Bedford Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2003

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Results for Bedford High School RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
14215:23WS3.8+198LIN(3) Linacre BCEMM(162) Emmanuel College4:23Row Over
14315:25WS3.8+198SRC(92) Sudbury RCBHS(40) Bedford High School RC4:021 1/2 lengths
19817:53WS3.8+ EMM(162) Emmanuel CollegeBHS(40) Bedford High School RC3:591/3 length
11814:18WS3.4+178SRC(93) Sudbury RCBHS(41) Bedford High School RC4:202 1/2 lengths
11914:20WS3.4+178DAH(32) Dame Alice Harpur BCSTA(13) Star Club4:203/4 length
17816:58WS3.4+ BHS(41) Bedford High School RCSTA(13) Star Club4:132/3 length
8012:33WN.4+148BHS(219) Bedford High School RCRDU(63) Reading University4:31easily
8112:35WN.4+149PET(88) Peterborough CitySTA(14) Star Club4:361 1/4 lengths
14816:00WN.4+201DAH(34) Dame Alice Harpur BCBHS(219) Bedford High School RCNTT3 1/2 lengths
14915:40WN.4+201MER(26) Merton CollegeSTA(14) Star ClubNTTRow Over
20118:05WN.4+ BHS(219) Bedford High School RCSTA(14) Star Club4:341/2 length
10913:50WN.4X188RDU(64) Reading UniversityPET(171) Peterborough City4:48Row Over
18817:28WN.4X PET(171) Peterborough CityBHS(42) Bedford High School RC4:132 1/2 lengths
15816:08WJ15.4X+212BHS(44) Bedford High School RC (B)STA(217) Star Club4:281 length
17116:40WJ15.4X+212DAH(30) Dame Alice Harpur BCBHS(43) Bedford High School RC (A)4:283 lengths
21218:33WJ15.4X+ BHS(44) Bedford High School RC (B)DAH(30) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:19easily
18017:08WJ14.4X+213DAH(28) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)BHS(45) Bedford High School RC4:391/2 length
18117:10WJ14.4X+213STA(218) Star ClubDAH(27) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)4:41easily
21318:35WJ14.4X+ DAH(28) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)DAH(27) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)4:333 lengths