Walton & Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 20th May 2017

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Results for Guildford RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondTimeVerdict
29417:38IM3.4X (171) Walbrook RC(172) Guildford RC2:37easily
11112:55Mas.B.4X (22) Kingston Rowing Club(23) Guildford RC2:56easily
10812:48W.IM2.4X (31) Surbiton High School(30) Guildford RC2:27a canvas
22814:33W.IM3.4X264(174) Weybridge RC(173) Guildford RC (Carrahar)3:072 lengths
22914:36W.IM3.4X263(177) Surbiton High School(176) Twickenham RC2:292 lengths
23014:38W.IM3.4X263(178) Henley RC(179) Guildford RC (Tasker)2:571 1/4 lengths
26416:10W.IM3.4X293(175) Reading RC(174) Weybridge RC3:012 lengths
26316:07W.IM3.4X293(178) Henley RC(177) Surbiton High School2:553/4 length
29317:35W.IM3.4X (178) Henley RC(175) Reading RC2:543 feet
26216:05J15.4X+292(182) Walton RC(181) Guildford RC2:411/2 length
29217:33J15.4X+ (182) Walton RC(180) Weybridge RC2:451 length
7211:22J14.4X+104(39) Guildford RC(40) Twickenham RC2:55easily
7311:25J14.4X+104(41) Walton RC(42) Charterhouse BC3:10easily
10412:38J14.4X+ (39) Guildford RC(41) Walton RC2:575 lengths
20213:32W.J15.4X+223(185) Abingdon RC(186) Surbiton High School (Clements)3:09easily
20313:35W.J15.4X+227(194) Surbiton High School (Shaffer)(193) Medway Towns RC2:21easily
22314:21W.J15.4X+260(185) Abingdon RC(187) Twickenham RC3:032 lengths
22414:23W.J15.4X+260(188) Staines BC(189) Weybridge RC3:073 lengths
22514:26W.J15.4X+261(191) Walton RC(190) Guildford RC1:173 lengths
22714:31W.J15.4X+261(194) Surbiton High School (Shaffer)(192) St George's College BC3:073/4 length
26016:00W.J15.4X+290(185) Abingdon RC(188) Staines BC3:203 lengths
26116:02W.J15.4X+290(191) Walton RC(194) Surbiton High School (Shaffer)3:032 lengths
29017:28W.J15.4X+ (191) Walton RC(185) Abingdon RC3:011 1/2 lengths
108:30W.J14.4X+31(43) Reading RC(44) St George's College BC (Priechenfried)3:122 lengths
208:32W.J14.4X+32(46) Walton RC(47) Surbiton High School (Bird)3:254 lengths
308:35W.J14.4X+33(51) Abingdon RC(50) Lea Rowing Club3:181 3/4 lengths
408:37W.J14.4X+34(53) Surbiton High School (Roy-Chowdhury)(54) St George's College BC (West)3:414 lengths
3109:39W.J14.4X+70(43) Reading RC(45) Weybridge RC (Drew)5:16easily
3209:41W.J14.4X+70(46) Walton RC(48) Guildford RC7:08Not Rowed Out
3309:44W.J14.4X+71(51) Abingdon RC(49) Surbiton High School (Crowther)NTTNot Rowed Out
3409:46W.J14.4X+71(52) Weybridge RC (Maynard)(53) Surbiton High School (Roy-Chowdhury)3:191 1/4 lengths
7011:17W.J14.4X+103(43) Reading RC(46) Walton RC3:06easily
7111:20W.J14.4X+103(51) Abingdon RC(52) Weybridge RC (Maynard)3:104 1/2 lengths
10312:35W.J14.4X+ (43) Reading RC(51) Abingdon RC3:025 lengths
2809:31IM3.2X67(64) Kingston Rowing Club(65) Walbrook RC4:413 lengths
6611:07IM3.2X101(61) St George's College BC(62) Guildford RC2:48Disqualification
6711:10IM3.2X101(64) Kingston Rowing Club(63) Walton RC2:493 lengths
10112:30IM3.2X (64) Kingston Rowing Club(61) St George's College BC2:515 lengths
22014:13Mas.D.2X253(210) Bewl Bridge RC(209) Weybridge RC3:004 lengths
22114:16Mas.D.2X254(214) Walbrook RC(213) Ardingly Rowing Club2:552 lengths
25315:42Mas.D.2X285(210) Bewl Bridge RC(211) Guildford RC2:522 lengths
25415:45Mas.D.2X285(214) Walbrook RC(212) Kingston Rowing Club3:062 lengths
28517:15Mas.D.2X (210) Bewl Bridge RC(214) Walbrook RC2:49a canvas
2409:21J15.2X62(70) Guildford RC(71) Abingdon RC5:16a canvas
2509:24J15.2X62(73) Walton RC(72) Weybridge RC3:17easily
2609:26J15.2X63(74) Lea Rowing Club(75) Charterhouse BC4:383 lengths
2709:29J15.2X63(77) Guildford RC(76) Kingston Grammar School4:57Not Rowed Out
6210:57J15.2X99(73) Walton RC(70) Guildford RC2:194 1/2 lengths
6311:00J15.2X99(77) Guildford RC(74) Lea Rowing Club2:552 lengths
9912:25J15.2X (73) Walton RC(77) Guildford RC2:563 lengths
21614:03J14.2X250(218) Guildford RC(219) Twickenham RCNTTRow Over
21714:06J14.2X250(221) Guildford RC(220) Weybridge RC3:12easily
21814:08J14.2X251(222) Twickenham RC(223) Tideway Scullers School3:270 lengths
21914:11J14.2X251(224) Guildford RC(225) Twickenham RC2:49easily
25015:35J14.2X283(221) Guildford RC(218) Guildford RC3:164 lengths
25115:37J14.2X283(224) Guildford RC(222) Twickenham RC3:013 feet
28317:10J14.2X (224) Guildford RC(221) Guildford RC3:033 lengths
24915:32W.IM2.2X282(228) Ardingly Rowing Club(227) St George's College BC3:073 lengths
28217:08W.IM2.2X (226) Guildford RC(228) Ardingly Rowing Club3:011 1/4 lengths
9712:20W.IM3.2X (80) Henley RC(81) Guildford RC3:202 lengths
2009:11W.J15.A.2X58(86) Abingdon RC (Ware/Rowley)(87) Twickenham RC4:161 length
2109:14W.J15.A.2X58(88) Staines BC (Burton/Gooch)(89) Walton RC4:112 1/4 lengths
2209:16W.J15.A.2X59(91) Christchurch RC(90) Reading RC (Thornton/Paterson)5:043 lengths
2309:19W.J15.A.2X59(93) Lea Rowing Club (Sikorska/Sergent)(92) Guildford RC (Oakey/Stevenson)4:502 lengths
5810:47W.J15.A.2X95(88) Staines BC (Burton/Gooch)(86) Abingdon RC (Ware/Rowley)3:07easily
5910:50W.J15.A.2X95(91) Christchurch RC(93) Lea Rowing Club (Sikorska/Sergent)3:09easily
9512:15W.J15.A.2X (88) Staines BC (Burton/Gooch)(91) Christchurch RC3:053 lengths
1709:04W.J15.B.2X57(95) Lea Rowing Club (Power/Ellington)(94) Guildford RC (Ginsberg/Oakey)NTTRow Over
1809:06W.J15.B.2X56(97) Reading RC (Threlfall/Kemsley)(98) Weybridge RC3:454 lengths
1909:09W.J15.B.2X56(99) Staines BC (Bruce/Knight)(100) Guildford RC (Gauntlett-Palou/Bolton)4:56easily
5710:45W.J15.B.2X94(96) Abingdon RC (Watson/Lovibond)(95) Lea Rowing Club (Power/Ellington)2:572 1/3 lengths
5610:42W.J15.B.2X94(97) Reading RC (Threlfall/Kemsley)(99) Staines BC (Bruce/Knight)1:344 lengths
9412:13W.J15.B.2X (97) Reading RC (Threlfall/Kemsley)(96) Abingdon RC (Watson/Lovibond)3:091 length
20113:30W.J14.2X226(247) Guildford RC(248) Abingdon RC3:201/3 length
21213:53W.J14.2X243(241) Abingdon RC(240) Twickenham RCNTTRow Over
21313:56W.J14.2X243(243) Abingdon RC(242) Guildford RC3:271 3/4 lengths
21413:58W.J14.2X244(245) Reading RC(244) Lea Rowing Club3:243 lengths
22614:28W.J14.2X244(242) Guildford RC(246) Tideway Scullers School3:221/2 length
24315:17W.J14.2X278(243) Abingdon RC(241) Abingdon RC3:27a canvas
24415:20W.J14.2X278(245) Reading RC(247) Guildford RC3:204 lengths
27816:48W.J14.2X (245) Reading RC(243) Abingdon RC3:164 lengths
1508:59Mas.CD.1X53(109) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =D)(110) Molesey BC (Kumar =C)3:502 1/2 lengths
5210:24Mas.CD.1X92(107) Guildford RC (Cooper =D)(106) Walbrook RC (Lukes =D)3:112 1/2 lengths
5310:26Mas.CD.1X92(109) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =D)(108) Reading RC (Markham =D)3:121/2 length
9212:08Mas.CD.1X (109) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =D)(107) Guildford RC (Cooper =D)3:193/4 length
27414:30W.IM3.1X (266) Guildford RC (Higley)(265) Guildford RC (Pinchbeck)3:140 lengths
608:41W.NOV.1X42(132) Kingston Rowing Club (Ostlyng)(133) Twickenham RC (Lindo)3:42Not Rowed Out
708:43W.NOV.1X42(134) Guildford RC (Tasker)(135) Molesey BC (Cunnan)NTTRow Over
808:45W.NOV.1X43(137) Reading RC (Shepherd)(136) Twickenham RC (Hopping)3:403 lengths
908:47W.NOV.1X43(138) Guildford RC (Carrahar)(139) Twickenham RC (Kirby)4:18easily
4210:04W.NOV.1X87(132) Kingston Rowing Club (Ostlyng)(134) Guildford RC (Tasker)3:37easily
4310:06W.NOV.1X87(137) Reading RC (Shepherd)(138) Guildford RC (Carrahar)3:304 lengths
8711:58W.NOV.1X (137) Reading RC (Shepherd)(132) Kingston Rowing Club (Ostlyng)NTT4 lengths