Thames Valley Park Regatta

Sunday 18th June 2017

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Results for Bedford Girls School

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxford (far)CentreBerks (near)TimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
10514:09W.J14A.4X+134(309) Bedford Girls School (Ecart) (3)(314) Bryanston School BC (2)(321) Bedford Girls School (Chambers)2:201/2 length4 lengths
13415:45W.J14A.4X+176(321) Bedford Girls School (Chambers) (3)(300) St George's College BC (2)(301) Henley RC2:022 1/2 lengths4 lengths
13515:48W.J14A.4X+176(302) Reading RC(303) Bedford Girls School (Armstrong) (2)(304) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (3)2:082 lengths2 lengths
13615:51W.J14A.4X+176(305) Kingston Rowing Club (2)(306) Avon County RC(307) Emanuel School (3)2:012/3 length1 3/4 lengths
17618:05W.J14A.4X+ (301) Henley RC (2)(302) Reading RC (3)(306) Avon County RC2:011/2 length3/4 length
99914:09W.J14B.4X+155(308) Kingston Grammar School (Dickens)(425) Status Change(426) Status ChangeNTTRow OverRow Over
10614:12W.J14B.4X+156(313) Pangbourne College BC (3)(310) Guildford RC(315) Emanuel School (2)2:121 1/4 lengths1 length
10714:15W.J14B.4X+156(317) Wimbledon High School(318) Kingston Grammar School (Eksi) (2)(319) Sydenham High School (3)2:132 1/2 lengths4 lengths
10814:18W.J14B.4X+157(322) Sir William Perkins School (2)(323) Wellington College (3)(324) St George's College BC (Whaley)2:171 length4 lengths
15516:54W.J14B.4X+186(308) Kingston Grammar School (Dickens) (3)(311) St George's College BC (Hall) (2)(312) Wallingford RC2:05easily1/2 length
15617:00W.J14B.4X+186(310) Guildford RC (2)(316) Shiplake Vikings RC(317) Wimbledon High School2:111 footNot Rowed Out
15717:03W.J14B.4X+186(320) Henley RC(299) LYR Tradesmen/Thames Tradesmen (3)(324) St George's College BC (Whaley) (2)2:112 lengths2 lengths
18618:37W.J14B.4X+ (312) Wallingford RC(317) Wimbledon High School (3)(320) Henley RC (2)2:061 length2 lengths
10914:21W.J17.2X161(361) Eton Excelsior RC(362) Guildford RC (2)2:102 1/2 lengths 
16117:15W.J17.2X188(361) Eton Excelsior RC (2)(364) Bedford Girls School(363) St George's College BC2:103 feetRow Over
16217:18W.J17.2X188(365) Bryanston School BC (2)(366) Millfield (3)(367) Sir William Perkins School2:064 lengths1/2 length
16317:21W.J17.2X188(368) Magdalen College School BC(369) Sydenham High School (3)(370) Guildford RC (2)2:132 lengthsNot Rowed Out
18818:43W.J17.2X (363) St George's College BC (3)(367) Sir William Perkins School(368) Magdalen College School BC (2)2:043 lengths1 1/4 lengths