Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 7th May 2016

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Results for Dulwich College

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
108:30IM3.8+46(24) Dulwich College(16) Lady Margaret BC (Stevens)NTTRow Over
208:32IM3.8+53(31) Hampton School (Turner)(25) Lady Margaret BC (Lauber)NTTRow Over
4610:22IM3.8+167(16) Lady Margaret BC (Stevens)(17) Hampton School (Sandford)3:081 length
5810:48IM3.8+167(18) St Catherine's College(19) South African Schools (Dyke)3:172 lengths
4710:25IM3.8+146(20) Corpus Christi College(21) Bedford School3:162 lengths
4810:27IM3.8+146(22) Shiplake College(23) University College, Oxford3:071 1/2 lengths
4910:29IM3.8+135(15) Magdalen College BC(32) South African Schools (Baxter)NTT2 lengths
5010:31IM3.8+135(26) Windsor Boys School(27) Jesus College, Cambridge3:081 length
5210:35IM3.8+156(28) Abingdon School(29) Warwick UniversityNTTRow Over
5310:38IM3.8+156(30) Wadham College(31) Hampton School (Turner)3:073/4 length
16715:23IM3.8+217(17) Hampton School (Sandford)(19) South African Schools (Dyke)3:361 1/2 lengths
14614:32IM3.8+217(20) Corpus Christi College(22) Shiplake College3:101/2 length
13514:00IM3.8+218(32) South African Schools (Baxter)(26) Windsor Boys School3:321/2 length
15614:57IM3.8+218(28) Abingdon School(30) Wadham College3:081 length
21717:32IM3.8+262(17) Hampton School (Sandford)(22) Shiplake College3:311/2 length
21817:34IM3.8+262(32) South African Schools (Baxter)(28) Abingdon School3:303/4 length
26219:27IM3.8+ (22) Shiplake College(32) South African Schools (Baxter)3:281 1/2 lengths
6911:14J18.8+144(56) Dulwich College(57) The Oratory SchoolNTTRow Over
19216:30J18.8+235(53) Cheltenham College(54) Windsor Boys School3:37easily
14414:25J18.8+235(55) Winchester College BC(57) The Oratory School3:114 lengths
23518:15J18.8+ (54) Windsor Boys School(55) Winchester College BC3:252 lengths
11413:07J16.8+209(63) Dulwich College (Ellison)(64) Abingdon SchoolNTTRow Over
14014:15J16.8+209(65) South African Schools (Chamberlain)(66) Hampton School (Turner)3:101/2 length
11113:00J16.8+210(67) Bedford School(68) South African Schools (Dyke)NTTRow Over
12613:38J16.8+210(69) Dulwich College (Sampson)(70) Hampton School (Wright)NTTRow Over
20917:15J16.8+257(64) Abingdon School(66) Hampton School (Turner)3:332 lengths
21017:17J16.8+257(68) South African Schools (Dyke)(70) Hampton School (Wright)3:372 lengths
25719:15J16.8+ (66) Hampton School (Turner)(68) South African Schools (Dyke)3:253 inches
3409:54J15.8+132(71) Dulwich College(72) Kingston Grammar SchoolNTTRow Over
3509:57J15.8+133(77) Bedford Modern School(78) St Paul's SchoolNTT3 3/4 lengths
2909:44J15.8+131(80) The Oratory School(81) Bedford School3:26easily
13213:51J15.8+207(72) Kingston Grammar School(73) Great Marlow School3:421/2 length
12013:25J15.8+207(74) Abingdon School(75) Winchester College BC3:291 1/2 lengths
13313:53J15.8+208(76) Hampton School(78) St Paul's School3:443/4 length
13113:49J15.8+208(79) Shiplake College(81) Bedford School3:211 length
20717:10J15.8+256(72) Kingston Grammar School(74) Abingdon School4:073 1/2 lengths
20817:13J15.8+256(78) St Paul's School(79) Shiplake College3:431 length
25619:13J15.8+ (74) Abingdon School(78) St Paul's SchoolNTT2 lengths
11012:58J15.2nd.8+206(82) St Paul's School(83) Hampton School6:32Disqualification
11213:02J15.2nd.8+205(85) Dulwich College(86) Abingdon SchoolNTTRow Over
10812:50J15.2nd.8+205(87) Bedford School(88) Bedford Modern School3:353 1/2 lengths
20617:08J15.2nd.8+255(83) Hampton School(84) Shiplake College3:53easily
20517:06J15.2nd.8+255(86) Abingdon School(87) Bedford School4:035 lengths
25519:11J15.2nd.8+ (83) Hampton School(86) Abingdon School3:473 lengths
20317:02J15.3rd.8+254(89) Abingdon School(90) Dulwich CollegeNTTRow Over
20417:04J15.3rd.8+254(91) St Paul's School(92) Hampton SchoolNTTRow Over
25413:01J15.3rd.8+ (89) Abingdon School(92) Hampton School6:191 length
2809:39J14.8X109(129) Hampton School(130) St Paul's School3:353 lengths
2309:21J14.8X115(132) The Oratory School(133) Dulwich CollegeNTTRow Over
2409:25J14.8X116(136) Bedford Modern School(137) Windsor Boys School3:42easily
2509:29J14.8X117(139) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(140) Kingston Grammar SchoolNTT1 length
10912:54J14.8X196(130) St Paul's School(131) Winchester College BC4:071 foot
11513:11J14.8X196(132) The Oratory School(134) Bedford School3:47easily
11614:30J14.8X197(135) Abingdon School(137) Windsor Boys School3:441 1/2 lengths
11713:19J14.8X197(138) Norwich School(140) Kingston Grammar School3:40easily
19616:43J14.8X246(130) St Paul's School(134) Bedford School3:481/2 length
19716:47J14.8X246(135) Abingdon School(138) Norwich School3:592 lengths
24618:48J14.8X (130) St Paul's School(138) Norwich School3:533/4 length
808:47J14.4X+66(248) Great Marlow School(249) Norwich SchoolNTTRow Over
908:49J14.4X+67(251) Hampton School(252) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:035 lengths
1008:51J14.4X+68(255) King's School Ely BC(256) Dulwich CollegeNTTRow Over
1108:53J14.4X+59(258) Windsor Boys School(259) Winchester College BC3:52easily
6611:06J14.4X+155(249) Norwich School(250) The Oratory School4:223 lengths
6711:08J14.4X+155(252) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(253) Bedford School4:001 length
6811:10J14.4X+157(254) Kingston Grammar School(255) King's School Ely BC4:09easily
5910:51J14.4X+157(257) St Paul's School(259) Winchester College BC3:552 1/2 lengths
15514:53J14.4X+229(249) Norwich School(252) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:05easily
15714:59J14.4X+229(254) Kingston Grammar School(259) Winchester College BCNTT3 1/2 lengths
22918:01J14.4X+ (252) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(259) Winchester College BC4:171/2 length
508:38J14.2nd.4X+62(260) Kingston Grammar School(261) Hampton School4:12easily
708:45J14.2nd.4X+65(268) St Paul's School(269) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolNTTRow Over
6210:57J14.2nd.4X+148(261) Hampton School(262) Norwich School4:081/2 length
6411:01J14.2nd.4X+148(263) Bedford School(264) Windsor Boys School (Hemmi)3:18easily
3810:03J14.2nd.4X+152(265) Windsor Boys School (Workman)(266) Winchester College BCNTTRow Over
6511:04J14.2nd.4X+152(267) Dulwich College(269) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolNTTRow Over
14814:36J14.2nd.4X+225(261) Hampton School(263) Bedford School4:02easily
15213:10J14.2nd.4X+225(265) Windsor Boys School (Workman)(269) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:13easily
22517:50J14.2nd.4X+ (263) Bedford School(265) Windsor Boys School (Workman)4:24easily