Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 29th July 2017

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Results for Hillingdon RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3Handicap
14817:01IM3.8+175VRCVesta RCHILHillingdon RC  3:113 lengths 
14716:57IM3.8+175RAFRoyal Air Force RCOACOxford Academicals RC3:101 length 
17518:53IM3.8+ RAFRoyal Air Force RCVRCVesta RC3:061/2 length 
14416:45NOV.4+172PTRPutney Town RCCYGCygnet RC3:331 length 
13416:01NOV.4+172MERMerton College, OxfordHILHillingdon RC3:27easily 
17218:41NOV.4+ MERMerton College, OxfordPTRPutney Town RC3:20easily 
16518:13Mas.BC.4X MRT/UTCSt Edward's Martyrs BC / Upper Thames RC (Floyd =C)TSSTideway Scullers School (Campbell =B)HILHillingdon RC (Neale =C)3:002 lengthseasily
10614:05Mx.IM3.2X123HEN/SAAHenley RC / Star & Arrow ClubRDGReading RC3:442 lengths 
12315:17Mx.IM3.2X139HEN/SAAHenley RC / Star & Arrow ClubHILHillingdon RCBSCBlue Star Club3:462 lengthsRow Over
12415:21Mx.IM3.2X139RDGReading RCHENHenley RCUTCUpper Thames RC3:461 length1/2 length
12515:25Mx.IM3.2X139VRCVesta RCWRCWallingford RCWOOWolfson College, Oxford3:411 1/2 lengths3 lengths
13916:25Mx.IM3.2X HEN/SAAHenley RC / Star & Arrow ClubVRCVesta RCRDGReading RC3:351/2 length3 1/2 lengths
10313:53NOV.1X115UTCUpper Thames RCAKNAuriol KensingtonRDGReading RC4:031/3 length4 lengths
10413:57NOV.1X117PTRPutney Town RCAKNAuriol Kensington4:244 1/2 lengths 
11514:41NOV.1X162HILHillingdon RCUTCUpper Thames RCRAFRoyal Air Force RC4:062 1/2 lengths2 1/4 lengths
11614:45NOV.1X162MERMerton College, OxfordTRCThames RCMARMarlow RC4:062 lengths4 lengths
11714:49NOV.1X162PTRPutney Town RCPLEPoole ARCFALFalcon RC4:154 1/2 lengths2 1/2 lengths
16218:01NOV.1X MERMerton College, OxfordHILHillingdon RCPTRPutney Town RC3:365 lengths4 1/2 lengths
108:30W.IM3.1X10MBCMolesey BCUBIUniversity of BirminghamWRCWallingford RC4:162 1/2 lengthseasily
208:34W.IM3.1X14MHDMaidenhead RCAKNAuriol KensingtonOLWOxford University Lwt Women's BC4:301/3 lengthRow Over
1009:06W.IM3.1X47MBCMolesey BCUBIUniversity of BirminghamAKNAuriol Kensington4:142 1/2 lengths4 lengths
408:42W.IM3.1X47OACOxford Academicals RCOLWOxford University Lwt Women's BCTSSTideway Scullers School4:251 1/2 lengthsRow Over
1409:22W.IM3.1X47OACOxford Academicals RCRDGReading RCMHDMaidenhead RC4:302 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
4711:42W.IM3.1X MBCMolesey BCOACOxford Academicals RCOACOxford Academicals RC4:132 lengths4 lengths
10113:45W.NOV.1X111HENHenley RCHILHillingdon RCRDGReading RC4:401 2/3 lengthseasily
10213:49W.NOV.1X113TRCThames RCMHDMaidenhead RCAKNAuriol Kensington4:541 1/4 lengthseasily
11114:25W.NOV.1X164MBCMolesey BCWOOWolfson College, OxfordHENHenley RC4:215 lengths2/3 length
10714:09W.NOV.1X164SUAStratford-upon-Avon BCABNAbingdon RCOACOxford Academicals RC4:451 3/4 lengths2 lengths
11314:33W.NOV.1X164RDGReading RCTRCThames RCBRABristol Ariel RC4:485 lengthseasily
16418:09W.NOV.1X MBCMolesey BCRDGReading RCSUAStratford-upon-Avon BC4:08easilyeasily