Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 25th June 2022

These results are incomplete - the Regatta was abandoned at 18:25 owing to a thunderstorm.

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Results for Auriol Kensington

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxford (far)Berks (near)TimeVerdict
11914:14Op.8+144(150) University of California, USA(151) West End RC, New Zealand2:332/3 length
12014:17Op.8+142(156) Santa Clara University, USA(157) St Peters School BC2:413 1/2 lengths
11814:11Op.8+143(159) Woodrow Wilson High School, USA(160) University of British Columbia, CanadaNTTDNS
14415:29Op.8+175(151) West End RC, New Zealand(152) Groton School RC, USANTT1/2 length
14115:20Op.8+175(153) The Scots College, Australia(154) Brooks School, USA2:413 lengths
14215:23Op.8+174(155) Auriol Kensington(156) Santa Clara University, USANTTDNS
14315:26Op.8+174(158) Bucknell University, USA(159) Woodrow Wilson High School, USA2:362/3 length
17517:02Op.8+204(151) West End RC, New Zealand(154) Brooks School, USA2:362/3 length
17416:59Op.8+204(156) Santa Clara University, USA(158) Bucknell University, USA2:332/36 length
20418:29Op.8+ (151) West End RC, New Zealand(158) Bucknell University, USA  
10413:29B2.Op.1X157(253) Reading RC (Ocana)(247) Molesey BC (Sheppard)3:462 1/2 lengths
10713:38B2.Op.1X157(255) Radley College Boat Club (Marriott)(256) Reading RC (Leckey)3:481 length
10513:32B2.Op.1X158(257) Radley College Boat Club (Hamilton)(258) Auriol KensingtonNTTeasily
10613:35B2.Op.1X158(259) Reading RC (Schonauer)(260) Radley College Boat Club (Finlan)NTTDNS
15716:08B2.Op.1X191(247) Molesey BC (Sheppard)(256) Reading RC (Leckey)NTT1 foot
15816:11B2.Op.1X191(258) Auriol Kensington(259) Reading RC (Schonauer)NTTRow Over
19117:50B2.Op.1X (247) Molesey BC (Sheppard)(258) Auriol Kensington4:13easily