Reading Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th June 2016

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Results for St George's College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxfordshire BerkshireTimeVerdict
6412:24Sch.8+109SGC(45) St George's College BCBDS(46) Bedford School4:331/4 length
6512:27Sch.8+110WIN(49) Winchester College BCDUL(50) Dulwich College4:293 lengths
10915:54Sch.8+145BDS(46) Bedford SchoolMNS(47) Monmouth School BC4:301 1/2 lengths
11015:57Sch.8+145CHE(48) Cheltenham CollegeWIN(49) Winchester College BC4:413 lengths
14517:42Sch.8+ MNS(47) Monmouth School BCWIN(49) Winchester College BC4:242 3/4 lengths
309:06NOV.4+55RDG(93) Reading RCRHO(94) Royal Holloway (UL) (Smith)5:40easily
5211:48NOV.4+101RHO(86) Royal Holloway (UL) (Spinks-Essam)NGU(87) Nottingham University5:281/2 length
5311:51NOV.4+101CHE(88) Cheltenham CollegeUBR(89) University of BristolNTTRow Over
5411:54NOV.4+102AKN(90) Auriol KensingtonMIL(91) Millfield5:30easily
5511:57NOV.4+102SGC(92) St George's College BCRHO(94) Royal Holloway (UL) (Smith)5:161 1/2 lengths
10115:15NOV.4+143RHO(86) Royal Holloway (UL) (Spinks-Essam)UBR(89) University of Bristol5:282 3/4 lengths
10215:18NOV.4+143AKN(90) Auriol KensingtonRHO(94) Royal Holloway (UL) (Smith)5:163/4 length
14317:36NOV.4+ UBR(89) University of BristolRHO(94) Royal Holloway (UL) (Smith)5:241 length