Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 24th June 2017

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Results for Deerfield Academy, USA

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
3110:30IM2.8+57NSCNorwich SchoolRADRadley College Boat ClubRDGReading RC2:482 1/2 lengthsNot Rowed Out
3210:34IM2.8+57ZCWSt. Albans School, USAZYDDeerfield Academy, USAZHBThe Haverford School, USA2:421 length1 length
5712:14IM2.8+ ZCWSt. Albans School, USANSCNorwich School2:384 lengths 
8314:54Sch.8+137ZEOThe Episcopal Academy, USAZOATabor Crew, USACANCanford School Boat Club2:463/4 lengtheasily
8414:58Sch.8+137ZYDDeerfield Academy, USAZHBThe Haverford School, USAZGLGreen Lake, USA2:471/2 length3 lengths
8515:02Sch.8+137ZCWSt. Albans School, USANSCNorwich School2:44easily 
13718:30Sch.8+ ZCWSt. Albans School, USAZYDDeerfield Academy, USAZEOThe Episcopal Academy, USANTT1 length1 length
10016:02SEN.4+128ZIWRiverside BC, USAZWYWPI Crew, USA (Carabillo)3:021 1/2 lengths 
10116:06SEN.4+128ZCFColgate University Rowing, USAZNKKing's College BC, Queensland AusZYDDeerfield Academy, USA3:011 1/4 lengthsRow Over
10216:10SEN.4+128ZWYWPI Crew, USA (Beeman)ZWCWilliams College, USANTT2 lengths 
12817:54SEN.4+ ZWYWPI Crew, USA (Beeman)ZCFColgate University Rowing, USAZIWRiverside BC, USA2:52a canvas3 lengths
3310:38IM1.4+63ZIWRiverside BC, USAZKNBucknell University, USAZOATabor Crew, USA3:012 lengths1 1/2 lengths
3410:42IM1.4+63ZKEKent School, USAZYDDeerfield Academy, USA3:063 lengths 
6312:38IM1.4+ ZKEKent School, USAZIWRiverside BC, USA2:572 1/2 lengths 
13018:02IM2.4+ RAMRadley MarinersZYDDeerfield Academy, USARADRadley College Boat Club3:011/2 length1 length