Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2002

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Results for Bedford School

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
2909:56S2.8+125(273) Bedford School(187) Furnivall SC3:293/4 length
3009:58S2.8+125(9) City of Cambridge(14) Balliol College3:353 feet
3110:00S2.8+126(22) Radley College Boat Club(213) Gonville College3:31easily
3210:06S2.8+127(129) Reading University(317) Bath UniversityNTT 
3310:08S2.8+128(320) Magdalen College, Oxford (A)(330) Pembroke College, CambridgeNTT3 feet
3410:10S2.8+128(333) St Edmund Hall BC(321) Magdalen College, Oxford (B)3:41easily
12513:24S2.8+210(273) Bedford School(9) City of Cambridge3:301 length
12613:26S2.8+210(22) Radley College Boat Club(258) Jesus College, CambridgeNTT3 1/2 lengths
12713:28S2.8+211(262) Star Club(129) Reading University3:292 1/4 lengths
12813:30S2.8+211(330) Pembroke College, Cambridge(333) St Edmund Hall BC4:52Row Over
21016:26S2.8+268(273) Bedford School(22) Radley College Boat Club3:251/3 length
21116:28S2.8+268(129) Reading University(333) St Edmund Hall BC3:283/4 length
26818:30S2.8+ (22) Radley College Boat Club(333) St Edmund Hall BC3:252 lengths
8011:46S3.8+175(161) St Edward's School(259) Lea Rowing Club3:311 1/2 lengths
8111:48S3.8+172(275) Bedford School(99) Warwick University3:381 length
8211:50S3.8+172(15) Balliol College(106) Emmanuel College3:39easily
8311:52S3.8+173(24) Radley College Boat Club(115) Christ Church3:311/2 length
8411:54S3.8+173(118) Hertford College(212) Gonville College3:331 1/4 lengths
8511:56S3.8+174(225) Pembroke College (Oxford)(137) St John`s College BC3:432 lengths
8611:58S3.8+174(57) Magdalene College(63) Caius College3:331 1/2 lengths
8712:00S3.8+175(248) Cambridge '99 RC(252) St Catherine's CollegeNTTRow Over
17215:06S3.8+242(99) Warwick University(106) Emmanuel College3:351 1/2 lengths
17315:08S3.8+242(24) Radley College Boat Club(118) Hertford College3:321/3 length
17415:10S3.8+243(225) Pembroke College (Oxford)(63) Caius College3:401 length
17515:12S3.8+243(248) Cambridge '99 RC(161) St Edward's School3:40easily
24217:34S3.8+284(106) Emmanuel College(118) Hertford College3:332/3 length
24317:36S3.8+284(63) Caius College(161) St Edward's School2:361/2 length
28419:06S3.8+ (106) Emmanuel College(161) St Edward's School3:282 1/2 lengths
4710:36S4.8+149(279) Bedford School(100) Warwick University4:02easily
4810:38S4.8+149(10) Southampton Institute(16) Balliol College3:44easily
4910:40S4.8+150(21) First & Third Trinity(27) Radley College Boat ClubNTT2 lengths
5010:42S4.8+150(136) St John`s College BC(138) University of York Boat ClubNTT 
5110:44S4.8+151(58) Magdalene College (A)(65) Caius College3:392 lengths
5210:46S4.8+151(69) Girton College BC(71) Eton College BC (A)3:401 1/2 lengths
5310:48S4.8+152(159) St Edward's School(72) Eton College BC (B)3:43easily
5410:50S4.8+152(59) Magdalene College (B)(86) University College, Oxford3:44easily
14914:16S4.8+226(279) Bedford School(10) Southampton InstituteNTTNot Rowed Out
15014:18S4.8+226(27) Radley College Boat Club(136) St John`s College BC3:36easily
15114:20S4.8+227(58) Magdalene College (A)(71) Eton College BC (A)3:343/4 length
15214:22S4.8+227(159) St Edward's School(86) University College, Oxford3:371 3/4 lengths
22616:58S4.8+276(10) Southampton Institute(27) Radley College Boat Club3:322 lengths
22717:00S4.8+276(71) Eton College BC (A)(159) St Edward's School3:351 length
27618:46S4.8+ (27) Radley College Boat Club(159) St Edward's School3:281 3/4 lengths
6411:14N.8+164(1) Merton College (A)(94) Clare BC3:371 1/4 lengths
6511:16N.8+164(280) Bedford School(11) Southampton Institute3:46easily
6611:18N.8+165(17) Balliol College(3) Merton College (B)3:51easily
6711:20N.8+165(114) Christ Church(29) Radley College Boat ClubNTTRow Over
6811:22N.8+166(120) Queens' College (Cambridge)(132) Reading University3:38easily
6911:24N.8+166(224) Pembroke College (Oxford)(228) Oundle School BC (A)3:42easily
7011:26N.8+167(139) University of York Boat Club(51) Keble College BC3:371/2 length
7111:28N.8+167(60) Magdalene College(89) University College, Oxford3:47a canvas
16414:46N.8+238(1) Merton College (A)(11) Southampton Institute3:392/3 length
16514:48N.8+238(3) Merton College (B)(114) Christ Church3:493/4 length
16614:50N.8+239(120) Queens' College (Cambridge)(224) Pembroke College (Oxford)3:361 1/4 lengths
16714:52N.8+239(51) Keble College BC(60) Magdalene College3:46easily
23817:26N.8+282(11) Southampton Institute(3) Merton College (B)3:412 lengths
23917:28N.8+282(120) Queens' College (Cambridge)(51) Keble College BC3:32a canvas
28218:58N.8+ (11) Southampton Institute(51) Keble College BC3:373/4 length
11212:54JS.8+200(274) Bedford School(25) Radley College Boat Club3:351 length
19916:00JS.8+262(160) St Edward's School(73) Eton College BC3:351/4 length
20016:06JS.8+262(179) Kingston Grammar School(25) Radley College Boat Club3:381 length
26218:18JS.8+ (73) Eton College BC(25) Radley College Boat Club3:282 feet
20116:08J18.8+263(23) Radley College Boat Club(162) St Edward's School3:253/4 length
26318:20J18.8+ (272) Bedford School(23) Radley College Boat Club3:241 1/4 lengths
4510:32J15.8+145(276) Bedford School(12) Southampton Institute4:003 lengths
14213:58J15.8+222(200) The King's School Canterbury BC(299) Abingdon School4:00easily
14314:00J15.8+222(30) Radley College Boat Club(307) Bedford Modern School3:44easily
14414:06J15.8+223(45) Shrewsbury High School(74) Eton College BC3:41a canvas
14514:08J15.8+223(166) St Edward's School(276) Bedford SchoolNTTRow Over
22216:50J15.8+274(299) Abingdon School(30) Radley College Boat Club3:401/2 length
22316:52J15.8+274(74) Eton College BC(276) Bedford School3:442 feet
27418:42J15.8+ (30) Radley College Boat Club(74) Eton College BC3:401 1/4 lengths
4310:28J15B.8+220(277) Bedford School (A)(300) Abingdon School3:55easily
4410:30J15B.8+220(31) Radley College Boat Club(46) Shrewsbury High School3:552 lengths
14013:54J15B.8+221(278) Bedford School (B)(75) Eton College BC (A)4:00easily
14113:56J15B.8+221(76) Eton College BC (B)(77) Eton College BC (C)4:06easily
22016:46J15B.8+273(277) Bedford School (A)(31) Radley College Boat Club3:491 length
22116:48J15B.8+273(75) Eton College BC (A)(76) Eton College BC (B)3:59"A" Disqualified
27318:40J15B.8+ (31) Radley College Boat Club(76) Eton College BC (B)3:561 length
2209:42N.4+121(190) Milton Keynes RC(281) Bedford School (A)4:202 1/2 lengths
2309:44N.4+121(101) Warwick University(282) Bedford School (B)4:253 lengths
2409:46N.4+122(283) Bedford School (C)(304) Abingdon School (A)4:081 length
2509:48N.4+123(305) Abingdon School (B)(130) Reading University (A)4:313 lengths
2609:50N.4+123(315) Bath University (A)(233) Oundle School BC4:092 lengths
2709:52N.4+124(131) Reading University (B)(251) Cambridge '99 RC4:291 length
2809:54N.4+124(254) St Catherine's College(79) Eton College BC4:153 lengths
12113:16N.4+208(281) Bedford School (A)(101) Warwick University4:161 length
12213:18N.4+208(283) Bedford School (C)(84) Goldie BC4:113/4 length
12313:20N.4+209(305) Abingdon School (B)(315) Bath University (A)4:322 lengths
12413:22N.4+209(251) Cambridge '99 RC(254) St Catherine's College4:153 lengths
20816:22N.4+267(101) Warwick University(283) Bedford School (C)4:061 1/2 lengths
20916:24N.4+267(315) Bath University (A)(254) St Catherine's College4:031/3 length
26718:28N.4+ (101) Warwick University(254) St Catherine's College3:593/4 length
9612:22J16.4+186(284) Bedford School (A)(303) Abingdon SchoolNTT 
18515:32J16.4+253(285) Bedford School (B)(313) Bedford Modern School4:15easily
18615:34J16.4+253(165) St Edward's School(303) Abingdon School4:012 lengths
25317:56J16.4+ (285) Bedford School (B)(303) Abingdon School3:563 lengths
109:00J15.4X92(286) Bedford School (A)(201) The King's School Canterbury BC (A)NTT 
209:02J15.4X93(202) The King's School Canterbury BC (B)(287) Bedford School (B)NTT 
309:04J15.4X94(237) Windsor Boys School (A)(256) Shiplake CollegeNTT3 lengths
409:06J15.4X88(238) Windsor Boys School (B)(168) St Edward's SchoolNTT 
8812:06J15.4X178(239) Windsor Boys School (C)(238) Windsor Boys School (B)4:18easily
9212:14J15.4X177(286) Bedford School (A)(240) Windsor Boys School (D)4:32easily
9312:16J15.4X177(287) Bedford School (B)(82) Eton College BC4:261 1/2 lengths
9412:18J15.4X178(178) Kingston Grammar School(256) Shiplake College4:03easily
17715:16J15.4X246(286) Bedford School (A)(82) Eton College BC4:153 1/2 lengths
17815:18J15.4X246(256) Shiplake College(238) Windsor Boys School (B)4:043 1/2 lengths
24617:42J15.4X (286) Bedford School (A)(256) Shiplake College3:58easily
709:12J14.4X+187(288) Bedford School(288) The King's School Canterbury BCNTTRow Over
809:14J14.4X+187(297) Abingdon School(309) Bedford Modern SchoolNTTeasily
9712:24J14.4X+188(257) Shiplake College(174) Kingston Grammar School4:39easily
10812:46J14.4X+188(231) Oundle School BC(241) Windsor Boys School4:25easily
18715:36J14.4X+255(288) Bedford School(309) Bedford Modern School4:27easily
18815:38J14.4X+255(241) Windsor Boys School(257) Shiplake College4:143 lengths
25518:00J14.4X+ (309) Bedford Modern School(257) Shiplake College4:121 1/2 lengths
3810:18J14B.4X+133(289) Bedford School (A)(205) The King's School Canterbury BC (A)4:303 lengths
3910:20J14B.4X+134(206) The King's School Canterbury BC (B)(298) Abingdon School4:47easily
4010:22J14B.4X+135(290) Bedford School(310) Bedford Modern School (A)NTTeasily
4110:24J14B.4X+136(291) Bedford School(311) Bedford Modern School (B)5:103 lengths
4210:26J14B.4X+136(292) Bedford School (D)(232) Oundle School BC4:59easily
13313:40J14B.4X+214(289) Bedford School (A)(242) Windsor Boys School4:30easily
13413:42J14B.4X+214(298) Abingdon School(293) Bedford School (E)5:04easily
13513:44J14B.4X+215(294) Bedford School (F)(310) Bedford Modern School (A)4:33easily
13613:46J14B.4X+215(311) Bedford Modern School (B)(232) Oundle School BC4:431/2 length
21416:34J14B.4X+270(289) Bedford School (A)(298) Abingdon School4:30easily
21516:36J14B.4X+270(310) Bedford Modern School (A)(232) Oundle School BC4:33easily
27018:34J14B.4X+ (289) Bedford School (A)(310) Bedford Modern School (A)4:241/2 length