Walton & Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 20th May 2017

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Results for Staines BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner SecondTimeVerdict
20213:32W.J15.4X+223ABN(185) Abingdon RCSBT(186) Surbiton High School (Clements)3:09easily
20313:35W.J15.4X+227SBT(194) Surbiton High School (Shaffer)MED(193) Medway Towns RC2:21easily
22314:21W.J15.4X+260ABN(185) Abingdon RCTWK(187) Twickenham RC3:032 lengths
22414:23W.J15.4X+260STN(188) Staines BCWEY(189) Weybridge RC3:073 lengths
22514:26W.J15.4X+261WLT(191) Walton RCGUI(190) Guildford RC1:173 lengths
22714:31W.J15.4X+261SBT(194) Surbiton High School (Shaffer)SGC(192) St George's College BC3:073/4 length
26016:00W.J15.4X+290ABN(185) Abingdon RCSTN(188) Staines BC3:203 lengths
26116:02W.J15.4X+290WLT(191) Walton RCSBT(194) Surbiton High School (Shaffer)3:032 lengths
29017:28W.J15.4X+ WLT(191) Walton RCABN(185) Abingdon RC3:011 1/2 lengths
6411:02J18.2X100SGC(67) St George's College BCSTN(66) Staines BC2:514 lengths
6511:05J18.2X100WLT(68) Walton RCWGT(69) Whitgift School BC2:474 lengths
10012:28J18.2X WLT(68) Walton RCSGC(67) St George's College BC2:521 length
2009:11W.J15.A.2X58ABN(86) Abingdon RC (Ware/Rowley)TWK(87) Twickenham RC4:161 length
2109:14W.J15.A.2X58STN(88) Staines BC (Burton/Gooch)WLT(89) Walton RC4:112 1/4 lengths
2209:16W.J15.A.2X59CHR(91) Christchurch RCRDG(90) Reading RC (Thornton/Paterson)5:043 lengths
2309:19W.J15.A.2X59LEA(93) Lea Rowing Club (Sikorska/Sergent)GUI(92) Guildford RC (Oakey/Stevenson)4:502 lengths
5810:47W.J15.A.2X95STN(88) Staines BC (Burton/Gooch)ABN(86) Abingdon RC (Ware/Rowley)3:07easily
5910:50W.J15.A.2X95CHR(91) Christchurch RCLEA(93) Lea Rowing Club (Sikorska/Sergent)3:09easily
9512:15W.J15.A.2X STN(88) Staines BC (Burton/Gooch)CHR(91) Christchurch RC3:053 lengths
1709:04W.J15.B.2X57LEA(95) Lea Rowing Club (Power/Ellington)GUI(94) Guildford RC (Ginsberg/Oakey)NTTRow Over
1809:06W.J15.B.2X56RDG(97) Reading RC (Threlfall/Kemsley)WEY(98) Weybridge RC3:454 lengths
1909:09W.J15.B.2X56STN(99) Staines BC (Bruce/Knight)GUI(100) Guildford RC (Gauntlett-Palou/Bolton)4:56easily
5710:45W.J15.B.2X94ABN(96) Abingdon RC (Watson/Lovibond)LEA(95) Lea Rowing Club (Power/Ellington)2:572 1/3 lengths
5610:42W.J15.B.2X94RDG(97) Reading RC (Threlfall/Kemsley)STN(99) Staines BC (Bruce/Knight)1:344 lengths
9412:13W.J15.B.2X RDG(97) Reading RC (Threlfall/Kemsley)ABN(96) Abingdon RC (Watson/Lovibond)3:091 length
23514:51W.J18.1X273LEA(268) Lea Rowing Club (Balcombe)STN(267) Staines BC (Webb)3:311 length
23615:03W.J18.1X273WLT(270) Walton RC (Alexopoulos)TWK(269) Twickenham RC (Duthart)3:121/2 length
27316:37W.J18.1X WLT(270) Walton RC (Alexopoulos)LEA(268) Lea Rowing Club (Balcombe)3:213 lengths