St Neots Regatta

Saturday 23rd July 2016

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Results for Broadland BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse MeadowVerdict
6011:45Mx.IM3.4X152LRC(98) London RC (Suckling)GLB/MAV(99) Globe/Maidstone (Noriel)1 length
5611:28Mx.IM3.4X152TRT(100) Trent RC (Sutherland)NWK(101) Newark RC (Miller)easily
7012:15Mx.IM3.4X135BRX(102) Broxbourne RC (Garlick)UEL/CUR(103) East London/Curlew (UEL-Golding)easily
6111:48Mx.IM3.4X135YRK(104) York City RC (Price)BLD(105) Broadland BC (Whelan)3 lengths
15216:18Mx.IM3.4X197GLB/MAV(99) Globe/MaidstoneTRT(100) Trent RC1 length
13515:22Mx.IM3.4X197BRX(102) Broxbourne RCBLD(105) Broadland BC1 1/4 lengths
19718:24Mx.IM3.4X GLB/MAV(99) Globe/MaidstoneBRX(102) Broxbourne RC4 lengths