Reading Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th June 2016

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Results for University of the West of England

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxfordshire BerkshireTimeVerdict
2410:09IM2.8+76ETN(7) Eton College BCTWK(8) Twickenham RC4:342 lengths
2510:12IM2.8+76CUR(9) Curlew RCSES(10) St Edward's School4:313 1/2 lengths
2610:15IM2.8+79VRC(11) Vesta RCCOX(12) City of Oxford RC4:332 lengths
2710:18IM2.8+77UWE(14) University of the West of EnglandDML(15) De Montfort University RC4:351 1/3 lengths
2810:21IM2.8+77ULO(16) University of LondonRDG(17) Reading RCNTTRow Over
2910:24IM2.8+78DAT(18) Dart Totnes Amateur RCRBL(19) Reading Blue Coat School4:392 lengths
3010:27IM2.8+78MAU(20) Manchester UniversityUCL(21) University College London4:301/3 length
7614:00IM2.8+121ETN(7) Eton College BCSES(10) St Edward's School4:273 lengths
7914:09IM2.8+121COX(12) City of Oxford RCAKN(13) Auriol Kensington4:311 1/2 lengths
7714:03IM2.8+122UWE(14) University of the West of EnglandRDG(17) Reading RC4:333 lengths
7814:06IM2.8+122RBL(19) Reading Blue Coat SchoolUCL(21) University College LondonNTT1 1/2 lengths
12116:30IM2.8+152SES(10) St Edward's SchoolCOX(12) City of Oxford RC4:221/2 length
12216:33IM2.8+152UWE(14) University of the West of EnglandUCL(21) University College London4:282/3 length
15218:03IM2.8+ SES(10) St Edward's SchoolUWE(14) University of the West of England4:291 1/2 lengths
409:09W.IM2.4+61LEH(102) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat ClubAKN(103) Auriol Kensington (Raffaele)5:462 1/2 lengths
509:12W.IM2.4+62RDG(105) Reading RCDML(106) De Montfort University RC5:525 lengths
609:15W.IM2.4+63UCL(109) University College LondonIMP(110) Imperial College5:522 1/2 lengths
709:18W.IM2.4+60TWK(111) Twickenham RCMAV(112) Maidstone Invicta RC5:425 lengths
809:21W.IM2.4+60HEN(113) Henley RCAKN(114) Auriol Kensington (Scott Moncrieff)5:472 1/2 lengths
6112:15W.IM2.4+107LEH(102) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat ClubHSB(104) HSBC RC5:542 1/2 lengths
6212:18W.IM2.4+107RDG(105) Reading RCTRC(107) Thames RC5:382 1/2 lengths
6312:21W.IM2.4+108WRU(108) Worcester University RCUCL(109) University College London5:353 lengths
6012:12W.IM2.4+108TWK(111) Twickenham RCHEN(113) Henley RC5:442 lengths
10715:48W.IM2.4+139LEH(102) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat ClubTRC(107) Thames RC5:382 lengths
10815:51W.IM2.4+139WRU(108) Worcester University RCTWK(111) Twickenham RC5:432 3/4 lengths
13917:24W.IM2.4+ LEH(102) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat ClubWRU(108) Worcester University RC5:341 1/4 lengths