Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2002

Results for Womens Senior 4 Eights

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
3510:12WS4.8+129EMM(108) Emmanuel CollegeCAI(207) Caius BC (B)4:141 3/4 lengths
3610:14WS4.8+131WOO(117) Wolfson College, OxfordSPC(235) St Peters College BC4:29easily
3710:16WS4.8+132MAG(323) Magdalen College BCSOM(328) Somerville College4:222 lengths
12913:32WS4.8+212EMM(108) Emmanuel CollegePEM(331) Pembroke College, Cambridge4:151 length
13013:34WS4.8+212DAH(149) Dame Alice Harpur BCCAI(61) Caius BC (A)4:051 length
13113:36WS4.8+213TRO(255) Trinity College BCSPC(235) St Peters College BC4:271 3/4 lengths
13213:38WS4.8+213UCO(90) University College, OxfordSOM(328) Somerville College4:141 1/4 lengths
21216:30WS4.8+269EMM(108) Emmanuel CollegeCAI(61) Caius BC (A)4:06easily
21316:32WS4.8+269SPC(235) St Peters College BCUCO(90) University College, Oxford4:194 lengths
26918:32WS4.8+ CAI(61) Caius BC (A)UCO(90) University College, Oxford4:072 1/2 lengths