St Neots Regatta

Saturday 22nd July 2017

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Results for Ancholme RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdictHandicap
1809:53Mas.DEF.4+67SNE(55) St Neots RC (Stirling =D)BRX(56) Broxbourne RC (Wilkinson =D)1 1/8 lengths
8913:15Mas.DEF.4+165BRX(48) Broxbourne RC (Hosking =D)NTN(49) Northampton RC (Sentance =D)1 1/2 lengths
9013:18Mas.DEF.4+165BED(50) Bedford Rowing Club (Brown =D)ANC(51) Ancholme RC (Macleod =D)1 1/2 lengths
8112:51Mas.DEF.4+152LEA(52) Lea Rowing Club (Green =E)SRC(53) Sudbury RC (Arnott =F)1 length
6712:06Mas.DEF.4+152STA(54) Star Club (Sangster =D)SNE(55) St Neots RC (Stirling =D)4 1/2 lengths
16516:57Mas.DEF.4+206BRX(48) Broxbourne RC (Hosking =D)BED(50) Bedford Rowing Club (Brown =D)3 lengths
15216:15Mas.DEF.4+206SRC(53) Sudbury RC (Arnott =F)STA(54) Star Club (Sangster =D)3 feet
20619:03Mas.DEF.4+ BRX(48) Broxbourne RC (Hosking =D)STA(54) Star Club (Sangster =D)5 lengths
1609:47W.ELI.1.4+85LEA(64) Lea Rowing Club (Martin)NTN(65) Northampton RC (Golden)1/4 length
8813:12W.ELI.1.4+163SRC(57) Sudbury RCNTN(58) Northampton RC (Williams)4 lengths
8312:57W.ELI.1.4+163LEA(59) Lea Rowing Club (Carson)MAV(60) Maidstone Invicta RC3 lengths
7512:30W.ELI.1.4+164ANC(61) Ancholme RCCUR(62) Curlew RC (Williams)5 lengths
8513:03W.ELI.1.4+164MIK(63) Milton Keynes RCLEA(64) Lea Rowing Club (Martin)1 length
16316:16W.ELI.1.4+205NTN(58) Northampton RC (Williams)MAV(60) Maidstone Invicta RC3/4 length
16416:54W.ELI.1.4+205CUR(62) Curlew RC (Williams)LEA(64) Lea Rowing Club (Martin)2 lengths
20519:00W.ELI.1.4+ MAV(60) Maidstone Invicta RCCUR(62) Curlew RC (Williams)2 lengths