Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 13th July 2003

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:00WN.1X (A)75(290) Falcon RC (Becker)(43) Peterborough City (Carter)NTT1/2 length
209:02WN.1X (B)79(15) Cantabrigian RC (Rutherford)(178) Bedford Rowing Club (Calderbank)NTTRow Over
509:10N.1X (A)83(224) Bedford Rowing Club (Thompson)(59) Magdalene College (Schultz)NTT3 lengths
609:12N.1X (B)87(203) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)(234) Star Club (Pledger)1:531 length
709:15WN.2X57(289) Falcon RC (Lock/Weller)(38) Peterborough City (Reilly/Nathan)NTT1 foot
809:17WN.4+46(113) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (A)(275) Cambridge '99 RC (A)NTT1 1/4 lengths
909:20WS3.4+48(12) Cantabrigian RC(119) Wolfson College, OxfordNTTRow Over
1009:22WS3.4+59(165) Curlew RC(266) Marlow RCNTT2 lengths
1109:25WS3.4+60(294) Status Change(187) Star ClubNTTRow Over
1209:27N.4+29(222) Bedford Rowing Club(120) Weybridge RCNTT1 1/2 lengths
1309:30S3.4+68(259) Granta(35) Peterborough City (B)NTT2 lengths
1409:32N.4+111(62) Lea Rowing Club (B)(158) Sudbury RCNTT3 lengths
1509:35WS3.8+91(292) Status Change(102) City of CambridgeNTTRow Over
1609:37S3.4+71(171) Curlew RC(215) Derby RCNTT1/2 length
1709:40S3.4+70(32) Peterborough City (A)(127) Star ClubNTT1 length
1809:42N.4+111(150) Lea Rowing Club (A)(200) Milton Keynes RCNTT1/2 length
1909:45WS4.2X98(213) Derby RC (Hale/Tasker)(40) Peterborough City (Amos/Blackford)NTT1 1/2 lengths
2009:47WS4.2X100(298) Status Change(263) Marlow RC (Phillips/Skinner)NTTRow Over
2109:50S4.2X101(283) Falcon RC (Bethray/Howells)(90) Beccles Rowing Club (Bartram/Marler)NTTeasily
2209:52S4.2X102(137) St Neots RC (Baker/Francis)(106) City of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson/Lewse)NTT1 1/2 lengths
2309:55S3.1X103(3) Yare RC (A Green)(250) Staines BC (Goldswain)NTT1/2 length
2409:57S3.1X104(191) Broxbourne RC (Fairbairn)(8) Royal Navy RC (Mayes)NTT1 1/4 lengths
2510:02WS3.4X108(134) St Neots RC(232) Star Club2:031/2 length
2610:05N.4+112(256) Merton College(63) Broxbourne RC2:142 lengths
2710:07S3.2-114(208) St Neots RC (Heaney/Williams)(153) King`s College BC/First & Third Trinity BC (Davies/Braithwaite)2:07easily
2810:10WS4.8+117(112) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(190) Star Club2:083/4 length
2910:12N.4+112(170) Curlew RC(120) Weybridge RC2:081 length
3010:15S2.4+119(179) Bedford Rowing Club(258) Granta1:582 1/2 lengths
3110:17WS4.8+115(160) Sudbury RC(101) City of Cambridge3:031/3 length
3210:20S2.4+118(216) Derby RC(131) Star Club1:571 length
3310:22WS2.4+142(148) Weybridge RC(42) Peterborough CityNTTRow Over
3410:25S2.4+119(33) Peterborough City(53) Spitfire/University of Kent1:583 lengths
3510:27S3.8+120(27) Furnivall SC(291) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
3610:30S3.2-113(155) Black Prince BC/First & Third Trinity BC (Blackburn/Knight)(198) Milton Keynes RC (Praagman/Floodgate)2:081/2 length
3710:32S3.8+121(244) RMA Sandhurst Boat Club(117) Winchester/IcenaNTTRow Over
3810:35J15.1X122(72) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Barnes)(54) Oundle School BC (Aked)2:263 lengths
3910:37WS4.1X123(84) Rob Roy BC (Harbit)(195) Derwent RC (Illingworth)NTTRow Over
4010:40WS4.1X124(260) Marlow RC (Wase)(173) Bedford High School RC (Davies)2:35easily
4110:42WS3.2X128(212) Derby RC (Hale/Tasker)(58) Oundle School BC (Griffiths/Gora)2:20easily
310:43S3.4+67(92) Beccles Rowing Club(281) Falcon RC2:001 1/3 lengths
4210:45S3.2X134(96) Huntingdon RC (Sutton/Deacon)(138) St Neots RC (Baker/Francis)1:591 length
4310:47WN.4+139(276) Cambridge '99 RC (B)(114) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (B)NTT2 lengths
4410:50WN.4+139(41) Peterborough City(115) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (C)NTT1 1/3 lengths
4510:52WN.4+141(149) Lea Rowing Club(245) HSBC RCNTTeasily
4610:55WN.4+141(65) Broxbourne RC(113) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (A)NTT1/3 length
4710:57S3.8+120(257) Granta(167) Curlew RCNTTRow Over
4811:02WS3.4+154(12) Cantabrigian RC(284) Falcon RCNTT1 1/2 lengths
4911:05S3.8+121(128) Star Club(100) City of CambridgeNTT1/3 length
5111:10S4.4+145(51) University of Kent(154) Caius/King`s College/First & Third Trinity/WolfsonNTT1 1/4 lengths
5211:12S2.8+148(97) Huntingdon RC/Royal Air Force RC(30) Peterborough CityNTT1 foot
5311:15S4.4+146(157) Black Prince BC/First & Third Trinity BC(60) Magdalene CollegeNTT1/3 length
5411:17WN.2X152(278) Cambridge '99 RC (Backhouse/Murrie)(37) Peterborough City (Puffett/Marshall)NTTeasily
5511:20WN.2X152(108) City of Cambridge (Domaschenz/McNaughton)(235) Star Club (Johnson/Flory)NTTeasily
5711:25WN.2X153(174) Bedford Rowing Club (Girt/Spratley)(289) Falcon RC (Lock/Weller)NTTeasily
5811:27WS3.4+154(272) Cambridge '99 RC (B)(110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCNTT3/4 length
5911:30WS3.4+155(107) City of Cambridge(266) Marlow RCNTT2 lengths
6111:35WS3.1X156(50) Weybridge Ladies ARC (Bezant)(194) Derwent RC (Illingworth)2:253/4 length
6211:37WS3.1X158(261) Marlow RC (Williams-Jones)(176) Bedford Rowing Club (Cooper)NTTeasily
6311:40S2.8+147(204) Cantabrigian RC(166) Curlew RC1:401 1/2 lengths
6411:42S4.4+146(168) Curlew RC(209) St Neots RC2:15Row Over
6511:45WS3.1X158(141) St Neots RC (Round)(87) Rob Roy BC (Laycock)2:232 lengths
6611:47WS3.1X156(287) Falcon RC (Job)(39) Peterborough City (Blackford)2:312 lengths
6711:50S3.4+159(92) Beccles Rowing Club(52) Spitfire/University of Kent1:552 lengths
6811:52S3.4+159(259) Granta(69) Stratford-upon-Avon BC1:561 1/2 lengths
6911:55S4.4+145(280) Falcon RC(130) Star Club2:041/4 length
7011:57S3.4+160(293) Status Change(127) Star ClubNTTRow Over
7112:02S3.4+160(156) Black Prince BC/First & Third Trinity BC(171) Curlew RC2:011 1/4 lengths
7212:05WN.1X (A)161(82) Bedford Rowing Club (Inoue)(6) Yare RC (Holmes)2:35easily
7312:07WN.1X (A)161(21) Broxbourne RC (Slater)(55) Oundle School BC (Glover)2:351 length
7412:10WN.1X (A)162(182) Star Club (Callan)(228) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Colclough)NTTRow Over
7512:12WN.1X (A)162(20) Broxbourne RC (Jordan)(290) Falcon RC (Becker)2:352 lengths
7612:15WN.1X (B)163(254) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Ferris)(210) Derby RC (Seymour)2:532 lengths
7712:17WN.1X (B)163(121) Weybridge RC (Gregory)(70) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Davidson)2:29easily
7812:20WN.1X (B)164(236) Star Club (Rozman)(19) Staines BC (Vrublevskis)3:16Row Over
7912:22WN.1X (B)164(48) Weybridge Ladies ARC (Halliday)(178) Bedford Rowing Club (Calderbank)NTTRow Over
8012:25N.1X (A)165(147) Star Club (Neame)(202) Cantabrigian RC (Conlon)2:191 length
8112:27N.1X (A)165(241) Star Club (Darling)(5) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)2:23easily
8212:30N.1X (A)166(132) Star Club (Woods)(146) St Ives RC (Drake)2:191 1/2 lengths
8312:32N.1X (A)166(122) Weybridge RC (Lai-Fang)(59) Magdalene College (Schultz)2:212 feet
8412:35N.1X (B)167(196) Furnivall SC (Gibbons)(273) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)2:202 lengths
8512:37N.1X (B)167(29) Furnivall SC (Doel)(61) Magdalene College (Rayne)2:203 lengths
8612:40N.1X (B)168(36) Peterborough City (Palmer)(4) Yare RC (J Green)2:15easily
8712:42N.1X (B)168(183) Star Club (Ashbrook)(203) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)2:163 lengths
8812:45S2.1X169(9) Royal Navy RC (Mayes)(192) Broxbourne RC (Fairbairn)2:123 lengths
8912:47S2.1X169(126) Weybridge RC (Gower)(28) Furnivall SC (Pine)2:074 lengths
9012:50WS3.8+172(25) Furnivall SC(159) Sudbury RCNTTRow Over
9112:52WS3.8+172(16) Cantabrigian RC(102) City of Cambridge2:051 1/4 lengths
9212:55S2.2-173(206) Cantabrigian RC (Craig/Price)(207) Star Club (Brewer/Stanbridge)2:04easily
18913:00S1.2- (161) Cygnet RC (French/Keating)(220) Bedford Rowing Club (Barrell/Hardwick)1:591 length
6013:00WS3.4+155(271) Cambridge '99 RC(187) Star Club2:141 1/2 lengths
9413:02WJ14.4X+183(233) Star Club(81) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (B)2:302 lengths
9513:05S1.4+174(169) Curlew RC(34) Peterborough City1:551/3 length
9613:07S4.8+175(279) Falcon RC(205) Cantabrigian RC1:54 
9713:10VC.1X176(18) Stourport BC (Hart)(124) Weybridge RC (Spence)2:334 lengths
9813:12WS4.2X177(40) Peterborough City (Amos/Blackford)(188) Star Club (MacDonald-Smith/Woods)2:201 1/2 lengths
9913:15J15.2X180(76) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Barnes/Wall)(240) Star Club (Hetherington/Warner)2:032 lengths
10013:17WS4.2X177(109) City of Cambridge (Mackley/Court)(263) Marlow RC (Phillips/Skinner)2:252 lengths
10113:20S4.2X178(90) Beccles Rowing Club (Bartram/Marler)(230) Star Club (Taylor/Miller)2:031 1/4 lengths
9313:21S1.4+174(219) Bedford Rowing Club(248) York City RC1:511 1/4 lengths
10213:22S4.2X178(297) Status Change(137) St Neots RC (Baker/Francis)NTTRow Over
10313:25S3.1X179(3) Yare RC (A Green)(7) Yare RC (D'Esposito)2:131 1/2 lengths
10413:27S3.1X179(295) Status Change(8) Royal Navy RC (Mayes)NTTRow Over
10513:30J15.2X180(223) Bedford Rowing Club (Cook/Beechinor)(23) Royal Docks RC (O'Connell/Locke)2:13easily
23013:31S1.8+ (268) Bedford School(26) Furnivall SC1:38a canvas
10613:32WJ16.2X181(143) Hollingworth Lake RC (Newman/Blaikie Scra)(68) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Cartwright/White)NTTRow Over
10713:35WS3.4X182(286) Falcon RC(46) Weybridge Ladies ARC2:10easily
10813:37WS3.4X182(265) Marlow RC(134) St Neots RC2:052 lengths
10913:40WS4.4+185(175) Bedford Rowing Club(111) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC2:211 1/4 lengths
11013:42WS4.4+185(118) Wolfson College, Oxford(66) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:213 lengths
11113:45N.4+186(158) Sudbury RC(150) Lea Rowing Club (A)1:581/4 length
11213:47N.4+186(256) Merton College(120) Weybridge RC2:023/4 length
11313:50S3.2-187(155) Black Prince BC/First & Third Trinity BC (Blackburn/Knight)(152) Wolfson College BC/Darwin College BC (Livermore/Phillips)2:13Not Rowed Out
11413:52S3.2-187(151) Caius BC/First & Third Trinity BC (De Groot/Holland)(153) King`s College BC/First & Third Trinity BC (Davies/Braithwaite)NTT 
11513:55WS4.8+188(101) City of Cambridge(13) Cantabrigian RCNTT1 length
11613:57J15.4X+184(74) Maidenhead RC/Sir William Borlase`s School BC (A)(79) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (D)NTT3 lengths
5614:00WN.2X153(277) Cambridge '99 RC (Moore/Davidson)(262) Marlow RC (Knill/Ainley)2:302 lengths
11814:05S2.4+190(131) Star Club(94) Huntingdon RC1:563/4 length
12014:10S3.8+192(257) Granta(27) Furnivall SCNTT1/3 length
12114:12S3.8+192(100) City of Cambridge(117) Winchester/IcenaNTT1 length
12214:15J15.1X193(238) Star Club (Miller)(54) Oundle School BC (Aked)2:33easily
12314:17WS4.1X194(195) Derwent RC (Illingworth)(253) Thames Tradesmens' RC (Ferris)NTT5 lengths
11714:20WS4.8+188(64) Broxbourne RC(112) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC2:031/2 length
12414:20WS4.1X194(211) Derby RC (Seymour)(173) Bedford High School RC (Davies)2:43easily
12514:22VB.1X195(17) Stourport BC (Hart)(125) Weybridge RC (Gower)2:285 lengths
12614:25VB.1X195(139) St Neots RC (Emerson)(226) Broxbourne RC (Alexander)2:082 1/2 lengths
12714:27WS3.2X196(264) Marlow RC (Knill/Downey)(105) City of Cambridge/X Press Boat Club (Brown/Barrett)2:10easily
12814:30WS3.2X196(47) Weybridge Ladies ARC (Traynor/Pettman)(58) Oundle School BC (Griffiths/Gora)2:163 lengths
15814:30WS3.1X224(176) Bedford Rowing Club (Cooper)(87) Rob Roy BC (Laycock)2:243 1/2 lengths
12914:32E.4-203(98) City of Cambridge(163) Weybridge RC1:481 1/4 lengths
13014:35WS2.1X198(218) Rob Roy BC (Ruiz)(288) Falcon RC (Oxford)2:204 lengths
13114:37WS2.1X198(49) Weybridge Ladies ARC (Poole)(86) Rob Roy BC (Pauls)2:20easily
13214:40J15.1X193(239) Star Club (Hetherington)(71) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Thomas)2:131 foot
13314:42S3.2X199(180) Bedford Rowing Club (Hardy/Williams)(91) Beccles Rowing Club (Benest-Bartram/Beale)1:541 length
13414:45S3.2X199(2) Rob Roy BC (Dennis/Hodgson)(138) St Neots RC (Baker/Francis)2:024 lengths
13514:47J15.4X+184(78) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (C)(77) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (B)4:531/4 length
13614:50S4.1X200(67) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Taylor)(267) Bedford Rowing Club (Funge)2:143 lengths
11914:50S2.4+190(53) Spitfire/University of Kent(258) Granta1:551 1/4 lengths
13714:52WS1.2-201(197) Cantabrigian/Gonville (Clubb/Piper Scratche)(104) City of Cambridge (Weedon/Mosedale)NTTRow Over
13814:55E.4-203(270) Bedford School(129) Star Club1:461 1/4 lengths
13914:57WN.4+204(114) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (B)(41) Peterborough City2:202 lengths
14015:02WS2.4+205(186) Star Club(133) St Neots RC/Star Club2:073/4 length
14115:05WN.4+204(245) HSBC RC(65) Broxbourne RC2:181 1/3 lengths
14215:07WS2.4+205(164) Curlew RC(42) Peterborough City2:111/3 length
14315:10VC.4+206(227) Bedford Rowing Club(214) Derby RC1:571/3 length
14415:12VC.4+206(142) Peterborough City(199) Milton Keynes RC2:17Row Over
14515:15S4.4+208(154) Caius/King`s College/First & Third Trinity/Wolfson(130) Star Club1:591 length
14615:17S4.4+208(168) Curlew RC(60) Magdalene College2:004 lengths
14715:20S2.8+216(166) Curlew RC(116) Winchester/Icena1:431/2 length
14815:22S2.8+216(99) City of Cambridge(30) Peterborough City1:453/4 length
14915:25N.2X217(282) Falcon RC (Bethray/Howells)(24) Royal Docks RC (O'Connell/Locke)2:07easily
15015:27WJ14.1X221(237) Star Club (McInnerney)(229) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Panday)NTTRow Over
15115:30S2.2X219(1) Rob Roy BC (Hodgson/Walton)(11) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (Ferris/Howells)NTT1 1/2 lengths
15215:32WN.2X222(37) Peterborough City (Puffett/Marshall)(235) Star Club (Johnson/Flory)2:243 1/2 lengths
15315:35WN.2X222(262) Marlow RC (Knill/Ainley)(174) Bedford Rowing Club (Girt/Spratley)2:281/2 length
15415:37WS3.4+223(284) Falcon RC(110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC2:181 1/4 lengths
15515:40WS3.4+223(266) Marlow RC(187) Star Club2:131/4 length
15615:42WS3.1X224(50) Weybridge Ladies ARC (Bezant)(287) Falcon RC (Job)2:261 length
15715:45WS2.2X218(189) Star Club (King/Whiteman)(85) Rob Roy BC (Pauls/Laycock)2:112 1/2 lengths
15915:50S3.4+225(52) Spitfire/University of Kent(69) Stratford-upon-Avon BC1:546 feet
16015:52S3.4+225(127) Star Club(171) Curlew RC1:571 length
16115:55WN.1X (A)210(6) Yare RC (Holmes)(55) Oundle School BC (Glover)2:332 1/2 lengths
16215:57WN.1X (A)210(182) Star Club (Callan)(20) Broxbourne RC (Jordan)2:281/2 length
16316:02WN.1X (B)212(210) Derby RC (Seymour)(70) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Davidson)2:27easily
16416:05WN.1X (B)212(236) Star Club (Rozman)(178) Bedford Rowing Club (Calderbank)2:324 lengths
16516:07N.1X (A)207(147) Star Club (Neame)(5) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)2:161 1/2 lengths
16616:10N.1X (A)207(132) Star Club (Woods)(122) Weybridge RC (Lai-Fang)2:062 lengths
16716:12N.1X (B)209(196) Furnivall SC (Gibbons)(29) Furnivall SC (Doel)2:19easily
16816:15N.1X (B)209(4) Yare RC (J Green)(203) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)2:16easily
16916:17S2.1X (192) Broxbourne RC (Fairbairn)(28) Furnivall SC (Pine)2:11easily
17016:20WJ15.2X (75) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Brennan/D'Agostino)(231) St Neots RC/Star Club (Henderson/Watters)2:173/4 length
17116:22WN.4X (285) Falcon RC(88) Rob Roy BC2:102 1/2 lengths
17216:25WS3.8+ (159) Sudbury RC(102) City of Cambridge2:041 3/4 lengths
17316:27S2.2- (206) Cantabrigian RC (Craig/Price)(162) Cygnet RC (French/Keating)1:591 1/4 lengths
17416:30S1.4+ (248) York City RC(34) Peterborough City1:522 lengths
17516:32S4.8+ (279) Falcon RC(249) Wolfson College, Oxford1:532 1/2 lengths
17616:35VC.1X (18) Stourport BC (Hart)(123) Weybridge RC (Gregory)2:263 lengths
17716:37WS4.2X (40) Peterborough City (Amos/Blackford)(263) Marlow RC (Phillips/Skinner)2:183/4 length
17816:40S4.2X (230) Star Club (Taylor/Miller)(137) St Neots RC (Baker/Francis)2:023 lengths
17916:42S3.1X (3) Yare RC (A Green)(8) Royal Navy RC (Mayes)2:101 length
18016:45J15.2X (240) Star Club (Hetherington/Warner)(23) Royal Docks RC (O'Connell/Locke)2:013 lengths
18116:47WJ16.2X (68) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Cartwright/White)(73) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Tinley/Spencer)2:203 lengths
18216:50WS3.4X (46) Weybridge Ladies ARC(134) St Neots RC2:032/3 length
18316:52WJ14.4X+ (81) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (B)(80) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (A)2:243/4 length
18416:55J15.4X+ (78) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (C)(74) Maidenhead RC/Sir William Borlase`s School BC (A)1:594 lengths
18516:57WS4.4+ (175) Bedford Rowing Club(66) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:182 lengths
21317:00VC.8+ (225) Bedford Rowing Club(22) Cantabrigian RC1:513/4 length
18617:02N.4+ (158) Sudbury RC(256) Merton College1:593 feet
18717:05S3.2- (152) Wolfson College BC/Darwin College BC (Livermore/Phillips)(153) King`s College BC/First & Third Trinity BC (Davies/Braithwaite)2:10easily
18817:07WS4.8+ (101) City of Cambridge(64) Broxbourne RC2:041 3/4 lengths
19017:12S2.4+ (94) Huntingdon RC(53) Spitfire/University of Kent1:541 3/4 lengths
19117:15E.4+ (269) Bedford School(247) York City RC1:504 lengths
22217:16WN.2X (235) Star Club (Johnson/Flory)(174) Bedford Rowing Club (Girt/Spratley)2:23easily
19217:17S3.8+ (27) Furnivall SC(117) Winchester/Icena1:431 length
19317:20J15.1X (239) Star Club (Hetherington)(54) Oundle School BC (Aked)2:153 1/2 lengths
19417:22WS4.1X (195) Derwent RC (Illingworth)(173) Bedford High School RC (Davies)2:251 1/2 lengths
19517:25VB.1X (17) Stourport BC (Hart)(226) Broxbourne RC (Alexander)2:051 length
19617:27WS3.2X (105) City of Cambridge/X Press Boat Club (Brown/Barrett)(58) Oundle School BC (Griffiths/Gora)2:102 lengths
19717:30S1.1X (184) Star Club (Callow)(95) Huntingdon RC (Adams)2:051 3/4 lengths
19817:32WS2.1X (288) Falcon RC (Oxford)(86) Rob Roy BC (Pauls)2:214 lengths
19917:35S3.2X (180) Bedford Rowing Club (Hardy/Williams)(138) St Neots RC (Baker/Francis)1:582/3 length
20017:37S4.1X (67) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Taylor)(177) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb)2:33Not Rowed Out
20117:40WS1.2- (104) City of Cambridge (Weedon/Mosedale)(44) Peterborough City (Canton/Marsters)2:233 lengths
20217:42WJ18.2X (144) Hollingworth Lake RC (Newman/Blaikie Scra)(57) Oundle School BC (Griffiths/Gora)2:40Row Over
20317:45E.4- (270) Bedford School(163) Weybridge RCNTT1 length
20417:47WN.4+ (41) Peterborough City(245) HSBC RC2:172 lengths
20517:50WS2.4+ (133) St Neots RC/Star Club(42) Peterborough City2:093 feet
20617:52VC.4+ (227) Bedford Rowing Club(142) Peterborough City1:571 length
20717:55N.1X (A)227(147) Star Club (Neame)(132) Star Club (Woods)2:151 length
20817:57S4.4+ (154) Caius/King`s College/First & Third Trinity/Wolfson(60) Magdalene College1:581 length
20918:02N.1X (B)227(29) Furnivall SC (Doel)(4) Yare RC (J Green)2:091/2 length
21018:05WN.1X (A)229(6) Yare RC (Holmes)(182) Star Club (Callan)2:272 feet
21118:07WS1.8+ (89) Rob Roy BC(103) City of Cambridge/X Press Boat Club1:541 1/2 lengths
21218:10WN.1X (B)229(70) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Davidson)(178) Bedford Rowing Club (Calderbank)2:252 1/2 lengths
21418:15WN.8+ (274) Cambridge '99 RC(14) Cantabrigian RC2:094 lengths
21518:17N.8+ (10) Broxbourne RC(255) Merton CollegeNTTeasily
21618:20S2.8+ (166) Curlew RC(99) City of Cambridge1:401/4 length
21718:22N.2X (24) Royal Docks RC (O'Connell/Locke)(31) Peterborough City (Harris/Spiegl)2:034 lengths
21818:25WS2.2X (85) Rob Roy BC (Pauls/Laycock)(172) Star Club/Staines BC (Newton/Goldswain)2:121 1/2 lengths
21918:27S2.2X (11) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (Ferris/Howells)(136) St Neots RC (Spring/Porteus)2:04Not Rowed Out
22018:30WS1.1X (217) Rob Roy BC (Ruiz)(201) Milton Keynes RC (Marshall)2:23Not Rowed Out
22118:32WJ14.1X (237) Star Club (McInnerney)(56) Oundle School BC (Glover)2:404 lengths
22318:37WS3.4+ (110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(266) Marlow RC2:122 1/2 lengths
22418:40WS3.1X (50) Weybridge Ladies ARC (Bezant)(87) Rob Roy BC (Laycock)2:222 lengths
22518:42S3.4+ (52) Spitfire/University of Kent(171) Curlew RC1:551/2 length
22618:45MN.8+ (242) Star Club(243) Bedford Rowing Club2:031 2/3 lengths
22718:47N.1X (147) Star Club (Neame)(29) Furnivall SC (Doel)2:092 1/2 lengths
22818:50WVB.2- (145) City of Cambridge (Adams/Watson)(45) Peterborough City (Canton/Marsters)2:201 1/2 lengths
22918:52WN.1X (6) Yare RC (Holmes)(70) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Davidson)2:261 1/4 lengths