Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 25th June 2022

These results are incomplete - the Regatta was abandoned at 18:25 owing to a thunderstorm.

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Results for Gippsland Grammar, Australia

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxford (far)Berks (near)TimeVerdict
13414:59Op.Sch/Jun.4X170(194) Gippsland Grammar, Australia(195) Hampton School3:133 1/2 lengths
16916:44Op.Sch/Jun.4X196(191) Green Lake Crew, USA(192) Great Marlow School2:583 1/2 lengths
17016:47Op.Sch/Jun.4X196(193) Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club, USA(194) Gippsland Grammar, Australia2:441 3/4 lengths
19618:05Op.Sch/Jun.4X (192) Great Marlow School(194) Gippsland Grammar, Australia2:484 lengths