Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 30th July 2016

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Results for Stratford-upon-Avon BC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
7013:55IM1.4X Quintin BCStratford-upon-Avon BC (Lewry)Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Mander)3:021 length3 lengths
2510:25J14.2X58Stratford-upon-Avon BCWallingford RC3:48a canvas 
2610:29J14.2X58Henley RCWallingford RC3:41Not Rowed Out 
5812:55J14.2X Henley RCStratford-upon-Avon BC3:31easily 
5112:20W.J16.2X Stratford-upon-Avon BCHereford RCNTTRow Over 
12416:02Mx.SEN.2X152Upper Thames/LeanderMaidenhead RCStratford-upon-Avon BC3:293 1/2 lengthsRow Over
12516:06Mx.SEN.2X152Stratford-upon-Avon BCUpper Thames RC3:241 1/4 lengths 
15218:10Mx.SEN.2X Upper Thames/LeanderStratford-upon-Avon BC3:193 lengths 
11215:14J16.1X146Henley RCMaidenhead RCAbingdon RC3:321/3 lengtheasily
11315:18J16.1X146Stratford-upon-Avon BCStar & Arrow ClubWallingford RC3:424 1/2 lengths3 lengths
11415:22J16.1X146Maidenhead RCReading RC3:385 lengths 
14617:40J16.1X Henley RCMaidenhead RCStratford-upon-Avon BC3:421 1/2 lengths1 1/4 lengths
14417:30J14.1X Henley RCStratford-upon-Avon BC4:02easily 
709:09W.IM1.1X45Upper Thames RCTaunton RC4:014 lengths 
809:13W.IM1.1X45Stratford-upon-Avon BCRoyal Air Force RC3:565 lengths 
4511:50W.IM1.1X Stratford-upon-Avon BCUpper Thames RC3:491 1/2 lengths 
509:01W.IM3.1X20Oxford University Lwt Women's BCCity of Oxford RCOxford Academicals RC4:081 1/2 lengthsNot Rowed Out
609:05W.IM3.1X22Wallingford RCOxford Academicals RCOxford University Lwt Women's BC4:092 1/2 lengths1/4 length
2010:01W.IM3.1X48Maidenhead RCOxford University Lwt Women's BCWallingford RC3:563 lengthsRow Over
1309:33W.IM3.1X48Oxford University Lwt Women's BCWallingford RCWallingford RC4:003 lengths1 length
2210:13W.IM3.1X48Wallingford RCStratford-upon-Avon BCBirmingham RC4:051 1/2 lengths2 lengths
4812:05W.IM3.1X Maidenhead RCOxford University Lwt Women's BCWallingford RC3:571 length2 lengths
14117:15W.J16.1X Stratford-upon-Avon BCHereford RCMaidenhead RC