Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 14th July 2002

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Results for Broxbourne RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
22518:57WS1.8+ ROB(71) Rob Roy BCBRX(215) Broxbourne RC2:001 length
5911:45WS3.8+141CUW(158) Cambridge University WBC (B)BRX(216) Broxbourne RC2:071 1/3 lengths
6011:47WS3.8+142CUW(157) Cambridge University WBC (A)CAB(277) Cantabrigian RC2:081/2 length
14115:20WS3.8+204WEY(251) Weybridge RCBRX(216) Broxbourne RC2:041 1/4 lengths
14215:22WS3.8+204BBL(25) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCCUW(157) Cambridge University WBC (A)2:101/4 length
20418:05WS3.8+ BRX(216) Broxbourne RCCUW(157) Cambridge University WBC (A)2:061 length
6111:50S2.4+144PET(75) Peterborough CityHUN(61) Huntingdon RC2:013 1/2 lengths
6211:52S2.4+145PTR(163) Putney Town RCDBY/DEW(178) Derby/Derwent2:003/4 length
14415:27S2.4+206STA(96) Star ClubPET(75) Peterborough City1:591/4 length
14515:30S2.4+206BRX(269) Broxbourne RCDBY/DEW(178) Derby/Derwent1:573/4 length
20618:10S2.4+ STA(96) Star ClubBRX(269) Broxbourne RC1:582/3 length
2711:31S3.4+85XYZ(282) Status ChangeCNN(153) Cambridge '99 RCNTT1/2 length
8212:45S3.4+158PTR(162) Putney Town RCROB(67) Rob Roy BC2:081 1/2 lengths
8312:47S3.4+158BRX(212) Broxbourne RC (A)STA(97) Star ClubNTT1/2 length
8412:50S3.4+159CUL(100) Cambridge University Lwt RCSUA(245) Stratford-upon-Avon BCNTTRow Over
8512:52S3.4+159CAM(33) City of Cambridge (B)CNN(153) Cambridge '99 RC2:033/4 length
15816:05S3.4+215ROB(67) Rob Roy BCSTA(97) Star Club2:033/4 length
15916:07S3.4+215SUA(245) Stratford-upon-Avon BCCAM(33) City of Cambridge (B)1:581 length
21518:32S3.4+ STA(97) Star ClubCAM(33) City of Cambridge (B)NTT1 length
909:35S4.4+146CYG(295) Cygnet RCCNN(154) Cambridge '99 RC2:001 1/2 lengths
1009:37S4.4+146CAM(32) City of Cambridge (A)MGD(90) Magdalene College1:571 length
6311:55S4.4+147BEC(102) Beccles Rowing ClubBED(50) Bedford Rowing Club2:084 lengths
6411:57S4.4+147CUL(101) Cambridge University Lwt RCBRX(213) Broxbourne RC (B)NTTRow Over
14615:32S4.4+207CYG(295) Cygnet RCMGD(90) Magdalene College1:593/4 length
14716:45S4.4+207BEC(102) Beccles Rowing ClubBRX(213) Broxbourne RC (B)NTT2 lengths
20718:48S4.4+ MGD(90) Magdalene CollegeBEC(102) Beccles Rowing Club1:59a canvas
2810:25S2.2-161PET(85) Peterborough City (Starkey/Timms)DBY(176) Derby RC (Deshais/Crowther)2:161 1/2 lengths
2910:27S2.2-161LEA(208) Lea Rowing Club (Trivett/Sullivan)NOR(209) Norwich RC (Glover/Tomkinson)2:061 length
8612:55S2.2-162PTR(165) Putney Town RC (Haines/Everson)SRC(169) Sudbury RC (Moule/Fisher)2:141 1/2 lengths
8714:00S2.2-162CYG(247) Cygnet RC (Wright/Keogh)BRX(267) Broxbourne RC (Martin/Masterson)2:24Row Over
16116:12S2.2-217DBY(176) Derby RC (Deshais/Crowther)NOR(209) Norwich RC (Glover/Tomkinson)2:094 feet
16216:15S2.2-217PTR(165) Putney Town RC (Haines/Everson)BRX(267) Broxbourne RC (Martin/Masterson)2:073 feet
21718:37S2.2- DBY(176) Derby RC (Deshais/Crowther)BRX(267) Broxbourne RC (Martin/Masterson)2:092/3 length
5511:35N.2X136BRX(238) Broxbourne RC (Blunt/Duncan)CAM(35) City of Cambridge (Ouroussoff/Joyce)2:16easily
13515:05N.2X199PET(82) Peterborough City (Harris/Spiegl)YAR(8) Yare RC (D'Esposito/Green)2:132 lengths
13615:07N.2X199BEC(104) Beccles Rowing Club (Bartram/Marler)CAM(35) City of Cambridge (Ouroussoff/Joyce)2:113 lengths
19917:50N.2X YAR(8) Yare RC (D'Esposito/Green)BEC(104) Beccles Rowing Club (Bartram/Marler)2:084 feet