Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 11th September 2016

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Results for LYR Tradesmen

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Meadow TowpathVerdict
13214:22W.IM3.8+210LYT(5) LYR TradesmenPHS(6) Putney High School RC (Scambler)3/4 length
13114:20W.IM3.8+210PHS(7) Putney High School RC (Awe)XPR(8) X Press Boat Clubeasily
21018:32W.IM3.8+ PHS(6) Putney High School RC (Scambler)XPR(8) X Press Boat Cluba canvas
19717:48W.J17.4+ PHS(37) Putney High School RCLYT(38) LYR Tradesmen1/2 length
11613:37W.J18.4X177PET(54) Peterborough CityBEC(55) Beccles Rowing Clubeasily
10713:15W.J18.4X177LYT(56) LYR TradesmenBRX(57) Broxbourne RC3 1/2 lengths
17716:43W.J18.4X PET(54) Peterborough CityLYT(56) LYR Tradesmen4 lengths
5110:40W.J15.4X+133NWK(64) Newark RCCAB(65) Cantabrigian RC (Morley)easily
5610:52W.J15.4X+108PHS(68) Putney High School RCCAB(69) Cantabrigian RC (Parr)3/4 length
13314:25W.J15.4X+183NWK(64) Newark RCBRX(66) Broxbourne RC4 lengths
10813:17W.J15.4X+183LYT(67) LYR TradesmenPHS(68) Putney High School RC1/2 length
18317:01W.J15.4X+ NWK(64) Newark RCPHS(68) Putney High School RCeasily
16315:56W.J14.4X+ PHS(70) Putney High School RCLYT(71) LYR Tradesmen1 1/2 lengths
16015:47W.J17.2- LYT(78) LYR TradesmenPHS(79) Putney High School RCDisqualification
1008:52W.J16.2X46BRX(139) Broxbourne RCGLB(140) Globe RC2 lengths
2209:22W.J16.2X48SRC(145) Sudbury RCLYT(146) LYR Tradesmen2 lengths
1108:55W.J16.2X49PHS(148) Putney High School RCDEB(149) Deben RC1 length
4610:27W.J16.2X104BRX(139) Broxbourne RCDEB(141) Deben RC5 lengths
4710:30W.J16.2X104PHS(142) Putney High School RCPET(143) Peterborough Cityeasily
4811:25W.J16.2X74BEC(144) Beccles Rowing ClubSRC(145) Sudbury RC2 1/2 lengths
4910:35W.J16.2X74GLB(147) Globe RCPHS(148) Putney High School RCeasily
10413:07W.J16.2X150BRX(139) Broxbourne RCPET(143) Peterborough City2 1/2 lengths
7411:42W.J16.2X150SRC(145) Sudbury RCGLB(147) Globe RC3 lengths
15015:17W.J16.2X BRX(139) Broxbourne RCSRC(145) Sudbury RC1 length
4010:12W.J15.2X103SNE(150) St Neots RCCAB(151) Cantabrigian RCNot Rowed Out
3509:55W.J15.2X103PET(152) Peterborough CityPHS(153) Putney High School RCNot Rowed Out
4510:25W.J15.2X89SRC(154) Sudbury RCLYT(155) LYR Tradesmen3 lengths
3009:42W.J15.2X89PHS(156) Putney High School RCCAB(157) Cantabrigian RCeasily
10313:00W.J15.2X143CAB(151) Cantabrigian RCPHS(153) Putney High School RC1 1/2 lengths
8912:25W.J15.2X143SRC(154) Sudbury RCPHS(156) Putney High School RC2 feet
14314:51W.J15.2X PHS(153) Putney High School RCSRC(154) Sudbury RC3 lengths
14914:30W.J14.2X NWK(158) Newark RCLYT(159) LYR Tradesmen4 lengths
14715:08W.NOV.1X PET(239) Peterborough CityLYT(240) LYR Tradesmeneasily
1409:02W.J17.1X66PET(248) Peterborough CityPHS(249) Putney High School RCRow Over
7811:52W.J17.1X159CAB(245) Cantabrigian RCBRX(246) Broxbourne RC2 lengths
6611:22W.J17.1X159LYT(247) LYR TradesmenPET(248) Peterborough Cityeasily
15915:44W.J17.1X BRX(246) Broxbourne RCPET(248) Peterborough City3 lengths
108:30W.J15.1X23NWK(260) Newark RC (Austin)CAB(261) Cantabrigian RC (Parr)1 1/2 lengths
208:32W.J15.1X21PET(263) Peterborough City (Dennis)LER(264) Leicester RCRow Over
308:35W.J15.1X20SNE(267) St Neots RCPHS(268) Putney High School RCeasily
408:37W.J15.1X25PET(270) Peterborough City (Taylor)CAB(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)1 length
2309:25W.J15.1X73NWK(260) Newark RC (Austin)LYT(262) LYR Tradesmen1 1/2 lengths
2109:20W.J15.1X73PET(263) Peterborough City (Dennis)BKS(265) Becket School RC1 1/2 lengths
2009:17W.J15.1X75PET(266) Peterborough City (Griffiths)SNE(267) St Neots RCeasily
2509:30W.J15.1X75NWK(269) Newark RC (Brankin)CAB(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)1 1/2 lengths
7311:40W.J15.1X148NWK(260) Newark RC (Austin)BKS(265) Becket School RC3 lengths
7511:45W.J15.1X148SNE(267) St Neots RCCAB(271) Cantabrigian RC (Oliver)2 1/2 lengths
14815:11W.J15.1X BKS(265) Becket School RCSNE(267) St Neots RCNot Rowed Out