RC (Albrecht)NTTRow Over
2209:17IM3.4+118WIN(164) Winchester College BCABS(167) Abingdon SchoolNTTRow Over
10112:25IM3.4+184AKN(159) Auriol Kensington RC (Albrecht)BDS(160) Bedford School3:352 1/2 lengths
10212:28IM3.4+184SPS(161) St Paul's SchoolABS(162) Abingdon School (Stretch)3:34easily
10312:30IM3.4+183AKN(163) Auriol Kensington RC (Davies)BMS(166) Bedford Modern School3:502 1/2 lengths
11813:21IM3.4+183STA(165) Star ClubABS(167) Abingdon SchoolNTTeasily
18416:00IM3.4+242AKN(159) Auriol Kensington RC (Albrecht)ABS(162) Abingdon School (Stretch)3:531 foot
18315:58IM3.4+242BMS(166) Bedford Modern SchoolABS(167) Abingdon School4:033 lengths
24218:50IM3.4+ ABS(162) Abingdon School (Stretch)ABS(167) Abingdon School3:482 lengths
9912:21J16.4+181SES(185) St Edward's SchoolWBS(186) Windsor Boys SchoolNTTRow Over
8811:57J16.4+172ORA(188) The Oratory SchoolSWB(189) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:41easily
7511:27J16.4+172KGS(190) Kingston Grammar SchoolBMS(191) Bedford Modern School3:412 1/2 lengths
18115:53J16.4+236WBS(186) Windsor Boys SchoolNSC(187) Norwich School4:044 lengths
17215:50J16.4+236SWB(189) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBMS(191) Bedford Modern School4:071 1/2 lengths
23618:18J16.4+ NSC(187) Norwich SchoolBMS(191) Bedford Modern School3:581/2 length