St Neots Regatta

Saturday 22nd July 2017

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Results for Doncaster Schools Rowing Association

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseRegatta FieldVerdictHandicap
1209:32Op 4x-76(81) London Otters RC(82) Leeds RCeasily
1309:38Op 4x-76(83) Leicester RC(84) Maidstone Invicta RC (Humphris)4 lengths
2110:01Op 4x-80(85) Globe/Otters/Westminster Univ(86) Norwich/Eden2 1/2 lengths
2210:04Op 4x-84(89) Star Club(90) Northampton RCRow Over
1409:41Op 4x-79(91) York City RC(92) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association3/4 length
1509:44Op 4x-79(93) Maidstone Invicta RC (Mihr)(94) Lincoln Rowing CentreDisqualification
7612:36Op 4x-162(82) Leeds RC(83) Leicester RC5 lengths
8012:48Op 4x-162(86) Norwich/Eden(87) Trent RC1 1/2 lengths
8413:00Op 4x-158(88) Doncaster RC(90) Northampton RCDisqualification
7912:45Op 4x-158(92) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association(94) Lincoln Rowing Centre2 1/4 lengths
16216:48Op 4x-213(83) Leicester RC(86) Norwich/Eden1 length
15816:36Op 4x-213(88) Doncaster RC(92) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association2 1/2 lengths
21319:24Op 4x- (86) Norwich/Eden(92) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association1 1/2 lengths
14716:00J17.2X193(158) Lincoln Rowing Centre(159) Boston RC1/2 length
13515:21J17.2X193(160) Deben RC(161) Leicester RCeasily
19318:24J17.2X (159) Boston RC(160) Deben RC1 1/2 lengths
5511:27J16.2X132(162) Sudbury RC(163) Peterborough City4 lengths
5611:30J16.2X134(166) Star Club(167) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association3 lengths
13215:12J16.2X189(163) Peterborough City(164) Star ClubRow Over
13415:18J16.2X189(165) Peterborough City(166) Star Club2 1/2 lengths
18918:12J16.2X (163) Peterborough City(166) Star Club5 lengths
4711:03W.J16.2X128(182) Peterborough City(183) St Neots RC2 feet
3610:36W.J16.2X127(185) Maidstone Invicta RC(186) Deben RC2 lengths
4811:06W.J16.2X127(187) Sudbury RC(188) Northampton RCeasily
12815:00W.J16.2X186(182) Peterborough City(184) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association1 1/2 lengths
12714:57W.J16.2X186(185) Maidstone Invicta RC(187) Sudbury RCeasily
18618:03W.J16.2X (184) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association(187) Sudbury RC1 length
109:00ELI.1.1X34(197) Ipswich RC(198) Globe RC (Noriel)easily
209:02ELI.1.1X42(205) Globe RC (Burton)(206) Northampton RC (Woodward)easily
3410:28ELI.1.1X123(197) Ipswich RC(199) University of East Anglia3 lengths
4010:44ELI.1.1X123(200) Milton Keynes RC (Lilla)(201) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association1 length
4110:46ELI.1.1X124(202) Peterborough City(203) Milton Keynes RC (Westbrook)1/3 length
4210:48ELI.1.1X124(204) Lea Rowing Club (Cardella)(206) Northampton RC (Woodward)2 lengths
12314:46ELI.1.1X185(199) University of East Anglia(201) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association5 lengths
12414:48ELI.1.1X185(202) Peterborough City(206) Northampton RC (Woodward)1/3 length
18518:00ELI.1.1X (199) University of East Anglia(202) Peterborough City5 lengths
3710:38ELI.2.1X122(207) Star Club(208) Milton Keynes RCeasily
3810:40ELI.2.1X120(210) Poplar Blackwall & District(211) York City RC1/2 length
3910:42ELI.2.1X120(212) Lea Rowing Club (Steley)(213) Northampton RC (Tite)1 length
12214:44ELI.2.1X196(207) Star Club(209) Lea Rowing Club (Baines)easily
12014:40ELI.2.1X196(211) York City RC(213) Northampton RC (Tite)2 1/2 lengths
19618:33ELI.2.1X (207) Star Club(213) Northampton RC (Tite)3 lengths
3010:20J17.1X111(225) Action4Youth(226) Trent RC2 lengths
3110:22J17.1X112(229) Deben RC(230) Lincoln Rowing Centreeasily
11114:17J17.1X181(226) Trent RC(227) Deben RC5 lengths
11214:19J17.1X181(228) Lincoln Rowing Centre(229) Deben RC5 lengths
18117:48J17.1X (227) Deben RC(229) Deben RC2 1/2 lengths
2610:12J16.1X109(231) Peterborough City (Dennett)(232) Peterborough City (Masterson)5 lengths
2710:14J16.1X109(233) Star Club(234) Peterborough City (Barnett)Row Over
2810:16J16.1X110(235) Sudbury RC(236) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)5 lengths
2910:18J16.1X110(237) Peterborough City (Toynton)(238) Peterborough City (Kirby)5 lengths
10914:13J16.1X180(232) Peterborough City (Masterson)(233) Star Club3 lengths
11014:15J16.1X180(236) Peterborough City (Mackenzie)(237) Peterborough City (Toynton)3 lengths
18017:45J16.1X (232) Peterborough City (Masterson)(237) Peterborough City (Toynton)3 lengths