Reading Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th June 2017

Draw for Galway RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceOxfordshireBerkshire
1009:127W.IM3.8+68(54) Pangbourne College BC (Cook)(55) University of Bristol (Pope) 
1109:157W.IM3.8+68(56) Curlew RC (Phillips)(57) University of Wales Swansea RC (Smith) 
1209:187W.IM3.8+69(58) University College London (Foister)(59) Galway RC (Wim38+_sat) 
1309:217W.IM3.8+69(60) Kingston Rowing Club (Reeves)(61) Nottingham & Union RC (Pullinger) 
1409:247W.IM3.8+70(62) Reading RC (Klymow)(63) Furnivall SC (Adam) 
1509:277W.IM3.8+70(64) City of Bristol RC (Oates)(65) University of Chester (Shaw) 
1709:337W.IM3.8+71(66) Putney Town RC (Perkins)(67) Southampton University (Brown) 
1809:367W.IM3.8+71(68) Curlew RC (Binns)(69) University of Bristol (Kelly) 
6812:217W.IM3.8+128Winner of Race 10Winner of Race 11 
6912:247W.IM3.8+128Winner of Race 12Winner of Race 13 
7012:277W.IM3.8+129Winner of Race 14Winner of Race 15 
7112:307W.IM3.8+129Winner of Race 17Winner of Race 18 
12816:067W.IM3.8+161Winner of Race 68Winner of Race 69 
12916:097W.IM3.8+161Winner of Race 70Winner of Race 71 
16117:457W.IM3.8+ Winner of Race 128Winner of Race 129 
508:5712W.IM3.4+53(114) St Paul S Usa (Van Ingen)(115) University College London (Wermbter) 
5111:3012W.IM3.4+120(107) Worcester University RC (Everett)(108) Molesey BC (Reid) 
5211:3312W.IM3.4+120(109) Manchester University (Cole)(110) Cheltenham College (Kemp) 
4711:1812W.IM3.4+111(111) Bournemouth University (Humphrey)(112) Maidstone Invicta RC (Stillwell) 
5311:3612W.IM3.4+111(113) Twickenham RC (Evans)Winner of Race 5 
12015:2712W.IM3.4+136Winner of Race 51Winner of Race 52 
11115:0012W.IM3.4+136Winner of Race 47Winner of Race 53 
13616:3012W.IM3.4+ Winner of Race 120Winner of Race 111 
11615:1515W.IM1.4-159(133) Nottingham University (George)(134) WPI Crew, USA (WPI) 
15917:3915W.IM1.4- (132) Radcliffe Crew (Buchan)Winner of Race 116