Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2002

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Results for Shiplake College

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:00J15.4X92BDS(286) Bedford School (A)KCA(201) The Kings School Canterbury BC (A)NTT 
209:02J15.4X93KCA(202) The Kings School Canterbury BC (B)BDS(287) Bedford School (B)NTT 
309:04J15.4X94WBS(237) Windsor Boys School (A)SHP(256) Shiplake CollegeNTT3 lengths
409:06J15.4X88WBS(238) Windsor Boys School (B)SES(168) St Edward's SchoolNTT 
8812:06J15.4X178WBS(239) Windsor Boys School (C)WBS(238) Windsor Boys School (B)4:18easily
9212:14J15.4X177BDS(286) Bedford School (A)WBS(240) Windsor Boys School (D)4:32easily
9312:16J15.4X177BDS(287) Bedford School (B)ETN(82) Eton College BC4:261 1/2 lengths
9412:18J15.4X178KGS(178) Kingston Grammar SchoolSHP(256) Shiplake College4:03easily
17715:16J15.4X246BDS(286) Bedford School (A)ETN(82) Eton College BC4:153 1/2 lengths
17815:18J15.4X246SHP(256) Shiplake CollegeWBS(238) Windsor Boys School (B)4:043 1/2 lengths
24617:42J15.4X BDS(286) Bedford School (A)SHP(256) Shiplake College3:58easily
709:12J14.4X+187BDS(288) Bedford SchoolKCA(288) The Kings School Canterbury BCNTTRow Over
809:14J14.4X+187ABS(297) Abingdon SchoolBMS(309) Bedford Modern SchoolNTTeasily
9712:24J14.4X+188SHP(257) Shiplake CollegeKGS(174) Kingston Grammar School4:39easily
10812:46J14.4X+188OUN(231) Oundle School BCWBS(241) Windsor Boys School4:25easily
18715:36J14.4X+255BDS(288) Bedford SchoolBMS(309) Bedford Modern School4:27easily
18815:38J14.4X+255WBS(241) Windsor Boys SchoolSHP(257) Shiplake College4:143 lengths
25518:00J14.4X+ BMS(309) Bedford Modern SchoolSHP(257) Shiplake College4:121 1/2 lengths