Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 25th June 2022

These results are incomplete - the Regatta was abandoned at 18:25 owing to a thunderstorm.

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Results for Brunswick School, USA

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxford (far)Berks (near)TimeVerdict
2809:51B1.Sch.8+65(1) Radley College Boat Club(2) Groton School RC, USA2:353/4 length
2909:54B1.Sch.8+65(3) Green Lake Crew, USA(4) Woodrow Wilson High School, USA2:421 1/2 lengths
3009:57B1.Sch.8+66(5) Brooks School, USA(6) Reading Blue Coat School2:431/2 length
3110:00B1.Sch.8+66(7) Brunswick School, USA(8) The Scots College, Australia2:351 1/2 lengths
6511:42B1.Sch.8+88(2) Groton School RC, USA(4) Woodrow Wilson High School, USA2:441/2 length
6611:45B1.Sch.8+88(6) Reading Blue Coat School(7) Brunswick School, USANTT2 lengths
8812:51B1.Sch.8+ (4) Woodrow Wilson High School, USA(7) Brunswick School, USA2:454 lengths
1309:06B1.Op.2-46(70) Radley College Boat Club (Baker/Lowrie)(71) Brunswick School, USANTTDNS
1409:09B1.Op.2-47(74) Bucknell University, USA(75) Radley College Boat Club (Lynn/Codet)NTT1 1/2 lengths
4610:45B1.Op.2-72(70) Radley College Boat Club (Baker/Lowrie)(72) University of Bristol3:32easily
4710:48B1.Op.2-72(73) Radley College Boat Club (Bell/Hamilton)(75) Radley College Boat Club (Lynn/Codet)NTTDNS
7212:03B1.Op.2- (72) University of Bristol(75) Radley College Boat Club (Lynn/Codet)3:243 lengths