Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2002

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Results for Imperial College

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
25017:50E.4+ (182) Imperial College(181) Staines BC3:442 feet
10012:30S1.4+191(183) Imperial College (A)(192) Nottingham Britannia3:471 length
10712:44S1.4+179(184) Imperial College (B)(35) Peterborough City (A)4:023 lengths
17915:20S1.4+257(39) Peterborough City(184) Imperial College (B)4:04easily
19115:44S1.4+257(37) Peterborough City (B)(183) Imperial College (A)3:584 lengths
25718:08S1.4+ (183) Imperial College (A)(184) Imperial College (B)NTTeasily
509:08S2.4+95(185) Imperial College(98) Warwick UniversityNTT3 lengths
8912:08S2.4+180(38) Peterborough City (B)(222) Pembroke College (Oxford)4:011 length
9012:10S2.4+180(36) Peterborough City (A)(128) Reading University4:043 lengths
9112:12S2.4+181(327) CCAT/Trinity Hall(244) Bedford Rowing Club3:573 lengths
9512:20S2.4+181(263) Star Club(98) Warwick University3:523/4 length
18015:22S2.4+249(128) Reading University(222) Pembroke College (Oxford)3:551/3 length
18115:24S2.4+249(244) Bedford Rowing Club(98) Warwick University3:493/4 length
24917:48S2.4+ (222) Pembroke College (Oxford)(244) Bedford Rowing Club3:481 length