Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2002

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Results for Girton College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
4710:36S4.8+149BDS(279) Bedford SchoolUWK(100) Warwick University4:02easily
4810:38S4.8+149SOI(10) Southampton InstituteBAL(16) Balliol College BC3:44easily
4910:40S4.8+150FTT(21) First & Third TrinityRAD(27) Radley College Boat ClubNTT2 lengths
5010:42S4.8+150SJO(136) St John`s College BCUYO(138) University of York Boat ClubNTT 
5110:44S4.8+151MGD(58) Magdalene College (A)CAI(65) Caius BC3:392 lengths
5210:46S4.8+151GIR(69) Girton College BCETN(71) Eton College BC (A)3:401 1/2 lengths
5310:48S4.8+152SES(159) St Edward's SchoolETN(72) Eton College BC (B)3:43easily
5410:50S4.8+152MGD(59) Magdalene College (B)UCO(86) University College, Oxford3:44easily
14914:16S4.8+226BDS(279) Bedford SchoolSOI(10) Southampton InstituteNTTNot Rowed Out
15014:18S4.8+226RAD(27) Radley College Boat ClubSJO(136) St John`s College BC3:36easily
15114:20S4.8+227MGD(58) Magdalene College (A)ETN(71) Eton College BC (A)3:343/4 length
15214:22S4.8+227SES(159) St Edward's SchoolUCO(86) University College, Oxford3:371 3/4 lengths
22616:58S4.8+276SOI(10) Southampton InstituteRAD(27) Radley College Boat Club3:322 lengths
22717:00S4.8+276ETN(71) Eton College BC (A)SES(159) St Edward's School3:351 length
27618:46S4.8+ RAD(27) Radley College Boat ClubSES(159) St Edward's School3:281 3/4 lengths
909:16C.8+102MER(2) Merton College (A)CLA(93) Clare BCNTTRow Over
1009:18C.8+102MER(4) Merton College (B)EMM(107) Emmanuel CollegeNTT3 lengths
1109:20C.8+103FTT(20) First & Third TrinityCHB(112) Christ Church (A)NTT2 lengths
1209:22C.8+103CHB(113) Christ Church (B)HEC(119) Hertford CollegeNTTeasily
1309:24C.8+104QCC(121) Queens' College (Cambridge)SPC(236) St Peters CollegeNTT3/4 length
1409:26C.8+104CAI(64) Caius BC (A)KEB(247) Keble College BC3:343 lengths
1509:28C.8+105GIR(70) Girton College BCUCO(88) University College, Oxford (B)NTT3 lengths
1609:30C.8+105CAI(66) Caius BCUCO(87) University College, Oxford (A)NTT1 length
10212:34C.8+194MER(2) Merton College (A)EMM(107) Emmanuel College3:391 length
10312:36C.8+194CHB(112) Christ Church (A)HEC(119) Hertford College3:333/4 length
10412:38C.8+195SPC(236) St Peters CollegeCAI(64) Caius BC (A)3:323/4 length
10512:40C.8+195GIR(70) Girton College BCUCO(87) University College, Oxford (A)3:401 3/4 lengths
19415:50C.8+259EMM(107) Emmanuel CollegeHEC(119) Hertford College3:323/4 length
19515:52C.8+259CAI(64) Caius BC (A)UCO(87) University College, Oxford (A)3:422 1/2 lengths
25918:12C.8+ EMM(107) Emmanuel CollegeCAI(64) Caius BC (A)3:282/3 length
5610:54WN.8+162EXC(104) Exeter College Oxford BCFTT(19) First & Third Trinity4:143 lengths
5810:58WN.8+160LIC(95) Lincoln College BC (A)MER(7) Merton College4:24easily
5911:00WN.8+163LIC(96) Lincoln College BC (B)KEB(214) Keble College BC4:12easily
16014:38WN.8+236LIC(95) Lincoln College BC (A)CCA(324) Anglia Ruskin4:254 lengths
16114:40WN.8+236MAG(322) Magdalen College BCWRO(125) Worcester CollegeNTTRow Over
16214:42WN.8+237GIR(67) Girton College BCFTT(19) First & Third Trinity4:121/3 length
16314:44WN.8+237SHI(83) St Hildas College BCKEB(214) Keble College BC4:143 lengths
23617:22WN.8+281LIC(95) Lincoln College BC (A)WRO(125) Worcester College4:21easily
23717:24WN.8+281FTT(19) First & Third TrinityKEB(214) Keble College BC4:101 length
28118:56WN.8+ LIC(95) Lincoln College BC (A)KEB(214) Keble College BC4:113 lengths
7211:30WC.8+168MER(6) Merton College (A)SHI(13) St Hildas College BC4:091 length
7311:32WC.8+168EXC(105) Exeter College Oxford BCFTT(18) First & Third Trinity4:162 lengths
7411:34WC.8+169EMM(109) Emmanuel College (A)WOO(116) Wolfson College, Oxford4:07easily
7511:36WC.8+169CAI(208) Caius BC (B)MER(8) Merton College (B)4:24easily
7611:38WC.8+170WRO(124) Worcester CollegeKEB(215) Keble College BC (A)4:096 feet
7711:40WC.8+170EMM(111) Emmanuel College (B)KEB(216) Keble College BC (B)NTTRow Over
7811:42WC.8+171CAI(62) Caius BC (A)GIR(68) Girton College BC4:111 length
7911:44WC.8+171ORO(180) Oriel CollegeUCO(91) University College, OxfordNTTRow Over
16814:54WC.8+240MER(6) Merton College (A)FTT(18) First & Third Trinity4:131 length
16914:56WC.8+240EMM(109) Emmanuel College (A)CAI(208) Caius BC (B)4:11easily
17014:58WC.8+241KEB(215) Keble College BC (A)EMM(111) Emmanuel College (B)4:131 1/2 lengths
17115:00WC.8+241CAI(62) Caius BC (A)UCO(91) University College, Oxford4:11easily
24017:30WC.8+283MER(6) Merton College (A)EMM(109) Emmanuel College (A)4:001 length
24117:32WC.8+283KEB(215) Keble College BC (A)CAI(62) Caius BC (A)4:08easily
28319:00WC.8+ MER(6) Merton College (A)CAI(62) Caius BC (A)4:022 lengths