Walton & Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 21st May 2016

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Results for University of Surrey

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Middlesex SurreyTimeVerdict
7911:51IM2.4X105HEN(16) Henley RC (Brown)GUI(17) Guildford RC (Mogridge)2:343 1/2 lengths
10512:55IM2.4X USU(15) University of Surrey (Grassom)GUI(17) Guildford RC (Mogridge)2:294 lengths
22414:15NOV.2X254USU(201) University of Surrey (Coe/Chetland)WGT(202) Whitgift School BC (Whittaker/Hayes)3:03easily
22514:18NOV.2X255USU(205) University of Surrey (Glenister/Grassom)ESC(206) Eastbourne College BC (Alston/Byatt)NTTNot Rowed Out
25415:41NOV.2X287WGT(202) Whitgift School BC (Whittaker/Hayes)RDG(203) Reading RC (Whitten/Delhoume)2:562 1/2 lengths
25515:44NOV.2X287MBC(204) Molesey BC (Jalili/Burden)USU(205) University of Surrey (Glenister/Grassom)2:522 1/2 lengths
28717:20NOV.2X WGT(202) Whitgift School BC (Whittaker/Hayes)USU(205) University of Surrey (Glenister/Grassom)2:502 lengths