Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 11th September 2016

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceMeadowTowpathVerdict
108:30W.J15.1X23(260) Newark RC (Austin)(261) Cantabrigian RC (Parr)1 1/2 lengths
208:32W.J15.1X21(263) Peterborough City (Dennis)(264) Leicester RCRow Over
308:35W.J15.1X20(267) St Neots RC(268) Putney High School RCeasily
408:37W.J15.1X25(270) Peterborough City (Taylor)(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)1 length
508:40W.J16.1X24(250) Deben RC (Everson)(251) Peterborough City (Jarvis)Row Over
608:42W.J16.1X43(258) Sudbury RC(259) St Ives RCa canvas
708:45J16.1X31(212) Sudbury RC(213) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)easily
808:47J16.1X26(220) Peterborough City (Collins)(221) Globe RC (Argyrou)easily
908:50NOV.1X36(188) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Dodd)(189) Peterborough City (Tune)Row Over
1008:52W.J16.2X46(139) Broxbourne RC(140) Globe RC2 lengths
1108:55W.J16.2X49(148) Putney High School RC(149) Deben RC1 length
1208:57W.J13.1X59(276) Isle of Ely BC(277) Cantabrigian RC (Scanlon)2 lengths
1309:00W.J13.1X60(280) Putney High School RC(281) Cantabrigian RC (Durrant)1 length
1409:02W.J17.1X66(248) Peterborough City(249) Putney High School RCRow Over
1509:05J14.1X71(231) Huntingdon RC(232) Broxbourne RC (Orpin)1 length
1609:07J15.1X76(222) Peterborough City (Leverage)(223) Cantabrigian RC3 lengths
1709:10J15.1X77(226) Sudbury RC(227) Huntingdon RCNot Rowed Out
1809:12J16.1X80(215) St Neots RC(216) Broxbourne RC3 lengths
1909:15J16.1X81(217) Cambridge '99 RC(218) Deben RCNot Rowed Out
2009:17W.J15.1X75(266) Peterborough City (Griffiths)(267) St Neots RCeasily
2109:20W.J15.1X73(263) Peterborough City (Dennis)(265) Becket School RC1 1/2 lengths
2209:22W.J16.2X48(145) Sudbury RC(146) LYR Tradesmen2 lengths
2309:25W.J15.1X73(260) Newark RC (Austin)(262) LYR Tradesmen1 1/2 lengths
2409:27W.J16.1X65(250) Deben RC (Everson)(252) Putney High School RCNot Rowed Out
2509:30W.J15.1X75(269) Newark RC (Brankin)(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)1 1/2 lengths
2609:32J16.1X81(219) Thames Tradesmens' RC(220) Peterborough City (Collins)easily
2709:35W.J16.1X86(255) Deben RC (Butlin)(256) Peterborough City (Agidee)2 lengths
2809:37J17.1X82(204) Cantabrigian RC (Dickinson)(205) Beccles Rowing Clubeasily
2909:40J17.1X82(206) Deben RC (Wroe)(207) Huntingdon RC3 lengths
3009:42W.J15.2X89(156) Putney High School RC(157) Cantabrigian RCeasily
3109:45J16.1X80(213) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)(214) Globe RC (Arnold)easily
3209:47W.IM3.2X105(124) Milton Keynes RC(125) Cantabrigian RC3 lengths
3309:50W.J16.1X65(253) Newark RC(254) Deben RC (Eaton)3 lengths
3409:52J17.1X67(208) Peterborough City(209) Globe RC2 lengths
3509:55W.J15.2X103(152) Peterborough City(153) Putney High School RCNot Rowed Out
3609:57NOV.1X72(187) St Ives RC(188) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Dodd)a canvas
3710:00J17.1X67(210) Cantabrigian RC (Howland)(211) Deben RC (Goodwyn)easily
3810:07Mas.DEF.1X87(194) Milton Keynes RC (Lawson =E)(195) City of Cambridge (Tollett =F)2 lengths
4010:12W.J15.2X103(150) St Neots RC(151) Cantabrigian RCNot Rowed Out
4110:15NOV.1X95(183) Globe RC(184) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Mandimika)1 1/2 lengths
4210:17NOV.1X72(185) Peterborough City (Titmus)(186) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Rook)4 lengths
4310:20W.J16.1X86(257) Globe RC(258) Sudbury RC3 lengths
4410:22W.IM3.2X105(126) Maidstone Invicta RC(127) Deben RCeasily
4510:25W.J15.2X89(154) Sudbury RC(155) LYR Tradesmen3 lengths
4610:27W.J16.2X104(139) Broxbourne RC(141) Deben RC5 lengths
4710:30W.J16.2X104(142) Putney High School RC(143) Peterborough Cityeasily
4910:35W.J16.2X74(147) Globe RC(148) Putney High School RCeasily
5010:37NOV.1X95(181) Devil's Elbow RC(182) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Esayas)easily
5110:40W.J15.4X+133(64) Newark RC(65) Cantabrigian RC (Morley)easily
5210:42Mas.BC.1X168(192) Globe RC (Noriel =B)(193) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Dodd =B)2 1/2 lengths
5310:45W.IM3.4X126(52) Cantabrigian RC(53) Hillingdon RCeasily
5410:47W.J18.2X92(135) Beccles Rowing Club(136) Deben RCeasily
5510:50W.IM3.2X112(121) Putney High School RC(122) Maidstone Invicta RCeasily
5610:52W.J15.4X+108(68) Putney High School RC(69) Cantabrigian RC (Parr)3/4 length
5710:55J16.2X117(100) Peterborough City(101) Globe RC2 1/2 lengths
5810:57J16.2X118(104) St Neots RC(105) Cambridge '99 RCeasily
5911:00W.J13.1X141(276) Isle of Ely BC(278) Peterborough CityRow Over
6011:07W.J13.1X141(279) Newark RC(281) Cantabrigian RC (Durrant)easily
3911:07Mas.DEF.1X91(198) Maidstone Invicta RC (Baldwin =D)(199) Peterborough City (Orme =E)1 1/2 lengths
6111:10W.J18.2X101(131) Globe RC(132) Cantabrigian RC3 lengths
6211:12W.IM2.2X93(119) Devil's Elbow RC(120) Deben RC2 1/4 lengths
6311:15W.J14.1X144(272) Peterborough City(273) Putney High School RCRow Over
6411:17W.J14.1X144(274) Newark RC(275) Sudbury RC2 lengths
6511:20W.J16.1X167(250) Deben RC (Everson)(253) Newark RC4 1/2 lengths
6611:22W.J17.1X159(247) LYR Tradesmen(248) Peterborough Cityeasily
6711:25J17.1X157(209) Globe RC(211) Deben RC (Goodwyn)2 1/2 lengths
4811:25W.J16.2X74(144) Beccles Rowing Club(145) Sudbury RC2 1/2 lengths
6811:27W.J18.1X166(243) Cantabrigian RC (Bailey-Tait)(244) Putney High School RC3/4 length
6911:30W.IM3.1X145(235) Peterborough City(236) Maidstone Invicta RC6 lengths
7011:32J14.1X152(228) Peterborough City(229) Broxbourne RC (Day)1 length
7111:35J14.1X152(230) Cantabrigian RC(231) Huntingdon RC (Orpin)1 1/4 lengths
7211:37NOV.1X169(186) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Rook)(187) St Ives RC3 lengths
7311:40W.J15.1X148(260) Newark RC (Austin)(265) Becket School RC3 lengths
7411:42W.J16.2X150(145) Sudbury RC(147) Globe RC3 lengths
7511:45W.J15.1X148(267) St Neots RC(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)2 1/2 lengths
7611:47J15.1X154(222) Peterborough City (Leverage)(224) Globe RC3 lengths
7711:50J15.1X154(225) Peterborough City (Toynton)(226) Sudbury RC3 lengths
7811:52W.J17.1X159(245) Cantabrigian RC(246) Broxbourne RC2 lengths
7911:55W.IM3.1X145(237) Milton Keynes RC(238) Deben RCRow Over
8011:57J16.1X156(213) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)(216) Broxbourne RC4 lengths
8112:00J16.1X156(217) Cambridge '99 RC(220) Peterborough City (Collins)2 lengths
8212:07J17.1X157(205) Beccles Rowing Club(206) Deben RC (Wroe)easily
8312:10W.J18.1X166(241) Globe RC(242) Cantabrigian RC (May)Not Rowed Out
8412:12J18.1X158(200) Sudbury RC (Moriarty)(201) Deben RC1 1/2 lengths
8512:15J18.1X158(202) Sudbury RC (Power)(203) Globe RCRow Over
8612:17W.J16.1X167(255) Deben RC (Butlin)(257) Globe RC2 lengths
8712:20Mas.DEF.1X164(194) Milton Keynes RC (Lawson =E)(196) Maidstone Invicta RC (Hill =E)4 lengths
8812:22Mx.IM3.2X175(163) Maidstone Invicta RC(164) Beccles Rowing Club4 lengths
8912:25W.J15.2X143(154) Sudbury RC(156) Putney High School RC2 feet
9012:27J14.2X181(110) Cantabrigian RC(111) Huntingdon RCNot Rowed Out
9212:32W.J18.2X180(134) Broxbourne RC(136) Deben RC2/3 length
9312:35W.IM2.2X186(118) Cantabrigian RC(119) Devil's Elbow RCeasily
9412:37Mas.BC.1X168(190) Globe RC (Askin =B)(191) St Ives RC (Gilbey =C)1 1/2 lengths
9512:40NOV.1X169(181) Devil's Elbow RC(184) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Mandimika)1 1/2 lengths
9612:42Mx.IM3.2X175(165) Broxbourne RC(166) Thames Tradesmens' RC4 lengths
9712:45IM3.1X151(177) Globe RC(178) Deben RC2 lengths
9812:47IM3.1X151(179) Broxbourne RC(180) Milton Keynes RC2 1/2 lengths
9912:50Mx.Mas.DF.2X171(173) Hillingdon RC (Lorenzato/Coleman =D)(174) St Ives RC (Dolby/Waddingham =D)1 length
10012:52Mx.Mas.C.2X172(170) Sudbury RC(171) Deben RC1 length
10112:55W.J18.2X180(131) Globe RC(133) Putney High School RC1/2 length
10212:57W.J13.2X176(161) Cantabrigian RC(162) Putney High School RCeasily
10313:00W.J15.2X143(151) Cantabrigian RC(153) Putney High School RC1 1/2 lengths
10413:07W.J16.2X150(139) Broxbourne RC(143) Peterborough City2 1/2 lengths
10513:10W.IM3.2X189(125) Cantabrigian RC(126) Maidstone Invicta RC3 lengths
10613:12J14.2X181(112) Broxbourne RC(113) St Ives RC3 lengths
9113:15Mas.DEF.1X164(197) Cantabrigian RC (Gunning =E)(199) Peterborough City (Orme =E)2 1/2 lengths
10713:15W.J18.4X177(56) LYR Tradesmen(57) Broxbourne RC3 1/2 lengths
10813:17W.J15.4X+183(67) LYR Tradesmen(68) Putney High School RC1/2 length
10913:20W.Mas.CD.4+179(35) X Press Boat Club (Forbes =C)(36) Milton Keynes RC (Towse =C)1/3 length
11013:22J15.2X188(106) Peterborough City(107) Cantabrigian RCNot Rowed Out
11113:25W.NOV.2X178(129) Putney High School RC(130) Beccles Rowing Clubeasily
11213:27W.IM3.2X189(121) Putney High School RC(123) Broxbourne RC1/3 length
11313:30J15.2X188(108) Huntingdon RC(109) Cantabrigian RCNot Rowed Out
11413:32NOV.2X195(85) Milton Keynes RC(86) Thames Tradesmens' RC4 lengths
11513:35W.Mas.CD.4+179(33) Devil's Elbow RC (Turner =C)(34) Sudbury RC (Lovegrove =D)3 lengths
11613:37W.J18.4X177(54) Peterborough City(55) Beccles Rowing Clubeasily
11713:40J16.2X191(101) Globe RC(102) Sudbury RCeasily
11813:42J16.2X191(103) Globe RC(105) Cambridge '99 RC6 inches
11913:45J17.2X192(96) St Ives RC(97) Cantabrigian RCeasily
12013:47J17.2X192(98) Broxbourne RC(99) Deben RCeasily
12113:50J18.2X194(94) Deben RC(95) Globe RC2 lengths
12213:52NOV.4+211(19) Devil's Elbow RC(20) Hughes Hall3 lengths
12313:55Mas.EG.2X190(91) St Ives RC (Ashmore/Bennett =E)(92) Sudbury RC (Sudbury RC (Moriarty =E))3 lengths
12413:57Mas.CD.2X161(88) Beccles Rowing Club (Ellis/Lock =C)(89) Maidstone Invicta RC (Baldwin/Stokes =D)3/4 length
12514:00NOV.2X195(83) Milton Keynes RC(84) Royal University Medical Students BC2 1/2 lengths
12614:07W.IM3.4X162(51) Huntingdon RC(52) Cantabrigian RC2 lengths
12714:10W.IM2.2X186(116) Maidstone Invicta RC(117) Deben RCeasily
12814:12W.IM3.4X162(49) Milton Keynes RC(50) Maidstone Invicta RCeasily
12914:15Mas.DE.2-198(76) X Press Boat Club (Miers/Taylor =D)(77) Milton Keynes RC (Bennett/Lawson =E)1 length
13014:17IM3.2X165(81) Globe RC(82) Broxbourne RC2 1/2 lengths
13114:20W.IM3.8+210(7) Putney High School RC (Awe)(8) X Press Boat Clubeasily
13214:22W.IM3.8+210(5) LYR Tradesmen(6) Putney High School RC (Scambler)3/4 length
13314:25W.J15.4X+183(64) Newark RC(66) Broxbourne RC4 lengths
13414:27W.IM3.4+153(29) Devil's Elbow RC(30) Lucy Cavendish College4 lengths
14914:30W.J14.2X (158) Newark RC(159) LYR Tradesmen4 lengths
13514:30IM3.4X207(40) Peterborough City(41) Globe RC (Malyon)Not Rowed Out
13614:32CRA.W.NOV.8+203(9) Cantabrigian RC(10) Darwin College1 length
13714:35Mas.C.4+187(24) Sudbury RC(25) Milton Keynes RC2 1/2 lengths
13814:37CRA.W.NOV.8+203(11) St Radegund(12) Cantabrigian RCNot Rowed Out
13914:40NOV.4+211(17) Sudbury RC(18) Hillingdon RCeasily
14014:43Mx.Mas.A.2X (167) Hillingdon RC(168) Devil's Elbow RCeasily
14114:46W.J13.1X (276) Isle of Ely BC(279) Newark RC3 lengths
14214:48W.IM2.4X205(47) Deben RC(48) Maidstone Invicta RCeasily
14314:51W.J15.2X (153) Putney High School RC(154) Sudbury RC3 lengths
14414:54W.J14.1X (273) Putney High School RC(274) Newark RC2 lengths
14514:57W.IM3.1X (235) Peterborough City(238) Deben RC2 1/2 lengths
14615:00J13.1X (233) Thames Tradesmens' RC(234) Huntingdon RC4 lengths
14715:08W.NOV.1X (239) Peterborough City(240) LYR Tradesmeneasily
14815:11W.J15.1X (265) Becket School RC(267) St Neots RCNot Rowed Out
15015:17W.J16.2X (139) Broxbourne RC(145) Sudbury RC1 length
15215:23J14.1X (229) Broxbourne RC (Day)(231) Huntingdon RCeasily
15315:26W.IM3.4+ (28) Downing College(30) Lucy Cavendish College1/2 length
15415:29J15.1X (224) Globe RC(225) Peterborough City (Toynton)easily
15515:32IM3.2-185(73) X Press Boat Club(74) Chesterton RCeasily
15615:35J16.1X (213) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)(217) Cambridge '99 RC1 1/2 lengths
15715:38J17.1X (206) Deben RC (Wroe)(209) Globe RCa canvas
15815:41J18.1X (200) Sudbury RC (Moriarty)(202) Sudbury RC (Power)1 1/2 lengths
15915:44W.J17.1X (246) Broxbourne RC(248) Peterborough City3 lengths
16015:47W.J17.2- (78) LYR Tradesmen(79) Putney High School RCDisqualification
16115:50Mas.CD.2X (87) Hillingdon RC (Rognoni/Neale =C)(89) Maidstone Invicta RC (Baldwin/Stokes =D)easily
16215:53W.IM3.4X (50) Maidstone Invicta RC(52) Cantabrigian RC3 lengths
16315:56W.J14.4X+ (70) Putney High School RC(71) LYR Tradesmen1 1/2 lengths
16415:59Mas.DEF.1X (194) Milton Keynes RC (Lawson =E)(197) Cantabrigian RC (Gunning =E)3 lengths
16516:02IM3.2X (80) Milton Keynes RC(82) Broxbourne RC3/4 length
16616:10W.J18.1X (242) Cantabrigian RC (May)(244) Putney High School RC3 1/2 lengths
16716:13W.J16.1X (253) Newark RC(257) Globe RC2 1/2 lengths
16816:16Mas.BC.1X (191) St Ives RC (Gilbey =C)(193) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Dodd =B)2 lengths
16916:19NOV.1X (184) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Mandimika)(186) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Rook)1 1/2 lengths
17016:22IM1.1X (175) St Ives RC (Watson)(176) St Ives RC (Woodford)2 1/2 lengths
17116:25Mx.Mas.DF.2X (172) Milton Keynes RC (Fryer/Bidgood =F)(173) Hillingdon RC (Lorenzato/Coleman =D)4 lengths
17216:28Mx.Mas.C.2X (169) Milton Keynes RC(170) Sudbury RCNot Rowed Out
17316:31W.J17.2X (137) St Neots RC(138) Deben RCeasily
17416:34W.IM2.4+ (26) Downing College(27) Milton Keynes RC3/4 length
17516:37Mx.IM3.2X (163) Maidstone Invicta RC(165) Broxbourne RC1 length
17616:40W.J13.2X (160) Putney High School RC(161) Cantabrigian RCeasily
17716:43W.J18.4X (54) Peterborough City(56) LYR Tradesmen4 lengths
17816:46W.NOV.2X (128) Globe RC(129) Putney High School RCeasily
17916:49W.Mas.CD.4+ (34) Sudbury RC (Lovegrove =D)(35) X Press Boat Club (Forbes =C)1/2 length
18016:52W.J18.2X (131) Globe RC(134) Broxbourne RC3 lengths
18116:55J14.2X (110) Cantabrigian RC(113) St Ives RCeasily
18216:58J13.2X (114) Huntingdon RC(115) Peterborough City1 1/4 lengths
19117:00J16.2X (101) Globe RC(103) Globe RC4 lengths
15117:00IM3.1X (177) Globe RC(179) Broxbourne RC2 1/2 lengths
18317:01W.J15.4X+ (64) Newark RC(68) Putney High School RCeasily
18417:09Mas.AC.4X (42) Hillingdon RC (Neale =C)(43) Globe RC (Malyon =A)1 1/2 lengths
18517:12IM3.2- (72) Globe RC(73) X Press Boat Club1 length
18617:15W.IM2.2X (117) Deben RC(118) Cantabrigian RCeasily
18717:18Mas.C.4+ (23) Devil's Elbow RC(24) Sudbury RC1 length
18817:21J15.2X (106) Peterborough City(108) Huntingdon RC4 lengths
18917:24W.IM3.2X (121) Putney High School RC(125) Cantabrigian RCNot Rowed Out
19017:27Mas.EG.2X (90) Sudbury RC (Sudbury RC (Paxman =G))(91) St Ives RC (Ashmore/Bennett =E)1 1/2 lengths
19217:33J17.2X (96) St Ives RC(99) Deben RC3/4 length
19317:36W.J17.4X+ (62) Broxbourne RC(63) Globe RC2 lengths
19417:39J18.2X (93) Sudbury RC(94) Deben RCeasily
19517:42NOV.2X (83) Milton Keynes RC(86) Thames Tradesmens' RCNot Rowed Out
19617:45W.NOV.4+ (31) Huntingdon RC(32) X Press Boat Club3/4 length
19717:48W.J17.4+ (37) Putney High School RC(38) LYR Tradesmen1/2 length
19817:51Mas.DE.2- (75) Peterborough City (Davis/Dolby =E)(76) X Press Boat Club (Miers/Taylor =D)1 1/4 lengths
19917:54CRA.NOV.4+ (21) City of Cambridge(22) Cantabrigian RC4 lengths
20017:57IM3.8+ (1) Hillingdon RC(2) Devil's Elbow RC3 lengths
20118:00CRA.IM3.4+ (15) Chesterton RC(16) St RadegundRow Over
20218:08CRA.Mx.NOV.8X (13) Cantabrigian RC (Garfield)(14) Cantabrigian RC (Ducklings)1 1/2 lengths
20318:11CRA.W.NOV.8+ (10) Darwin College(12) Cantabrigian RC2 lengths
20418:14W.IM2.8+ (3) Devil's Elbow RC(4) Milton Keynes RC1 length
20518:17W.IM2.4X (46) Broxbourne RC(47) Deben RC1 1/4 lengths
20618:20IM3.4X+ (58) Globe RC(59) Broxbourne RC1 1/2 lengths
20718:23IM3.4X (39) Globe RC (Askin)(41) Globe RC (Malyon)4 lengths
20818:26J15.4X+ (60) Cantabrigian RC (Farrow)(61) Cantabrigian RC (Newsam)a canvas
20918:29Mas.DE.4X (44) St Ives RC (Ben's Quad =D)(45) Maidstone Invicta RC (Purchase =E)easily
21018:32W.IM3.8+ (6) Putney High School RC (Scambler)(8) X Press Boat Cluba canvas
21118:35NOV.4+ (17) Sudbury RC(20) Hughes Hall2 1/2 lengths