Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 14th July 2002

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Results for Weybridge RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
11415:00WS2.8+185CUW(156) Cambridge University WBCROB(72) Rob Roy BC2:003 lengths
11514:12WS2.8+185WEY(250) Weybridge RCCAM(38) City of Cambridge2:031 1/4 lengths
18517:15WS2.8+ CUW(156) Cambridge University WBCCAM(38) City of Cambridge2:012/3 length
5911:45WS3.8+141CUW(158) Cambridge University WBC (B)BRX(216) Broxbourne RC2:071 1/3 lengths
6011:47WS3.8+142CUW(157) Cambridge University WBC (A)CAB(277) Cantabrigian RC2:081/2 length
14115:20WS3.8+204WEY(251) Weybridge RCBRX(216) Broxbourne RC2:041 1/4 lengths
14215:22WS3.8+204BBL(25) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCCUW(157) Cambridge University WBC (A)2:101/4 length
20418:05WS3.8+ BRX(216) Broxbourne RCCUW(157) Cambridge University WBC (A)2:061 length
17216:40E.4- IMP(106) Imperial CollegeWEY(252) Weybridge RC1:541 1/4 lengths
3610:45S2.2X99BED(146) Bedford Rowing Club (Hardy/Williams)PET(80) Peterborough City (Taylor/Stapleton)1:583 feet
3710:47S2.2X100WEY(253) Weybridge RC (Adamson/Shaw)DBY/DEW(177) Derby/Derwent (Crowther/Oliver)2:023/4 length
9913:30S2.2X175HAM(135) Hampton School (Smalman-Smith/Lawson)BED(146) Bedford Rowing Club (Hardy/Williams)2:061/2 length
10013:32S2.2X175ROB/CAM(66) Rob Roy/City of Cambridge (Walton/Pain)WEY(253) Weybridge RC (Adamson/Shaw)2:021/2 length
17516:47S2.2X BED(146) Bedford Rowing Club (Hardy/Williams)ROB/CAM(66) Rob Roy/City of Cambridge (Walton/Pain)2:022 lengths
7712:32S4.2X154XYZ(284) Status ChangeSNE(118) St Neots RC (Spring/Porteus)NTT 
7812:35S4.2X155WEY(258) Weybridge RC (Spence/Penswick)HUN(62) Huntingdon RC (Smith/Rickerby)NTT 
7912:37S4.2X155HUN(63) Huntingdon RC (Shears/Wood)BEC(103) Beccles Rowing Club (Benest-Bartram/Warne)2:103 lengths
15415:52S4.2X212YAR(7) Yare RC (D'Esposito/Green)SNE(118) St Neots RC (Spring/Porteus)2:071/2 length
15515:55S4.2X212WEY(258) Weybridge RC (Spence/Penswick)BEC(103) Beccles Rowing Club (Benest-Bartram/Warne)2:164 lengths
21218:25S4.2X SNE(118) St Neots RC (Spring/Porteus)BEC(103) Beccles Rowing Club (Benest-Bartram/Warne)2:051 1/2 lengths
209:17S3.1X39XYZ(280) Status ChangeFAL(211) Falcon RC (Jenks)NTT 
409:22S3.1X42CAM(3) City of Cambridge (Walton)STA(192) Star Club (Callow)2:121 length
3910:52S3.1X112FAL(211) Falcon RC (Jenks)BED(49) Bedford Rowing Club (van Beele)2:172 1/2 lengths
4010:55S3.1X112IMP(109) Imperial College (Wells)WEY(256) Weybridge RC (Gower)NTTRow Over
4110:57S3.1X113WEY(261) Weybridge RC (Perruchuin)CAM(231) City of Cambridge (Bradshaw)2:091 length
4211:00S3.1X113CAM(18) City of Cambridge (Edwards)STA(192) Star Club (Callow)NTTRow Over
11214:05S3.1X184FAL(211) Falcon RC (Jenks)IMP(109) Imperial College (Wells)NTT1 1/2 lengths
11314:07S3.1X184WEY(261) Weybridge RC (Perruchuin)STA(192) Star Club (Callow)2:051 1/2 lengths
18417:12S3.1X IMP(109) Imperial College (Wells)WEY(261) Weybridge RC (Perruchuin)2:124 lengths
4911:20S4.1X123HUN(64) Huntingdon RC (Smith)STA(193) Star Club (Callow)2:242 lengths
5011:22S4.1X124STN(125) Staines BC (Goldswain)WEY(260) Weybridge RC (Lewis)2:193 lengths
12314:32S4.1X191CAM(36) City of Cambridge (Roberts)STA(193) Star Club (Callow)2:46Row Over
12414:35S4.1X191KSW(127) Kings School Worcester BC (Maxwell)STN(125) Staines BC (Goldswain)2:42Row Over
19117:30S4.1X CAM(36) City of Cambridge (Roberts)STN(125) Staines BC (Goldswain)2:194 lengths
21118:53N.1X WEY(254) Weybridge RC (Simms)CUL(59) Cambridge University Lwt RC (Watkins)2:214 lengths
709:30N.1X (A)75PET(89) Peterborough City (Starkey)SNE(112) St Neots RC (Baker)2:21easily
2310:12N.1X (A)73HAM(137) Hampton School (Lawson)STA(196) Star Club (Bavington)2:15easily
2410:15N.1X (A)74FAL(15) Falcon RC (Wheatley)SON(134) Sons of the Thames RC (Regan)2:36easily
2510:17N.1X (A)76LEA(140) Lea Rowing Club (Foy)CYG(44) Cygnet RC (Bottomley)2:203/4 length
2610:20N.1X (A)76YAR(10) Yare RC (Green)CUL(59) Cambridge University Lwt RC (Watkins)2:152 lengths
7312:22N.1X (A)152STA(196) Star Club (Bavington)CAM(37) City of Cambridge (Thompson)2:201 length
7412:25N.1X (A)152SON(134) Sons of the Thames RC (Regan)CYG(99) Cygnet RC (Estcourt)2:34easily
7512:27N.1X (A)153BEC(105) Beccles Rowing Club (Beale)SNE(112) St Neots RC (Baker)2:23easily
7612:30N.1X (A)153LEA(140) Lea Rowing Club (Foy)CUL(59) Cambridge University Lwt RC (Watkins)2:212 1/4 lengths
15215:47N.1X (A)210STA(196) Star Club (Bavington)CYG(99) Cygnet RC (Estcourt)2:22easily
15315:50N.1X (A)210SNE(112) St Neots RC (Baker)CUL(59) Cambridge University Lwt RC (Watkins)2:171/3 length
21018:20N.1X (A)211STA(196) Star Club (Bavington)CUL(59) Cambridge University Lwt RC (Watkins)2:144 feet
1809:57N.1X (B)69BED(147) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb)SRC(172) Sudbury RC (Frost)2:233 lengths
1910:00N.1X (B)70PET(88) Peterborough City (Palmer)CAB(278) Cantabrigian RC (Clark)NTTRow Over
2010:05N.1X (B)71CNN(296) Cambridge '99 RC (Taylor)LEA(139) Lea Rowing Club (Carter)NTT 
2110:07N.1X (B)72BED(224) Bedford Rowing Club (Griffith)YAR(9) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)2:352 1/2 lengths
2210:10N.1X (B)72STA(218) Star Club (Woods)MER(274) Merton College, Oxford (Braun)2:34easily
6912:12N.1X (B)150BED(147) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb)SON(133) Sons of the Thames RC (Reynolds)2:284 lengths
7012:15N.1X (B)150PET(88) Peterborough City (Palmer)WEY(254) Weybridge RC (Simms)2:301 3/4 lengths
7112:17N.1X (B)151CAB(233) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)LEA(139) Lea Rowing Club (Carter)2:291 1/2 lengths
7212:20N.1X (B)151YAR(9) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)STA(218) Star Club (Woods)2:333 feet
15015:42N.1X (B)209BED(147) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb)WEY(254) Weybridge RC (Simms)2:36Not Rowed Out
15115:45N.1X (B)209CAB(233) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)YAR(9) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)NTTeasily
20918:17N.1X (B)211WEY(254) Weybridge RC (Simms)CAB(233) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)2:244 feet
12514:37VB.1X192SRC(173) Sudbury RC (Moule)WEY(255) Weybridge RC (Gower)NTTRow Over
12614:40VB.1X192_LAKE(6) (Law)SEM(145) 2:082 feet
19217:32VB.1X SRC(173) Sudbury RC (Moule)SEM(145) 2:174 lengths
10313:40VC.1X178SIV(272) St Ives RC (Edwards)WEY(257) Weybridge RC (Spence)NTTRow Over
10513:45VC.1X178LEA(141) Lea Rowing Club (Carter)LEA(142) Lea Rowing Club (Foy)NTTRow Over
17816:55VC.1X WEY(257) Weybridge RC (Spence)LEA(141) Lea Rowing Club (Carter)2:311 1/4 lengths
3810:50J15.1X111STA(201) Star Club (Darling)WEY(259) Weybridge RC (Lewis)NTTRow Over
11013:57J15.1X183STA(207) Star Club (Hetherington)CAM(45) City of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson)2:33Row Over
11114:00J15.1X183WEY(259) Weybridge RC (Lewis)STA(201) Star Club (Darling)2:564 lengths
18317:10J15.1X CAM(45) City of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson)WEY(259) Weybridge RC (Lewis)2:262 lengths