Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 11th September 2016

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Results for Becket School RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Meadow TowpathVerdict
108:30W.J15.1X23NWK(260) Newark RC (Austin)CAB(261) Cantabrigian RC (Parr)1 1/2 lengths
208:32W.J15.1X21PET(263) Peterborough City (Dennis)LER(264) Leicester RCRow Over
308:35W.J15.1X20SNE(267) St Neots RCPHS(268) Putney High School RCeasily
408:37W.J15.1X25PET(270) Peterborough City (Taylor)CAB(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)1 length
2309:25W.J15.1X73NWK(260) Newark RC (Austin)LYT(262) LYR Tradesmen1 1/2 lengths
2109:20W.J15.1X73PET(263) Peterborough City (Dennis)BKS(265) Becket School RC1 1/2 lengths
2009:17W.J15.1X75PET(266) Peterborough City (Griffiths)SNE(267) St Neots RCeasily
2509:30W.J15.1X75NWK(269) Newark RC (Brankin)CAB(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)1 1/2 lengths
7311:40W.J15.1X148NWK(260) Newark RC (Austin)BKS(265) Becket School RC3 lengths
7511:45W.J15.1X148SNE(267) St Neots RCCAB(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)2 1/2 lengths
14815:11W.J15.1X BKS(265) Becket School RCSNE(267) St Neots RCNot Rowed Out