St Neots Regatta

Saturday 22nd July 2017

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Results for Deben RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdictHandicap
14716:00J17.2X193LCN(158) Lincoln Rowing CentreBOS(159) Boston RC1/2 length
13515:21J17.2X193DEB(160) Deben RCLER(161) Leicester RCeasily
19318:24J17.2X BOS(159) Boston RCDEB(160) Deben RC1 1/2 lengths
6411:57W.ELI.1.2X133IPS/SRC(168) Ipswich/SudburyDON(169) Doncaster RCeasily
5411:24W.ELI.1.2X131VRC(172) Vesta RCTRT(173) Trent RC5 lengths
13315:33W.ELI.1.2X188IPS/SRC(168) Ipswich/SudburyDEB(170) Deben RC3 lengths
13115:09W.ELI.1.2X188NTN(171) Northampton RCVRC(172) Vesta RCeasily
18818:09W.ELI.1.2X IPS/SRC(168) Ipswich/SudburyVRC(172) Vesta RC1/3 length
4711:03W.J16.2X128PET(182) Peterborough CitySNE(183) St Neots RC2 feet
3610:36W.J16.2X127MAV(185) Maidstone Invicta RCDEB(186) Deben RC2 lengths
4811:06W.J16.2X127SRC(187) Sudbury RCNTN(188) Northampton RCeasily
12815:00W.J16.2X186PET(182) Peterborough CityDOS(184) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association1 1/2 lengths
12714:57W.J16.2X186MAV(185) Maidstone Invicta RCSRC(187) Sudbury RCeasily
18618:03W.J16.2X DOS(184) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationSRC(187) Sudbury RC1 length
4310:51Mx 2x126LER(189) Leicester RCYRK(190) York City RCeasily
5211:18Mx 2x126BOS(191) Boston RCIPS(192) Ipswich RC3 1/2 lengths
4510:57Mx 2x118CUR(193) Curlew RCDEB(194) Deben RC2 lengths
4611:00Mx 2x118MAV(195) Maidstone Invicta RCTRT(196) Trent RC4 lengths
12614:54Mx 2x208LER(189) Leicester RCIPS(192) Ipswich RC4 lengths
11814:32Mx 2x208CUR(193) Curlew RCMAV(195) Maidstone Invicta RCeasily
20819:09Mx 2x LER(189) Leicester RCCUR(193) Curlew RC5 lengths
3010:20J17.1X111AFY(225) Action4YouthTRT(226) Trent RC2 lengths
3110:22J17.1X112DEB(229) Deben RCLCN(230) Lincoln Rowing Centreeasily
11114:17J17.1X181TRT(226) Trent RCDEB(227) Deben RC5 lengths
11214:19J17.1X181LCN(228) Lincoln Rowing CentreDEB(229) Deben RC5 lengths
18117:48J17.1X DEB(227) Deben RCDEB(229) Deben RC2 1/2 lengths
2610:12J16.1X109PET(231) Peterborough City (Dennett)PET(232) Peterborough City (Masterson)5 lengths
2710:14J16.1X109STA(233) Star ClubPET(234) Peterborough City (Barnett)Row Over
2810:16J16.1X110SRC(235) Sudbury RCPET(236) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)5 lengths
2910:18J16.1X110PET(237) Peterborough City (Toynton)PET(238) Peterborough City (Kirby)5 lengths
10914:13J16.1X180PET(232) Peterborough City (Masterson)STA(233) Star Club3 lengths
11014:15J16.1X180PET(236) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)PET(237) Peterborough City (Toynton)3 lengths
18017:45J16.1X PET(232) Peterborough City (Masterson)PET(237) Peterborough City (Toynton)3 lengths
2009:58W 1x117BED(239) Bedford Rowing ClubDEB(240) Deben RC (Everson)4 lengths
2310:06W 1x117PET(241) Peterborough City (Apostolidou)DEB(242) Deben RC (Stocker)4 lengths
2410:08W 1x121PBD(243) Poplar Blackwall & DistrictPET(244) Peterborough City (Hook)2 1/2 lengths
2510:10W 1x121NOR(245) Norwich RCSRC(246) Sudbury RC1 length
11714:29W 1x177BED(239) Bedford Rowing ClubDEB(242) Deben RC (Stocker)easily
12114:42W 1x177PET(244) Peterborough City (Hook)NOR(245) Norwich RCeasily
17717:36W 1x BED(239) Bedford Rowing ClubNOR(245) Norwich RC2 1/2 lengths
9813:42W.J17.1X175DON(247) Doncaster RCPET(248) Peterborough City2 lengths
10413:59W.J17.1X175TRT(249) Trent RCSRC(250) Sudbury RCeasily
17517:27W.J17.1X PET(248) Peterborough CitySRC(250) Sudbury RC2 1/2 lengths
9613:38W.J16.1X174MAV(251) Maidstone Invicta RC (Read)BOS(252) Boston RC3 lengths
9713:40W.J16.1X174MAV(253) Maidstone Invicta RC (Mileham)SIV(254) St Ives RC2 1/2 lengths
17416:40W.J16.1X BOS(252) Boston RCSIV(254) St Ives RCNot Rowed Out