Reading Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th June 2016

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Results for University College Dublin Ladies

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxfordshire BerkshireTimeVerdict
909:24W.IM3.8+66CFU(56) Cardiff University RC (Walker)UOC(57) University of Chester5:151 length
1009:27W.IM3.8+66UBR(58) University of Bristol (Jarrold)CBR(59) City of Bristol RC (Young)5:29easily
1109:30W.IM3.8+69ZDT(60) University College Dublin LadiesVRC(61) Vesta RC (Capsa)5:241 1/2 lengths
1209:33W.IM3.8+67RDG(63) Reading RCPTR(64) Putney Town RCNTTDisqualification
1309:36W.IM3.8+67MAU(65) Manchester UniversityNGU(66) Nottingham University5:171 1/3 lengths
1409:39W.IM3.8+68CBR(67) City of Bristol RC (Birley)VRC(68) Vesta RC (Pywell)5:192 lengths
1509:42W.IM3.8+68UBR(69) University of Bristol (Beer)CFU(70) Cardiff University RC (Leverton)5:043/4 length
6612:30W.IM3.8+113UOC(57) University of ChesterUBR(58) University of Bristol (Jarrold)5:181 3/4 lengths
6913:39W.IM3.8+113ZDT(60) University College Dublin LadiesSOU(62) Southampton University5:15easily
6713:33W.IM3.8+114RDG(63) Reading RCNGU(66) Nottingham University5:22easily
6813:36W.IM3.8+114VRC(68) Vesta RC (Pywell)UBR(69) University of Bristol (Beer)5:103 lengths
11316:06W.IM3.8+147UOC(57) University of ChesterSOU(62) Southampton University5:162 1/2 lengths
11416:09W.IM3.8+147NGU(66) Nottingham UniversityUBR(69) University of Bristol (Beer)5:124 lengths
14717:48W.IM3.8+ SOU(62) Southampton UniversityUBR(69) University of Bristol (Beer)5:111 1/4 lengths