Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 30th July 2016

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Results for Barnes Bridge Ladies RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
13216:34W.IM2.4X159MAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BCGLBGlobe RC3:395 lengths 
13316:38W.IM2.4X159WRCWallingford RCMHDMaidenhead RCBBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RC3:343 3/4 lengths1/2 length
13416:42W.IM2.4X159FULFulham Reach RCLINLinacre BC3:512 1/3 lengths 
15918:45W.IM2.4X MAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BCFULFulham Reach RCWRCWallingford RC3:252 1/2 lengths1 foot
4211:33W.IM1.2-75WARWarwick BCTWKTwickenham RC3:481 length 
4311:37W.IM1.2-75RAFRoyal Air Force RCBBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RC3:563 lengths 
7514:20W.IM1.2- WARWarwick BC3:513 lengths 
4712:00W.Mas.EF.2X MAAMortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (Poole/Pattison =F)BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RC (Telsnig/Broadhurst =E)MHDMaidenhead RC (Holmes/Bennett =E)4:141 lengthRow Over
10915:02W.NOV.1X142WRCWallingford RCBBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RCOLWOxford University Lwt Women's BC4:20easilyNot Rowed Out
11015:06W.NOV.1X142COXCity of Oxford RCTSSTideway Scullers SchoolOACOxford Academicals RC4:542/3 lengtheasily
11115:10W.NOV.1X142NSHNonesuch BCOLWOxford University Lwt Women's BCMHDMaidenhead RC4:123 lengthseasily
14217:20W.NOV.1X NSHNonesuch BCCOXCity of Oxford RCWRCWallingford RC4:00easily1 1/2 lengths