Thames Valley Park Regatta

Sunday 18th June 2017

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Results for Great Marlow School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxford (far) Centre Berks (near)TimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
11114:27Sch.8+138ORA(202) The Oratory SchoolCAN(203) Canford School Boat ClubPAN(204) Pangbourne College BC1:321/2 length1 1/2 lengths
13815:58Sch.8+ SGC(201) St George's College BCPAN(204) Pangbourne College BCGMS(205) Great Marlow School1:531/3 lengthNot Rowed Out
5611:24W.J14A.8X83HEN(17) Henley RCGMS(18) Great Marlow SchoolSWB(19) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolNTT1 lengthRow Over
8312:51W.J14A.8X EMA(16) Emanuel SchoolHEN(17) Henley RCKRC(20) Kingston Rowing Club2:001/3 length1 length
11214:30J15A.4+158CAN(239) Canford School Boat Club (Dodd)ORA(240) The Oratory SchoolNSC(241) Norwich School (Ni'Man)1:551 length1 length
15817:06J15A.4+187NSC(241) Norwich School (Ni'Man)GMS(242) Great Marlow SchoolBDS(243) Bedford School1:501 1/2 lengthsNot Rowed Out
15917:09J15A.4+187DUL(244) Dulwich CollegeRBL(245) Reading Blue Coat SchoolEMA(246) Emanuel School1:521 1/4 lengths1 1/4 lengths
16017:12J15A.4+187LOS(247) London Oratory School BCCAN(248) Canford School Boat Club (Maiden)NSC(249) Norwich School (Erodi)1:522 lengthsRow Over
18718:40J15A.4+ BDS(243) Bedford SchoolEMA(246) Emanuel SchoolNSC(249) Norwich School (Erodi)1:491/2 length2 1/2 lengths
17818:12W.Sch.4+ PAN(255) Pangbourne College BCKGS(256) Kingston Grammar SchoolGMS(257) Great Marlow School2:021/3 length1/4 length
14516:21W.J16.4+181SWB(259) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolLEH(260) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat ClubGMS(261) Great Marlow School2:061 3/4 lengthsNot Rowed Out
18118:21W.J16.4+ HEN(258) Henley RCGMS(261) Great Marlow SchoolSYD(262) Sydenham High School2:084 lengthsNot Rowed Out
3010:03W.J15.4+58KRC(47) Kingston Rowing Club (Herbertson)EMA(48) Emanuel School (Rolfe)LEH(49) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Cross)2:001 length3 lengths
5811:31W.J15.4+84KRC(47) Kingston Rowing Club (Herbertson)PAN(50) Pangbourne College BCLEH(51) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Deol)2:031 length2 lengths
5911:34W.J15.4+84GMS(52) Great Marlow SchoolSGC(53) St George's College BCLYT(54) LYR TradesmenNTT3 lengths1 1/2 lengths
6011:37W.J15.4+84EMA(55) Emanuel School (Holmes)KRC(56) Kingston Rowing Club (Palmer)LEH(57) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (O Connor)2:011 length3 lengths
8412:55W.J15.4+ KRC(47) Kingston Rowing Club (Herbertson)GMS(52) Great Marlow SchoolKRC(56) Kingston Rowing Club (Palmer)1:581/2 length3 lengths
1809:24J14B.4X+53SGC(77) St George's College BC (Strebel)PAN(78) Pangbourne College BC (McMeekin)CCS(79) Claires Court School BC (Wilson)1:595 lengthseasily
1909:27J14B.4X+53NSC(80) Norwich School (Creasy)DUL(81) Dulwich College (Zemoura)NTTeasily 
2009:30J14B.4X+53HEN(82) Henley RCEMA(83) Emanuel SchoolGMS(84) Great Marlow School1:551/2 lengtheasily
2409:42J14B.4X+54LOS(85) London Oratory School BCWBS(86) Windsor Boys SchoolKGS(87) Kingston Grammar School2:021 1/2 lengths1/2 length
2509:45J14B.4X+54RBL(88) Reading Blue Coat School (Cox)BRY(90) Bryanston School BCWRC(89) Wallingford RC2:05easilyeasily
2609:48J14B.4X+55RBL(91) Reading Blue Coat School (Thompson)WTG(92) Wellington CollegeSWB(93) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School2:121 1/2 lengths1/2 length
2709:51J14B.4X+55HWG(94) Royal Grammar School, High WycombeCCS(95) Claires Court School BC (Walker)SGC(96) St George's College BC (Robson)2:051 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
2809:54J14B.4X+55NSC(97) Norwich School (Hulbert)PAN(99) Pangbourne College BC (Rogala)DUL(98) Dulwich College (Herbert)2:135 lengthsNot Rowed Out
5311:15J14B.4X+79SGC(77) St George's College BC (Strebel)DUL(81) Dulwich College (Zemoura)GMS(84) Great Marlow School1:551 lengtheasily
5411:18J14B.4X+79WBS(86) Windsor Boys SchoolWRC(89) Wallingford RC2:002/3 length 
5511:21J14B.4X+79RBL(91) Reading Blue Coat School (Thompson)SGC(96) St George's College BC (Robson)NSC(97) Norwich School (Hulbert)NTT2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
7912:39J14B.4X+ SGC(77) St George's College BC (Strebel)WBS(86) Windsor Boys SchoolSGC(96) St George's College BC (Robson)1:511 1/4 lengths3 feet
14616:24J13.4X+182CCS(288) Claires Court School BCHEN(289) Henley RCGMS(290) Great Marlow School (Smith)2:102 lengthsNot Rowed Out
14716:28J13.4X+182MGN(291) Magdalen College School BC (Lohan)GUI(292) Guildford RCLYT(293) LYR Tradesmen2:184 1/2 lengthsNot Rowed Out
14816:32J13.4X+182KRC(294) Kingston Rowing ClubGMS(295) Great Marlow School (Simpson)MGN(296) Magdalen College School BC (McDonough)2:162 1/2 lengths1 length
18218:24J13.4X+ HEN(289) Henley RCGUI(292) Guildford RCKRC(294) Kingston Rowing Club2:121/3 length3 feet
9713:38W.J13.4X+126HEN(325) Henley RCWHS(326) Wimbledon High School (Hill)KRC(327) Kingston Rowing Club2:10a canvas4 lengths
12615:18W.J13.4X+170KRC(327) Kingston Rowing ClubGUI(328) Guildford RC (Oakey)LEH(329) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Hammond)2:131/2 length2 lengths
12715:22W.J13.4X+170PHS(330) Putney High School RCLYT(331) LYR TradesmenGMS(332) Great Marlow SchoolNTT1 3/4 lengths3 3/4 lengths
12815:26W.J13.4X+170LEH(333) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Middleton)WHS(334) Wimbledon High School (Corben)GUI(335) Guildford RC (Boddington)2:193 2/3 lengths3 lengths
17017:46W.J13.4X+ KRC(327) Kingston Rowing ClubLYT(331) LYR TradesmenLEH(333) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Middleton)2:151 lengtheasily
508:42J15.2X43BUR(124) Burway RCWBS(125) Windsor Boys SchoolHEN(126) Henley RC2:03easilyeasily
408:39J15.2X43HWG(127) Royal Grammar School, High WycombeGUI(424) Guildford RCMGN(128) Magdalen College School BC1:555 lengths1/2 length
608:45J15.2X43GUI(129) Guildford RCPAN(130) Pangbourne College BCCAN(131) Canford School Boat Club1:552 lengthseasily
708:48J15.2X44ETX(132) Eton Excelsior RCWBS(133) Windsor Boys SchoolGMS(134) Great Marlow School1:536 lengthseasily
808:51J15.2X44WRC(135) Wallingford RCRDG(136) Reading RCNSC(137) Norwich School1:521 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
908:54J15.2X45SHV(138) Shiplake Vikings RCSWB(139) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolSHP(140) Shiplake College2:012 lengths2 lengths
1009:00J15.2X45EMA(141) Emanuel SchoolDUL(142) Dulwich CollegeNSC(143) Norwich School1:513/4 lengthRow Over
1109:03J15.2X45WBS(144) Windsor Boys SchoolHWG(145) Royal Grammar School, High WycombeHEN(146) Henley RC1:592 1/2 lengthsRow Over
4310:42J15.2X69HEN(126) Henley RCGUI(424) Guildford RCCAN(131) Canford School Boat Club1:531 1/2 lengths3 lengths
4410:45J15.2X69GMS(134) Great Marlow SchoolRDG(136) Reading RC1:542 lengths 
4510:48J15.2X69SHP(140) Shiplake CollegeNSC(143) Norwich SchoolHEN(146) Henley RC1:592 lengths1 foot
6912:09J15.2X GUI(424) Guildford RCRDG(136) Reading RCHEN(146) Henley RC1:501/2 length2 1/2 lengths
11614:42W.J14.1X185PAN(412) Pangbourne College BC (Saunders)BRY(413) Bryanston School BC (Gallimore)PHS(414) Putney High School RC (Whitnall)2:203 lengths3 lengths
11714:45W.J14.1X185ETX(415) Eton Excelsior RC (Williams)BRY(416) Bryanston School BC (Bao-Smith)RDG(417) Reading RC (Shore)2:333 3/4 lengthsNot Rowed Out
11814:48W.J14.1X185BUR(418) Burway RC (Dowsett)GMS(419) Great Marlow School (Russell)PAN(420) Pangbourne College BC (Brooks-Ward)2:391 1/4 lengthsRow Over
18518:34W.J14.1X PHS(414) Putney High School RC (Whitnall)RDG(417) Reading RC (Shore)BUR(418) Burway RC (Dowsett)2:251 length4 lengths