Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 25th June 2022

These results are incomplete - the Regatta was abandoned at 18:25 owing to a thunderstorm.

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Results for Dulwich College

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxford (far)Berks (near)TimeVerdict
6311:36B2.Sch.8+89(9) Dulwich College(10) Canford School Boat Club2:56easily
6411:39B2.Sch.8+89(11) St Peters School BC(12) Bedford School2:514 lengths
8912:54B2.Sch.8+ (9) Dulwich College(12) Bedford School2:483 lengths
2409:39J14.8X60(22) Radley College Boat Club (Thompson)(23) Dulwich College3:233 lengths
5911:24J14.8X85(19) Radley College Boat Club (Wilson)(20) Reading Blue Coat School (Desai)3:11easily
6011:27J14.8X85(21) Reading Blue Coat School (Bhardwaj)(22) Radley College Boat Club (Thompson)3:144 lengths
8512:42J14.8X (19) Radley College Boat Club (Wilson)(22) Radley College Boat Club (Thompson)3:08a canvas
3410:09Novice.4+76(32) Dulwich College(33) Canford School Boat Club (Hornung)3:49easily
3510:12Novice.4+76(34) Canford School Boat Club (Batt)(35) Reading RC3:211 length
7612:15Novice.4+ (33) Canford School Boat Club (Hornung)(34) Canford School Boat Club (Batt)3:31easily
4410:39B2.Op.2-71(76) Radley College Boat Club (Elliott/Hamilton)(77) Dulwich CollegeNTTRow Over
4510:42B2.Op.2-71(78) Great Marlow School(79) Radley College Boat Club (Hopkes/Buczacki)NTTeasily
7112:00B2.Op.2- (76) Radley College Boat Club (Elliott/Hamilton)(78) Great Marlow School3:283 lengths