Walton & Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 20th May 2017

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Results for Molesey BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner SecondTimeVerdict
25515:47Mas.C.2X286BEB(207) Bewl Bridge RCMBC(208) Molesey BC2:511 length
28617:18Mas.C.2X BEB(207) Bewl Bridge RCKRC(206) Kingston Rowing ClubNTTRow Over
21013:49IM3.1X241SGC(249) St George's College BC (Uttley)KRC(250) Kingston Rowing Club (Hanley)3:09Not Rowed Out
21113:51IM3.1X242WLT(253) Walton RC (Hazell)SGC(254) St George's College BC (Moore)3:023 lengths
24115:13IM3.1X277MBC(251) Molesey BC (Boyer)SGC(249) St George's College BC (Uttley)2:585 lengths
24215:15IM3.1X277UTC(252) Upper Thames RC (Moles)WLT(253) Walton RC (Hazell)3:011/2 length
27716:45IM3.1X MBC(251) Molesey BC (Boyer)UTC(252) Upper Thames RC (Moles)2:524 1/2 lengths
1508:59Mas.CD.1X53TSS(109) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =D)MBC(110) Molesey BC (Kumar =C)3:502 1/2 lengths
5210:24Mas.CD.1X92GUI(107) Guildford RC (Cooper =D)WBK(106) Walbrook RC (Lukes =D)3:112 1/2 lengths
5310:26Mas.CD.1X92TSS(109) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =D)RDG(108) Reading RC (Markham =D)3:121/2 length
9212:08Mas.CD.1X TSS(109) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =D)GUI(107) Guildford RC (Cooper =D)3:193/4 length
1408:57Mas.E.1X51WBK(114) Walbrook RC (Thomas =E)KRC(115) Kingston Rowing Club (Bate =E)6:502 1/2 lengths
5010:20Mas.E.1X91WLT(111) Walton RC (Adey =E)WEY(112) Weybridge RC (Thomas =E)3:121 1/4 lengths
5110:22Mas.E.1X91WBK(114) Walbrook RC (Thomas =E)MBC(113) Molesey BC (Snelling =E)3:141 1/2 lengths
9112:06Mas.E.1X WBK(114) Walbrook RC (Thomas =E)WLT(111) Walton RC (Adey =E)3:051 1/2 lengths
1208:53Mas.FG.1X48ARD(117) Ardingly Rowing Club (Andrews =G)WEY(116) Weybridge RC (Spittle =G)4:515 lengths
1308:55Mas.FG.1X49MBC(120) Molesey BC (Parker =G)CHR(121) Christchurch RC (Havins-Caddick =G)4:37Not Rowed Out
4810:16Mas.FG.1X90ARD(117) Ardingly Rowing Club (Andrews =G)MBC(118) Molesey BC (Bowman =F)3:213 lengths
4910:18Mas.FG.1X90MBC(120) Molesey BC (Parker =G)ARD(119) Ardingly Rowing Club (Vincent =F)3:361/2 length
9012:04Mas.FG.1X ARD(117) Ardingly Rowing Club (Andrews =G)MBC(120) Molesey BC (Parker =G)3:193 1/2 lengths
608:41W.NOV.1X42KRC(132) Kingston Rowing Club (Ostlyng)TWK(133) Twickenham RC (Lindo)3:42Not Rowed Out
708:43W.NOV.1X42GUI(134) Guildford RC (Tasker)MBC(135) Molesey BC (Cunnan)NTTRow Over
808:45W.NOV.1X43RDG(137) Reading RC (Shepherd)TWK(136) Twickenham RC (Hopping)3:403 lengths
908:47W.NOV.1X43GUI(138) Guildford RC (Carrahar)TWK(139) Twickenham RC (Kirby)4:18easily
4210:04W.NOV.1X87KRC(132) Kingston Rowing Club (Ostlyng)GUI(134) Guildford RC (Tasker)3:37easily
4310:06W.NOV.1X87RDG(137) Reading RC (Shepherd)GUI(138) Guildford RC (Carrahar)3:304 lengths
8711:58W.NOV.1X RDG(137) Reading RC (Shepherd)KRC(132) Kingston Rowing Club (Ostlyng)NTT4 lengths