Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 14th July 2002

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Results for Imperial College

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
17216:40E.4- IMP(106) Imperial CollegeWEY(252) Weybridge RC1:541 1/4 lengths
8813:00S1.2-163BED(186) Bedford Rowing Club (Barrell/Hardwick)DBY(175) Derby RC (Dowdy/Longstone)NTT 
8913:05S1.2-164CAM(34) City of Cambridge (Walker/Travis)CYG(98) Cygnet RC (Estcourt/Keating)2:092 lengths
9013:07S1.2-164IMP(229) Imperial College (Finlay/Ablitt)SRC(168) Sudbury RC (Dunn/Hogsbjerg)2:59229 disqual.
16316:17S1.2-218IMP(107) Imperial College (Hussey/Anderson)DBY(175) Derby RC (Dowdy/Longstone)2:25Row Over
16416:20S1.2-218CAM(34) City of Cambridge (Walker/Travis)SRC(168) Sudbury RC (Dunn/Hogsbjerg)2:062 lengths
21818:40S1.2- IMP(107) Imperial College (Hussey/Anderson)SRC(168) Sudbury RC (Dunn/Hogsbjerg)2:02a canvas
5211:27S2.1X131IMP(108) Imperial College (Hodgson)CNN(297) Cambridge '99 RC (Tracey)2:202 1/2 lengths
13014:50S2.1X195HAM(136) Hampton School (Smalman-Smith)SRC(171) Sudbury RC (Last)2:101 1/2 lengths
13114:52S2.1X195FAL(210) Falcon RC (Jenks)IMP(108) Imperial College (Hodgson)2:131/2 length
19517:40S2.1X SRC(171) Sudbury RC (Last)IMP(108) Imperial College (Hodgson)2:18easily
209:17S3.1X39XYZ(280) Status ChangeFAL(211) Falcon RC (Jenks)NTT 
409:22S3.1X42CAM(3) City of Cambridge (Walton)STA(192) Star Club (Callow)2:121 length
3910:52S3.1X112FAL(211) Falcon RC (Jenks)BED(49) Bedford Rowing Club (van Beele)2:172 1/2 lengths
4010:55S3.1X112IMP(109) Imperial College (Wells)WEY(256) Weybridge RC (Gower)NTTRow Over
4110:57S3.1X113WEY(261) Weybridge RC (Perruchuin)CAM(231) City of Cambridge (Bradshaw)2:091 length
4211:00S3.1X113CAM(18) City of Cambridge (Edwards)STA(192) Star Club (Callow)NTTRow Over
11214:05S3.1X184FAL(211) Falcon RC (Jenks)IMP(109) Imperial College (Wells)NTT1 1/2 lengths
11314:07S3.1X184WEY(261) Weybridge RC (Perruchuin)STA(192) Star Club (Callow)2:051 1/2 lengths
18417:12S3.1X IMP(109) Imperial College (Wells)WEY(261) Weybridge RC (Perruchuin)2:124 lengths